Happy Friday… and happy November! The arrival of November makes me want to jump in piles of crunchy leaves, go to corn mazes, and drink hot cider. It’s hard, though, to believe that 2011 is almost over and that the holidays are almost upon us!

Lots of great goings-on here at WeddingLovely this week:

This weeks lovely new WeddingInviteLove vendors include:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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I don’t know about you guys, but Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. Granted, I’ll be working this year, but there’s something intrinsically special about holidays that give you an excuse to go all-out with decorating and dressing up (kind of like weddings!)  Speaking of Halloween, I love this picture from Flickr- so spooky!

Things on the blog have been much more cheerful than spooky this week- here’s what we’ve been up to:

The amazing vendors just keep on coming! Here are the newest designers on WeddingInviteLove:

And the newest members of WeddingPlannerLove’s directory:

And a few more Halloween ideas from the internet:

Have a great weekend, and a spook-tacular Halloween!

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Every time I write one of these Friday roundups, I think to myself, “Holy cow, another week has gone by already?!” It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re up to your eyeballs in work… but consider this post your little reminder to stop and smell the roses once in a while. Taking time out for those little moments make the big moments seem that much more special.

cindy andrie rose

Now that you’ve had your daily reminder of enjoying the little things, here’s what’s been going on around the WeddingLovely blog the past week:

Our newest members of the WeddingInviteLove family:

And our newest WeddingPlannerLove vendors:

And some interesting links from around the blogosphere this week…


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… well, not so much here in SoCal, where it’s been in the nineties the last few days. But I hear that the rest of the country has started feeling that crisp, blustery weather that I love so much!


Here’s what we covered on the blog this week:

Some fun fall links for your weekend entertainment:

Newest WeddingInviteLove vendors:

Newest WeddingPlannerLove vendors (woohoo!):

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This week has been so nuts for both Tracy and myself, both of us definitely were looking forward to the weekend (although, really? When you’re self-employed, there’s no such thing as a weekend.) Anyways, I snapped this picture at Blitz agency where I was doing some contract work yesterday, and I think many of you will appreciate it:

Here’s what you might have missed on the blog:

A big warm welcome to our newest vendors:

Best of this week on the web:

Does anyone else feel like this week has absolutely flown by? Lots of exciting things happening here at WeddingLovely, but equally many things to get done before the weekend as well! To give you a little break from your end-of-week madness, I present you this (hilarious cat) video:

Like I said, this week has been a very exciting one for WeddingLovely and Tracy in particular: she created and released the very first WeddingInviteLove Lookbook! If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

We also had some great posts on the blog, including:

As always, a big welcome to our newest vendors:

And a few fun links from around the web to get you inspired:

  • Kristen from Papercrave shared an adorable Halloween diy (and check out her new store, k.becca, while you’re over there!)
  • ParcelPost featured a super fun flashcard calendar from Whisker Graphics
  • To get you in the mood for fall, EZ from Creature Comforts shared two pumpkin whoopie pie recipes. Can you say yum?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

There are a lot of exciting things happening today. First, it’s Friday… so happy Friday! Secondly, it’s the first day of fall… so happy fall! Thirdly (and most excitingly for me), it’s my birthday… so happy birthday to you!

Why am I wishing all of you a happy birthday? Because to celebrate, I’ve been doing some epic giveaways over on my blog and I’m sharing them with you, WeddingLovely readers. We’re talking Lands End giftcards, cupcakes, and a really great giveaway that’ll be going live later today. So while you’re counting down the minutes until your weekend starts, head on over to Linz Loves You and enter the three (four by the end of today) contests to your heart’s content!

This week on the WeddingLovely blog:

We want to wish a big WeddingInviteLove welcome to our newest vendors:

And a couple of my favorite posts from blogland this week:

Have a great weekend lovelies, and don’t forget to enter those contests!

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Take a deep breath… it’s finally Friday! I don’t know about you guys but I am doubly glad for it to be the weekend; maybe even more so because fall seems to be rolling into LA and that means the beginning of boot and sweater season (pretty much my favorite time of the year).


This week was my inaugural week here on the WeddingLovely, and we definitely had some great posts featured:

We also added some great new designers to the WeddingInviteLove registry, including:

And to round it all out, here are a couple great links from across the web this week:

Enjoy your weekend and take advantages of some of the last days of summer…we’ll see you on Monday!

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I miss my cat. Is that okay to admit? I’m heading home from Portland today and I can’t wait to see my cat (named Westley, after everyone’s favorite dread pirate.) Also, that’s a queen bed — my cat is gigantic.

Speaking of Portland — What. An. Amazing. City. I was up here to speak at DjangoCon (about how I started WeddingLovely and inspiring others to start their own projects), and it went wonderfully. My first time speaking at a conference solo! And THEN there was the Portland stationery meetup which was oh so much fun. Thank you to all the wonderful Portland lovelies who came out to chat — pictures coming soon!

Notable links from the week:

Newest WeddingInviteLove vendors:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

(The only) photo from the meetup on Wednesday! The wine bar we moved to was way too dark so this was the only good picture taken. In any case, happy Friday everyone! I’m stressing out because on Monday I fly out to Portland and on Tuesday morning, I have an hour long presentation to give! New, scary, experiences, but it should be fun.

Notable Links:

Newest WeddingInviteLove Vendors:

Have a great weekend, everyone!