DIY Tent Decoration for Your Wedding Reception (5)

Today’s guest post comes from Diana, one of our readers who helped her sister pull off DIY tour de force, on time and on budget! Here’s how she did it:

My boyfriend’s sister was trying to do a backyard wedding with a budget of $15,000 and was trying to figure out a way to decorate the tent for cheap. I volunteered to do it because the wedding was months away and it seemed like a nice thing to do (I’m not sure how I felt the day before the wedding but that’s another story). She said she wanted something like this picture.

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SimplyBridal has created another helpful infographic to help you get ready for the big day. Today’s infographic is a do-it-yourself guide to beautiful bridal makeup. Enjoy!

Click image for full size:

DIY Makeup — Infographic

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DIY Flower Centerpiece Tutorial

This DIY centerpiece post was submitted by Joe Schembri of Bridesign Wedding Flowers. Joe writes about wedding topics such as creating wedding centerpieces, which bulk flowers to use and more. Feel free to reach out to him at

Today we are sharing a DIY centerpiece tutorial, where with the right flowers and a little imagination, you will create a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion and showcase the wedding floral designer in you! Keep in mind that you can use any vases, flower types and accessories! So let’s get creative and have some fun while making these beauties!

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We’ve showcased the gorgeous wedding of Laura before on the blog, and now we’re bringing you some of her DIY projects!! First up are these neat table numbers using picture frames.

Our DIY Table Numbers were the perfect kind of wedding project – simple & easy to make, yet personal and unique. I loved the idea of giving our guests a few random tidbits of information about the hubs & I as a couple, especially considering some of our guests were meeting one of us for the first time!

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Posted in DIY. by Tracy

Whether it’s due to the recession or a side effect of sites like Pinterest, weddings have become more personalised and unique than they have been in years. Wedding planners be wary – brides and grooms everywhere are taking their wedding plans into their own hands and creating a day that truly reflects their relationship and their love.

If you’re looking for ways to personalise your wedding, or simply one aspect of it, here are some easy ways to do just that.

Image by acme

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DIYing your flower arrangements? Check out this DIY flower guide with links to tutorials!

The other day I ran across a post right here on WeddingLovely and oh my! It reminded me just how mind-blowingly expensive weddings are, y’all!

I know, I know, you already know that, and being reminded of the horror of it isn’t  necessary. So, here’s the deal. Unless you’re lucky enough to have parents who are footing the bill or have been madly setting aside funds since you were a wee little one, you’re probably looking to save money where you can.

One of the places where it’s possible to pinch pennies and stretch dimes is with the flowers. Perhaps not the bouquet—though some people will argue that the bouquet is the easiest thing, but I don’t agree, I’m not THAT crafty—but centerpieces and decorative flowers are easier to manage then you might think, and DIY-ing it can potentially save you a fair chunk of change. It still won’t be cheap, but it’ll help take a bit off of your budget. Remember, you’ll have to put in some elbow grease, which means you’ll have to have some time a day or two before the wedding to actually get a group together to make the arrangements.

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We’re back with another great infographic by Carey of Lasso’d Moon, this time all about wedding invitation options and wording! If you missed our last infographic, check out What’s It Called? Wedding Invitation Description Infographic!

Thanks Carey! Go check out Lasso’d Moon on WeddingInviteLove, or head straight to their website.

Jessica from Odd Duck Press put together this seriously helpful post about wedding stationery. She previously shared a great post about etiquette and invitation wording, check it out if you missed it! Thanks Jessica, you are a wealth of knowledge. :)

Odd Duck Press WeddingInviteLove

Photo by Lindsay Docherty for Odd Duck Press

Ok, first take a deep breath. This will be painless, I promise! I know that with the myriad of to-do’s involved in getting ready for the BIG DAY, planning the invitation suite can be daunting. (How do you tactfully let people know their kids aren’t invited? What is an escort card?) Let’s take it a step at a time and begin by breaking down the invitation suite.

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Today’s guest post comes to us from inspiration board extraordinaire Sara of Burnett’s Boards. She was so kind to put together this post and share some boards that she’s put together. We look forward to many more posts from Sara, stay tuned!

A great place to start when planning your wedding is with an inspiration board. What is an inspiration board? Well, its basically one image, with several images within it, that wraps your dream wedding up into one neat little package.

Why is having one important? It’s something to show your wedding planner to give him or her a direction to go (he or she will probably ask you to create one anyway!).

What can you do with it? You can pin it onto a Pinterest board and add from there. Add things that enhance it, add things it might be missing, add pictures of your wedding dress and venue, and you’ll end up with a perfect visual of your wedding that all of your vendors can work from.

Yep, I know. There are a lot of inspiration boards out there to choose from… so which one is for you? It’s the one that stops you cold in your tracks, that you stare at for a little too long, that intrigues you and makes you dream a little. That’s the one.

Lets take a look at a couple of popular inspiration boards and the types of brides that love them.

Bride #1

She’s elegant, sophisticated, educated, and loves a little touch of old world glamour.

Burnett's Boards All That Glitters

Photo credits: cake, reception, Arabic gold lettered invites, ring, No.5, vintage Dior dress, gold stars, love blocks, mosque

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