I swear, I BLINKED and this week was over. Did it go that quickly for everyone else? Sheesh. If you missed anything, don’t worry – I’m about to catch you up. You’re welcome. :)

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On ye ole blog:

  • Monday we caught up with Liza from Juniper Spring Photography. She shared some fun stuff with us, like how sparklers + alcohol do not mix. I am not going to give it away, go read it for yourself!
  • Tuesday we featured a guest post from BH Photography for all our planning brides. He shared 10 questions to ask your photographer (bookmark this one!)
  • The design roundup this week was all about calligraphy. Warning: if you click this link, you’re going to want to dress up your envelopes!
  • If you have already gotten married, you might not want to see the Real Wedding from Eliza J Photography that we shared on Thursday. You’ll be jealous and want to get married all over again. It’s BEE-YOU-TUH-FULL.
  • Have you ever seen a “Message in a Bottle” save the date? Neither had we, until we had an interview with Cloud Nove Events.


  • Did you see the hilarious video we shared on Facebook? Shtuff people say to photographers.
  • We did some pinning, are you following us on Pinterest? Are you on Pinterest—comment and share your boards with us!
  • Speaking of Pinterest (and totally off subject), you should never visit it hungry. Doesn’t this sandwich look amazing?
  • Wiley Valentine has a GREAT promo going on! 25% off their entire store through February 29th!
  • Hey wedding planners! Awesome deal on Pantone decks. Match the colors of your clients details.

Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday. :)



You guys, this has been a big week! We’ve been busy organizing some great guest posts which will start flowing in next week. WeddingLovely has such wonderful vendors who are eager to give you tips and advice. We’re so excited to share these with our planning brides. Stay tuned.

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On the blog this week:

  • On Monday, we interviewed Gavin Farrington. He shared a lot with us, including some amazing photos!
  • We gave you a double dose on Tuesday with an interview by Glacier Park Weddings.
  • We rounded up some awesome Valentines for you on Wednesday, complete with links on where to purchase them.
  • Thursday we took you to the beach for a wedding. Okay, so not really…but we showed you some pretty photos!
  • We interviewed Pickett’s Press–Kate shared great info and lovely work with us.

In other news:

  • On Monday, my wedding was featured on The Knotty Bride. How cool is that? While you are there, read her recaps of “The Bachelor.” You will laugh until you cry.
  • Tracy left for NYC on Tuesday for a week. She’s been working her butt of to make WeddingLovely even more awesome. Wish her luck on her personal twitter @limedaring
  • On Wednesday, we welcomed our 100th Planner on WeddingPlannerLove. Welcome Beyond Events Atlanta!

Tweet! Tweet!

  • As you know by now, our team has grown to consist of Marit (that’s me!) and Tracy. We’re going to make an effort to tag our tweets with “/t” or “/m” so you know who to address if you’d like to make a personal reply. :)

Hey WeddingLovely Vendors!

Do you want to guest post with tips/advice? We’d love to have you. Email [email protected] with your post idea.

Image by lunchtimemama via Flickr

Whew, we made it through the week! Today was a busy week around here – it was our first full week as a two person team. We are so excited about what’s to come and can’t wait to spread the love with you.

WeddingLovely Team

This week on the blog:

  • On Monday, we interviewed UK photographer Robert Leons.
  • We had our first venue tour on Tuesday in Denver at Villa Parker.
  • Wednesday, we gathered invitations that were designed with 1 color. Sometimes less is more!
  • The Real Wedding Featured on Thursday had two pretty awesome things: bunnies and a Mariachi Band. Don’t believe us? Click here.
  • That same day, we interviewed “RSVP to me” on our blog.

In other news:

    • WeddingInviteLove Vendors: Send your Valentine designs to [email protected] for a feature next week. Submission are due BEFORE February 1.
    • Do you want to win a $150 Blush Paperie Gift card? Who doesn’t?! Click here to find out how you can win.
    • Did you see WeddingLovely in Forbes?
    • In a few weeks, we’ll be at Women 2.0.
    • Hey brides! Have you signed up for the WeddingLovely planning newsletter? It’ll save you a LOT of stress.
    • Need a laugh? Have you read the Knotty Bride’s recaps of the Bachelor? Because they are pretty friggin funny.
    • Seriously you guys…why didn’t I get a wedding video? Please remind me again, because watching all of our amazing vendor videos KILLS me. Check out this one from Remedy WeddingFilms:

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!

We had a super exciting week. You may have noticed the mention of “we” lately, it’s because WeddingLovely now consists of Tracy and Marit! The growth of the directories as well as some other things up Tracy’s sleeve required some assistance. Yay team!

WeddingLovely Team

On the blog this week:

  • On Monday, we interviewed Calluna Events (she shared some amazing photos!)
  • That same day, we featured a video from WeddingVideoLove’s Wes Haley Films
  • Tuesday’s featured invitation from Sweet Zion Paperie was full of New England Charm
  • We rounded up WeddingInviteLove design’s that had a city theme for Wednesday
  • Wednesday marked Marit’s first day at WeddingLovely
  • An engagement shoot that looked like it fell out of a magazine found its way to our blog on Thursday.
  • Also that day, we had our first WeddingInviteLove stationer interview with Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Today we had an interview with WeddingPhotoLove’s Scott Andrew Studio

In other news:

  • Come Grub With Us on January 24th ! Whether you are a bride or a vendor in the Bay Area, come talk weddings with us over some great food!

Grub With WeddingLovely

  • We launched the new WeddingLovely site! We are now giving brides the ability to sign up and receive tips & advice directly to their inbox based on their wedding day!
  • We reached over 600 fans on Facebook!
  • WeddingInviteLove has over 500 stationers, woo hoo!
  • We have been pinning away, have you seen our boards?
  • Looking to shape up? Shape up with WeddingLovely! Join us on Fitocracy. Enter the code: WEDLOVE to join our group!

What a great week! Really…we can’t thank our readers and vendors enough. It’s been such a great experience to see each and every vendor directory grow and showcase such great talent. Each week, I find myself browsing the profiles in all of the WeddingLovely directories in awe. :)

On the blog this week:

  • On Monday, we had an interview with WeddingPlannerLove’s Cloud 9
  • That same day we made a BIG announcement! We are so excited for our partnership with Envelopments. :)
  • We shared a bilingual invitation on Tuesday
  • Pocketfolds were the feature of Wednesday’s Design Roundup
  • But that’s not all! Wednesday was an exciting day for us, we launched WeddingVideoLove. We can’t get enough of wedding videos, so this launch has been a lot of fun (and tears!)
  • Thursday, we featured a DIY filled wedding you will definitely want to check out

In other news:

  • On January 29th, Marry Me!, formally the Greater Vancouver Bridal Show will be happening. Nearby brides, make sure to check it out!
  • We are hosting a meal through GrubWithUs. If you are an SF bride or wedding vendor–we’d love for you to join us!
  • The BrokeAssBride shared something that rang true with me: “The best friends are those that you can call and say “I’m coming over”, and the answer is always “ok.”

Submission of the week:

Perhaps you were wondering why the title of today’s roundup is “Grab the tissues.”You are about to find out. I wanted to share a wedding video from  from our newest, directory: WeddingVideoLove. We have been viewing each and every submission (and BAWLING our eyes out, might I add!). It was next to impossible to decide which one to share, but I went with this one from White Dress Media:

We hope you have a fantastic weekend. We look forward to sharing lots of great things with you next week!

Happy New Year! I’m not sure about you, but we welcome 2012 with open arms because there are such great things going on at WeddingLovely. Don’t worry, we won’t make you wait much longer. ;)

Sean MacEntee via Flickr

This week, lots of stuff happened:

  • Backing the truck up a little bit, last week we reviewed our favorite posts of 2011 in not one post. But two.
  • On Monday, we interviewed Jessica from Experience Events.
  • Tuesday, we had server issues and experienced an outage. BOO!
  • Tangerine Tango (Pantone’s color of the year for 2012!)  took the stage in Wednesday’s Invitation Design Roundup.
  • The Featured Wedding from Innes Photography on Thursday pretty much knocked our socks off.
  • WeddingVenueLove has launched! Know any venues? Send them our way!
  • A Practical Wedding announced their book launch party in SF, we’ll be there! Will you?
  • We got SO MANY compliments on our letterpress holiday card. Another huge thanks to the wonderful people at The Aerialist Press. You rock.

Joining us on WeddingInviteLove:

Oh snap! New photographers are on WeddingPhotoLove:

WeddingPlannerLove is growing! Meet our newest vendors:

We welcome these great vendors to our newest directory: WeddingVenueLove:

Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Woo hoo, it’s Friday! Are you ready for the holiday weekend? I can’t wait to visit with family, eat some great food and lounge in my comfy clothes. I’m also looking forward to wrapping my gifts, I just love gift wrapping with pretty paper and bows. However, there’s something nice about cramming a gift in to a bag with tissue and calling it done. Am I right?

Image via Flickr by Torbakhopper

Here’s what went on this week:

These photographers joined us this week on WeddingPhotoLove:

Hello to our new planners over at WeddingPlannerLove:

We hope you all have a great holiday! Safe travels should you be traveling (wear your seatbelts and all that good stuff). We’ll be taking a little time away from blogging over the holiday, so we’ll see you in 2012!

Image by torbakhopper via Flickr

This week was a whirlwind, as they always seem to be! I think the highlight of the week was a lobster dinner on Tuesday night. I think the cute bibs added to the enjoyment. Because really, what else can you eat that requires a goofy plastic bib (unless you are under the age of two)? Now, onto the weekly review…

Photo from Hankzby via Flickr

Links and news from the week:

New to join us on WeddingInviteLove this week were:

WeddingPhotoLove would like to announce a new photographer:

WeddingPlannerLove is getting bigger and bigger…and we’re thrilled about that!

Have a great weekend everyone! I plan on spending mine with a little rest + relaxation. And maybe a little bit of work.

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Another week gone by…and another week that I failed to do holiday shopping. Whoops. Perhaps I will get that moving this weekend. Or maybe I’ll stay in and bake some cookies. Decisions, decisions!

Seabamirum on Flickr

Lots went on this week – if you missed out, have no fear because I’m about to recap it all for you!

Links and news from the week:

Newest vendors on WeddingInviteLove

WeddingPlannerLove added these great vendors this week:

In other news:

Join Wiley Valentine for a Pop Up Shop in their studio on Saturday, December 10 from 9am -1pm. There, you can Snag some of limited edition paper delights, exclusive discounts and other special offers. And while you’re there, enjoy some tasty libations and treats! Their shop is located at: 17891 Sky Park Circle, Suite B, Irvine, California 92614

Have a great weekend everyone!

Image by Seabamirum via Flickr

Wow. It’s already December! Were you able to snag some stationery deals, thanks to our WeddingInviteLove vendors that shared Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? If not, you’ve got a few weeks left. But the real question is, have you put up your holiday decor?

I’m a bit behind, myself… but by the looks of that photo, they’ve got enough decorations to cover my contribution!

Now, here’s what went on at WeddingLovely this week:

The amazing vendors just keep on coming! Here are the newest designers on WeddingInviteLove:

WeddingPhotoLove captured these vendors:

And the newest members of WeddingPlannerLove’s directory:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Image by Jumpyjodes via Flickr