It's Good News Friday! Guy Fieri Officiates 101 Gay Weddings on Miami Beach!
Photo credit: Makayla Jade Photography via Real Wedding: Josh and Bryan’s Nautical Wedding by Makayla Jade Photography

… Yep, one HUNDRED and one gay weddings! Way to go, Guy Fieri.

Everyone’s favorite Food Network TV host officiated a mass same-sex wedding in The Sunshine State last weekend, shortly after the ban on same-sex marriages was lifted in January.

Congratulations and best wishes to all the lovely couples! We support you. :)

Down the Aisle to Friday Roundups!

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Who had Monday off for Presidents Day Lucky you... Friday's already here!
Photo credit: Cute and Delicious via Flickr

Hope everyone who was lucky enough to get Friday off for Washington’s birthday had a lovely long weekend!

Has anyone ever been a part of a real wedding that fell on Presidents Day? Independence Day or Memorial day perhaps? Or maybe the couple was just really patriotic?

If so we’d love for you to share it with us… or any gorgeous real wedding filled with unique details, really ~ just email [email protected] for more info.

… now to get you caught up on the rest of the week. :)

This week’s vendor interviews, features & real weddings:

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Happy Valentine's Day
Photo originally appeared in a romantic styled shoot by Barbara Jacqueline Photography

… Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW!

Why not start getting in the mood now with a few lovely and inspiring Valentine’s Day cards from this year’s design roundups!

It may be late to order, but never too late to appreciate the creativity of our lovely stationers. So amazing!

Valentine’s Day Design Round Up 2015 – Part 1
Valentine’s Day Design Round Up 2015 – Part 2
Valentine’s Day Design Round Up 2015 – Part 3

… or check out the full romantic styled shoot by Barbara Jacqueline Photography mentioned in the photo credit above. It truly is a celebration of love!

Happy Friday and hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day. :)

This week’s interviews, features & real weddings:

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It's a Woofy, Lovey-Dovey, Weddingy kind of Friday!
Photo credit: The Wicked Little Cake Company via Flickr

Props to The Wicked Little Cake Company for this wicked wedding cake inspired by pebbles the pup. Super cute, isn’t it?!

Dogs are so awesome, just like love and weddings. I guess that’s why we’re recognizing all three in this week’s Friday roundups. :)

We had a super busy week with our lovely and inspiring Valentine’s Day Design Roundups, FIRST blog highlights post for the year and a handful of stellar featured invitations, vendor interviews and real weddings!

But first, can I just say that my heart melted when I saw this. (I’m sure yours will, too)


Valentine’s Day Cards, Interviews, Features + Weddings:

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TGIF! Who's on Cloud Nine this Friday
Photo credit: John Hope Photography via Flickr

What’s the one thing no couple can control on their wedding day? The weather. According to The Telegraph UK, however, a luxury travel company claims it can guarantee that the only cloud you will see on your special day is, well, Cloud Nine!

Oliver Travel’s weather modification technique called ‘cloud seeding’ comes with an expensive price tag, but does ensure a ‘perfect’, rain-free wedding day. It got me thinking, however, rainy real wedding submissions are actually some of the most gorgeous we’ve seen, including a rainy winter wedding shared with us by Holly Von Lanken photography earlier this week.

Tell us what you think about this cloud buster in the comments below!

Gorgeous Rainy Winter Wedding + More Fab Features:

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Friday Roundups Get Quirky!
Photo credit: Krista Photography via Flickr

I just love it when a couple isn’t afraid of incorporating fun, unique details into their special day ~ whether it be a pair of colorful knee high socks (like the gorgeous bride in Wednesday’s real wedding) or an unconventional arch like the one you see above! Do you have any quirky real weddings you’d like to share? Email [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our weddings blog. Can’t wait to see what you send us. :)

Quirky real weddings + more!

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Happy, Cutesy Friday Lovelies
Photo credit: Rachel Wilder via Flickr

Imagine you were a flower girl (once upon a time ago!) and were given the single task of looking cute while throwing petals down the aisle, alongside some boy who probably thought you had the cooties. Well, what if you ended up walking down the aisle (for a second time!) two decades later with that very same boy. The adorable flower girl and ring bearer in the picture above you may be siblings but these two weren’t… and that is their love story! Talk about deja vu! Catch the story in this week’s trending topics, interviews, features, real weddings & more.

Take me to Friday roundups!

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It's Fearless Friday! Who's Game Enough to Do a Trash the Dress Photo Shoot
Photo credit: Emery & Co. Photography via Flickr

Wondering why this beautiful bride is covered in paint? Well, it’s a style of wedding photography commonly referred to as “trash the dress” that’s gained momentum in recent years. I’ll have to admit that the concept of “trashing” my dress never really appealed to me… but after reading bride-to-be Shelby Swink’s story and seeing the fun photo session by Elizabeth Hoard Photography that went viral this week, I do see a situation or two where destroying my dress could be, well, therapeutic! Thoughts? (share them in the comments below)

Check out this week’s fearless features:

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TGIF! Who's Going Last Minute Christmas Shopping This Weekend
Photo credit: Flickr

There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you check everyone off your Christmas shopping list. What a relief! Gifts, however, may be the last thing on your mind right now if you’re like the many of us who totally dropped the ball on mailing off those holiday cards this year! Not to worry, if you haven’t already mailed off your Christmas cards, you’re going to love our holiday roundups post. We’ve got a handful of original and totally adorable designs to share with you. :)

Show me!

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We're Back with Friday Roundups!
Photo credit: Flickr


Our apologies for dropping the ball on our weekly roundups posts. They really are a great way to get caught up on all things WeddingLovely and the latest industry happenings in the one post. So definitely remember to check in with us every #BrideDayFriday. ;)

See what’s been happening:

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