5 Tips to Save You Money on Custom Invitations

This insightful and practical guest post was written by Dondrea Owens. Dondrea is the owner of Jenkins Rose | Modern Paper, a letterpress and calligraphy studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. Nothing excites her more than pretty paper and fancy handwriting. The studio is named after Dondrea’s grandmothers who taught her that all of life’s moments should be celebrated with love and in style.

You’ve looked everywhere for the perfect wedding invitation suite, and you feel a bit like Goldilocks trying to find one that’s just right. You want an invitation suite that communicates the feel of your special day in all of its perfection, but nothing you’ve found fits the bill. Enter the custom invitation suite. While most existing suites can be changed to fit your color scheme and wording requirements, custom invitations go a step further in allowing you to design every single piece to your heart’s content. From your choice of font, color, patterns, and print medium, the decisions are completely yours. In order to avoid sticker shock after you’ve put together your dream invitation suite, here are some tips on how to save while still getting exactly what you want!

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5 Tips to Save You Money on Custom Invitations

1. Know your budget.

While custom invitations aren’t affordable for every budget, knowing how much you have available to spend helps the stationer present you with the best variety of options to get the prettiest bang for your buck.  For instance, you may want to forego a pocket style invitation enclosure in favor of a flat invitation with a patterned envelope liner in a color envelope that provides just the pizazz you need if your budget is low (less than $500 for 100 invitations). Your splurge might be custom postage stamps featuring your wedding monogram or engagement photo. Or you might choose to keep the invitation suite simple and splurge on calligraphy if you have a larger budget ($750 or more). You may be surprised by the customized options available to you at any price level, but having a budget to start with is key.


5 Tips to Save You Money on Custom Invitations

2. Order enough up front; reorders can be costly.

Once you have the guest list compiled, tally up the number of invitations you will need to send. Remember – not every guest receives an invitation, as some of them are couples.  Add an extra 10% for keepsakes and last minute guests or returned invitations.  If you’re having the envelopes hand lettered, your calligrapher will also request additional envelopes for mistakes. Make sure to order these up front to avoid any delays.


5 Tips to Save You Money on Custom Invitations

3. Vary printing methods.

Love letterpress, but can’t afford a full letterpress printed suite?  Consider letterpress printing for your invitation only. After all, it’s the most important piece of the suite! Letterpress packages typically start at $800 for 100 single-color suites (invitation, rsvp, and coordinating envelopes). Opt for flat printing with your other pieces – such as the rsvp card, information cards, and maps, etc.  Flat print packages typically start at $450 for 100 suites.


5 Tips to Save You Money on Custom Invitations

4. Create a wedding website.

Minimize information cards and other enclosures with a wedding website.  This will help your guests with navigation to the venue, hotel accommodations, and any other pertinent information concerning your wedding day.  Less enclosures equal less printing costs and less postage.


5 Tips to Save You Money on Custom Invitations

5. Purchase a Customized Address Stamp

Instead of having the return addresses printed on your invitation and rsvp envelopes, purchase an address stamp that is customized to match your invitation suite. This is the easiest DIY you can undertake to save on your customized suite.  An added bonus is that you can continue to use the stamp after the big day! It will be especially helpful when you’re addressing the mound of thank you notes for wedding gifts you and your honey receive.

Custom invitations are a great way to make your big day stand out to your guests. They can be as unique as your special event. And the best part is that by using these tips, you don’t have to break the bank to make them so.

Thank you Dondrea! For more about Jenkins Rose | Modern Paper, visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide Profile or head straight to her website.

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