Affordable & Low-Cost Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses from Modcloth

Photo by Maria Villano Photography

Back in the day I went through all of Modcloth’s dresses and picked out all my favorites that would work as bridesmaid dresses. I’ve already done a post on my favorite red bridesmaid dresses and my favorite long bridesmaid dresses, and today seemed like the perfect day to roundup my favorite patterned bridesmaid dresses. How amazing would pictures be with these dresses against the beautiful white of the bride’s dress? Plus, pattern is back in style — just take a look at recent fashion shows which have been featuring patterns more than ever. Best of all, these dresses are way more reusable than the normal bridesmaid dress!


Swoops and Dreams

Swoops and Dreams Dress, $49.99

Plenty by Tracy Reese Hone Your Crafting Dress

Plenty by Tracy Reese Hone Your Crafting Dress, $247.99

Dice as Nice Dress

Dice as Nice Dress, $247.99

Frond Bombshell Dress

Frond Bombshell Dress, $189.99

Poppy and You Know It Dress

Poppy and You Know It Dress, $54.99

Penchant for Pigment Dress

Penchant for Pigment Dress, $79.99

Confetti Betty Dress

Confetti Betty Dress, $54.99

Feelin' Refreshed Dress

Feeling Refreshed Dress, $84.99

To Diagonal For Dress

To Diagonal For Dress, $99.99

Monet Love Dress

Monet Love Dress, $79.99

Alluring Acres Dress in Cheers

Alluring Acres Dress, $112.99

This post was not sponsored or paid for in any way — we just love Modcloth. That said, some of these recommendations have affiliate links, which goes to supporting the WeddingLovely Blog and paying for upkeep for this blog. We would never recommend a product we don’t love, regardless of affiliate links or partnership!

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