All aboard! ... Destination Friday Roundups
Photo credit: Carly Hack Photography. Originally appeared in this summery Australian beach photo shoot.

Cute photo right? Miss the Aussie beaches! I actually grew up in a small coastal town near Sydney, but attended the University of Miami, FL for one year back in 2010 as an international student. And that’s how I met hubby! <3 We endured a Skype relationship (I had to return home for one year to graduate) before I made up my mind to move to the United States and call it my new home. It’s been three years since I’ve been back to Australia and am so excited to be visiting in just a matter of days! Wish me a safe flight! x

Up, up & away to this week’s roundups:

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BOO! It's Under the Sea Halloween Friday Roundups!
Photo credit: Sassy Mouth. Originally appeared in a Little Mermaid Styled Shoot shared with us by AvantGarde Design.

Dressing up as Ariel (maybe Ursula, the wicked sea witch) this Halloween? Or perhaps you’re even considering a Little Mermaid themed wedding? Well, lucky for you, we’ve got a little photo inspiration to share! You can click on the fab styled shoot in the photo credit or check out the gorgeous Disney inspired photo shoot in the industry news portion of today’s roundup. :)

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Time for Friday Roundups! Anyone Saying I Do at the Golf Club
Photo credit: Flickr

Okay, so it may have only been mini golf (lol) but guess who scored a hole-in-one last weekend? Well, not me… baha. But hubby did. :) May I add that it was quite a complex hole and our first ever time mini golfing. We thought we’d try something a bit different (well, for us anyway) plus we had a Buy One Get One coupon for Palmetto Golf Course as part of Miami Attractions Month. We invited another couple along, and had a blast! Definitely a fun idea (unlike your same ol’ restaurant reservation) for a double date!

Staring out at the beautiful, scenic grounds made me realize why some couples choose to tie the knot at the golf club. The lush green grounds make such a perfect backdrop for photographs. So if you’re soon to say “I Do” at the golf club or recently have, we’d love for you to share your photos with us! Photographers welcome too!

See our real weddings (& more!) in this week’s roundups:

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Photo credit: Sassy Mouth. Originally appeared in a Beauty and The Beast Styled Shoot shared with us by AvantGarde Design

So I’ve only been at WeddingLovely for 3 months now, but have noticed that quite a few of our vendors are self confessed Disney fanatics and would absolutely love to shoot a Disney wedding. Well okay, so Monday’s interview is an exception. :) I must say that their love for Disney has rubbed off on me (just a little!). Did anyone see the Elsa-inspired ‘Frozen’ wedding gown in Disney’s new fairytale collection? It’s trending in the industry this week and is a must see!

See it & More in This Week’s Roundups:

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It's Friday (Roundups)! Who Said Yes This WeekPhoto credit: Flickr

Monday marked the two year anniversary of when my husband proposed to me. I’m not sure if many people actually celebrate their engagement anniversary — but we brought out the bubbly anyway. ;) Did you recently get engaged? If so — we’ve got over 3,500+ lovely vendors for you to browse! You can also check out some of their interviews, features and real weddings in today’s roundup.

Get to know our vendors:

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First Friday Roundups for Breast Cancer Awareness MonthPhoto credit: Flickr

It may be the start of Autumn, but it’s also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was reminded of this on Wednesday night when my husband dragged me out of the house for the Miami HEAT’s Red, White & Pink scrimmage game. The whole stadium was covered in pink as the city of Miami got a sneak peek inside what’s next for the team. Have you had your annual check up?

Sneak peek inside WeddingLovely this week:

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Happy (Yakiniku) Friday Roundups!
Photo credit: Flickr

Some may find the concept of having to cook your own food at a restaurant slightly ridiculous. Defeats the purpose of dining out, right? After all — you are paying to have the chef cook for you. Well, this week I decided to give the idea the benefit of the doubt and bought a Groupon for a local Japanese yakiniku restaurant.

Yakiniku translates to grilled meat and is similar to a Western BBQ. The only difference is that you’re in a restaurant with a large grilling pit in the middle of your table. You’re given bite-size pieces of meat and vegetables, prepared by the chefs — only you’re the one cooking it over real burning flames! You’re pretty much paying for the experience, and honestly, it was kind of fun. :)

So! Let’s grill on to this week’s roundups:

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Guess Who Got Lucky this Week? Happy Friday -- Roundups!
Photo credit: Flickr

Guess who had an epic $27 win at the Hardrock Casino this week? Well, epic in the sense that I actually hate gambling, but for some reason I reluctantly decided to slip a $10 bill into the Playboy slot machine that night. Of course, I lost it. All. And immediately wanted to go home and sulk because I’m frugal like that. But hubby wasn’t quite ready yet, and insisted on playing.

Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a bright pink Bridesmaids machine (you know, the movie?!) and naturally dragged him over to it. Needless to say, we walked away with $27. I’m pretty convinced my awesome wedding energy is what triggered the good luck! Hubby wasn’t so convinced, but treated me to ice cream anyway with our new found fortune. :)

See who else got lucky this week:

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TGIFPhoto credit: Flickr

Has this week been a whirlwind or what? My husband received not-so-lovely news early last week that sent us packing to hit the road as quickly as possible for a long eight hour drive back to his home state. Thankfully, I managed to keep things under wraps with WeddingLovely while I was away (phew!) but am oh so happy to finally be back home. It’s safe to say that I’ll be doing absolutely nothing but catching up on some Zzz and unwinding this weekend. ;)

What’s been happening?

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 Thanks to Labor Day Weekend -- Friday's Already Here! And so are Roundups! We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as much as we did! The hubs and I spent Monday afternoon at Matheson Hammock Park treating ourselves to a well deserved picnic. Our bellies were already stuffed from the leftovers we had from Sunday night’s feast — ribs, potato salad, baked beans and corn on the cob! But we still had a little room left to sip on a bottle of red and nibble on a few sweet treats while watching the sunset. ;)

Get caught up on all things lovely:

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