5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding JewelryPhoto Credit: Cariberry via Flicker

Jewelry, quite surprisingly, seems to be an afterthought, rather than a priority, when it comes to planning a wedding. Big mistake! The right jewellery should show off your beautiful dress and make you feel fantastic, all day long.

It’s easy to get carried away with your budget, because you want everything to be perfect, but everyone has to rein it in a little. Your wedding jewelry doesn’t need to eat away at your bank balance – there are so many options and solutions for accessories on a budget. Ahead, we’ve narrowed down some tips and tricks to bear in mind when you’re picking out your w-day jewels.

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We have this dream of the perfect wedding. The perfect wedding encompasses many different things for each couple. Part of that perfect wedding encompasses the desire for the dream to not transform into a nightmare. One aspect that can shoot your wedding from a dream to a nightmare is a room full of guest-zillas. Catty, loud, and obnoxious guests can ruin the ambiance of the moment. Here are some quick tips to help tame the guest-zillas before the ruin the wedding.

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Planning Tips for a Restaurant Wedding Reception

Photo credit: Passion for Flowers

Selecting the right venue for a wedding can be an arduous task because you want your special day to have a perfect setting and also make sure your loved ones are comfortable. If you are looking for a cozy, intimate and classy setting and want your guests to have a memorable gourmet experience, a restaurant wedding is the right pick for you. In fact, it’s not just foodies who are choosing to organize their wedding reception in their favorite restaurant or bistro. Couples who want a small venue, have fewer number of guests and seek great service are increasingly opting for restaurant weddings.

Another big advantage is the cost factor. In a restaurant, there is no need to rent furniture, tableware, glassware or linens. You don’t have to hire a caterer because there is already a chef present, and if the restaurant has a pastry chef, he can create your wedding cake too. Some restaurants have a band that can play your favorite music and you don’t have to spend time looking for one.

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Invitation by Cartoules Press

The wedding invitations will be the first thing your guests will see, so make a good impression. Start as you mean to go on, as they say. Unless you have a particular theme in mind, it’s a good idea to tie in with the fact that your ceremony is taking place abroad. Here are just a few ideas for designing your wedding invitations:

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4 Unique Engagement Ring Trends for Spring 2013 (2)

When it comes to engagement rings, there are a variety of options, styles and colors that can fit any bride-to-be’s wish list. Some women might like something simple and understated, while others might want a one of a kind look that really pops. No matter what you desire, there’s a special ring out there just for you. One thing that’s for sure is that once you’re engaged, you’ll have friends, family and coworkers “oohing and aahing” over the ring, so why not inspire yourself with some truly unique options? Here are 4 unique trends to take into consideration if you’re hoping to get engaged this spring:

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Photo credit: Christina Ramey

“With thee I wed…”

With luck, you’re marrying the perfect person — and with planning, you’re sending the perfect wedding invitation to the event.

Planning? For a wedding invitation? You bet.

Weddings are, rightfully, a big deal. So it’s no surprise that some modern twists have some wondering what details to include in the invitation. Should a gay couple do anything different for their wedding invitation? What about interfaith weddings? Destination weddings?

While a wedding invitation will always be a matter of personal taste, here are some elements you may want to include. Remember that there is common convention in wedding invitation wording, for example. Knowing the rules is the best way to break them.

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Credit: Van Wyhe Photography

Many couples dream of having their wedding in their backyard or garden. Although many of them prefer outdoor weddings at the park or conservation areas, nothing beats the backyard. However, there are many special concerns that brides need to deal with during the planning phase. The following are some tips for planning the perfect backyard or garden wedding reception.

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If you’re anything like most brides, you’ve seen enough cookie-cutter floral arrangements or square vases wrapped in banana leaves to make you roll your eyes. You’re way more creative than that! Planning and designing your unique and personal wedding is tough, but sticking to a budget doesn’t mean your décor has to be blah. Here are a few tricks that we’ve got up our sleeves to help inspire you the next time your bridesmaid shows you another boring bouquet.

Six DIY Wedding Flowers Trends for 2013 (6)

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Hands in love

Along with venue, catering and photography, the bride’s and groom’s rings can be some of the biggest single expenses for any wedding. While nobody wants to skimp on the quality of their wedding band, paying so much for something so small (despite its massive importance) can be tough to wrap one’s mind around. This is especially true of the groom’s band, which is generally purchased towards the end of the planning process, and often when expenses have tightened up considerably.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get your dream ring even if you’re on a shoestring budget. Here are three ways to save money on your wedding band – without looking like you spared a dime.

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Welcome to the flower school, a place where you will discover the secrets of flowers and where you will find tips and answers to your questions!

Most brides-to-be are faced with the question of how to find a florist they can trust, how to choose the most beautiful wedding flower bouquet, which flowers are available at that time of year etc. Before we answer all your questions, read the professional’s tips.

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