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There’s a saying that love like wine gets better with time. You’ll surely agree after reading this totally adorable recap of how one groom screwed up his honeymoon but is still in love (and loved back!) 68 years down the track. Phew! We’re glad these sweethearts were able to survive a bumpy start and wish all of the lovely couples in this week’s Friday roundups a stress-free honeymoon and long, happy marriage!

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Yep, Friday roundups are back ~ there really is no better way to make sure you never miss a beat here at WeddingLovely! Friday roundups make sure you stay up to date with the latest trends, real weddings, vendor interviews, features and more from the past week, all in the one post…. And this week, our hot trend alert are these edible works of art! We’re totally swooning over these watercolor cakes and guarantee you will, too!

More swoonworthiness in this week’s roundups:

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Flash Back (All the way back!) Friday Roundups!Photo credit: Abby Bischoff via Flickr

We’re taking it back (way back!) in light of this week’s trending story that is testament to “it’s never too late for love”. On June 13th, this adorable elderly couple will say “I do” at the ripe age of 103 and 92 years! That’s a combined age of 195 years!! Wowsers. Coincidentally, two of our real wedding submissions this week had a vintage charm, fitting for our Friday roundups theme.

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Happy Pup Poopy Friday RoundupsPhoto credit: Ryan Smith Photography via Flickr

I’ve had that terrifying moment or two where I’ve looked down at my bare ring finger and panicked… but I’ve never had it show up in my pup’s poop. I can’t decide whether this lady is lucky or unfortunate. I guess she’ll think twice before taking it off again… pregnant & swollen or not!

It’s been a good week for ladies reunited with their wedding rings. I’m glad that this Boston Marathon runner was reunited with her lost wedding ring, too. :)

Less Messy, More Lovely Friday Roundups:

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Southern Jewel Photography (3)

Southern Jewel Photography (3)Photo credit: Southern Jewel Photography

Five lovely bridesmaids— totally manageable.

… but Two HUNDRED plus?!! You must be trying to break a world record. Well, that’s exactly what this couple is trying to do when they tie the knot this weekend in Tampa Bay, FL! Crazy? Maybe.

That’s over double the size of most weddings, not to mention that I had only a handful of girlfriends that I felt comfortable having by my side as I married my hubby dearest just over a year ago!

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below after you’re all done catching up with this week’s blog happenings. :)

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Bridal Boutique Goes Tech + Friday Roundups!Photo credit: Alex Chen Photography via Flickr

Think back to your wedding dress shopping experience. Did you ever feel uncomfortable with your sales associate? Well, a bridal boutique in Lewisville, Texas is leveraging technology to match their brides with a sales associate that complements their personalities. They’ve even made their business transactions mobile and made it easier for their brides to advocate for them on social media. Way to give yourself a competitive edge! Definitely a must visit if you’re a local or in the area.

More Top Boutique Vendors:

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One Wedding or Thirty Eight... Worldwide Adventurous Friday Roundups!Photo credit: Brian Geltner Photography via Flickr

Why have one wedding when you can have thirty eight weddings around the world for less cost? Well, that’s exactly what this adventurous couple did when they ditched the traditional ceremony and got hitched worldwide.

What do you think of this couple’s unique decision? It’s definitely not for everyone. Is it something you’d consider? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this latest trending wedding news in the comments below!

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Fake Wedding Cake or Nah? Friday Roundups!Photo credit: Your Lovely Wedding 

This perfect pretty pink wedding cake is 100% real, but apparently there’s a surprising new trend alert making waves in the wedding industry. Would you consider a fake wedding cake if it could save you $1000 or more? I guess it’s the bridal version of buying a knock off designer bag vs. the real thing. There are some of us gals who don’t mind and some that don’t feel quite right about it all. Where do you stand? Tell us in the comments below. :)

This week’s Friday roundups:

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Dress Shopping This Weekend? Let's Hope You Get as Lucky as This Bride!
Photo credit: Flickr

What happens when you’re wedding dress shopping and a total stranger picks up the tab? Well, that’s what happened to this lucky Utah bride to be. A complete stranger (who wants to remain anonymous) had paid for her wedding dress valued at $465 in full. Now THAT doesn’t happen every day…. count your blessings, Liz!

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It's Good News Friday! Guy Fieri Officiates 101 Gay Weddings on Miami Beach!
Photo credit: Makayla Jade Photography via Real Wedding: Josh and Bryan’s Nautical Wedding by Makayla Jade Photography

… Yep, one HUNDRED and one gay weddings! Way to go, Guy Fieri.

Everyone’s favorite Food Network TV host officiated a mass same-sex wedding in The Sunshine State last weekend, shortly after the ban on same-sex marriages was lifted in January.

Congratulations and best wishes to all the lovely couples! We support you. :)

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