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Has this week been a whirlwind or what? My husband received not-so-lovely news early last week that sent us packing to hit the road as quickly as possible for a long eight hour drive back to his home state. Thankfully, I managed to keep things under wraps with WeddingLovely while I was away (phew!) but am oh so happy to finally be back home. It’s safe to say that I’ll be doing absolutely nothing but catching up on some Zzz and unwinding this weekend. ;)

What’s been happening?

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 Thanks to Labor Day Weekend -- Friday's Already Here! And so are Roundups! We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as much as we did! The hubs and I spent Monday afternoon at Matheson Hammock Park treating ourselves to a well deserved picnic. Our bellies were already stuffed from the leftovers we had from Sunday night’s feast — ribs, potato salad, baked beans and corn on the cob! But we still had a little room left to sip on a bottle of red and nibble on a few sweet treats while watching the sunset. ;)

Get caught up on all things lovely:

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Hurrah! We know it’s been a while since we’ve posted Friday roundups. What can we say, other than that we’ve been keeping busy with lots of new and exciting ventures! We’re focusing on growing our community like crazy, and recently hired a lovely new Community Manager. She’s writing this by the way… hello :) And now I can come out of third person! I am so excited to be working with all of our lovely couples and vendors, and encourage you to drop me a line if you have any questions, concerns, comments, feedback, anything really!

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Next week I’ll be in NYC for the Brooklyn Beta conference! I’m so excited and I wanted to see whether I could run a meetup but I’m not sure I have time. Though if you want to grab coffee or lunch, ping me!

News roundup for the week!

Have a lovely weekend!

Dog rescue complete! I drove up to Oregon (11 hour drive) to rescue my grandparent’s dog, who was adopted and then de-adopted and taken to the shelter instead. Quite an interesting few days — I started driving at 4:45am, got Molly, camped that night on the Oregon/California border, drove through the redwoods the next morning, and then I left my wallet at a farmstand and didn’t realize until 87 miles later. Not to mention, I only realized it when I was pulling over for gas. Quite… annoying.

But wallet was still there, I didn’t run out of gas driving back up (all panicky, making plans to barter the beer in my trunk for gas money if I needed), and I got home safely in the end.

So that was my week — how was yours? :P

News and articles from the week!

I’ve had an interesting week — my grandparent’s are moving into assisted living across the country, and a neighbor adopted their dog… and then promptly decided they couldn’t keep her and abandoned her at a shelter instead. So next week I’ll be driving up 11 hours to go get her.

So, guess as of next week, I’ll have a dog to go along with my kitty!

This week’s news and links:

Have a lovely weekend!

Goodness, is anyone else as tired as I am? It’s been a crazy week! My birthday was on Monday (woohoo!) and then just all sorts of random things happened (so I might be getting a dog soon…)

Yay for weekends!

This week’s news and article roundup:

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Such a late day today after a week of being late — Julia and I were in Washington D.C. for DjangoCon, a programming conference! Big thanks to PyLadies for sponsoring us and sending us out — women programmers are a rarity and we were so proud to help represent. Not to mention that Julia gave a talk of her own about the challenges she faced when joining WeddingLovely, see her slides here!

The news and links from the week:

Can you believe it’s almost the end of summer? For me, the transition is always my birthday (coming up in 1.5 weeks). Funny how when you’re younger, you can’t wait for a birthday, but now, another birthday is another year gone and summer over. BUT it’s also another year to come, autumn tea and soup, and playing in the snow. So I better perk up already!

My tomato harvest TWO years ago. This year, all of my blossoms died in the hot temperature. It’s been the saddest tomato summer ever.

The week’s roundup of news and fun things:

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend — we’ll be back on Tuesday!

I’m heading off to my cabin for a mini-weekend getaway, after a tough and very, very busy few weeks. You wouldn’t believe how excited that I am that I’m replacing the tiny, terrible coffee maker at my cabin with a new fancy one — it’s the little things in life!

Fun stuff from the week:

Have a lovely weekend, and see you on Monday!