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WeddingLovely + Exposure = Love!

I’ve known some of the people behind for awhile now — perhaps you’ve seen some of their beautiful photo narratives that their product helps you create. Their product is particularly spectacular for wedding vendors showcasing weddings which feature their work.

For example, check out this amazing wedding shoot. But you can also use it for floral work, cakes, stationery, or other narratives as well!

I’ve managed to negotiate a discount for WeddingLovely vendors and engaged couples who’d like to use Exposure. Try Exposure for free for three posts, and if you’d like to upgrade to a paid plan, click here for 10% off a year plan (valid only for the first year, plans start at $49/year.)

Additionally, vendors on an upgraded WeddingLovely account can get an additional 5% off (so, 15% off) — send me an email for the link for the additional discount!

Not a WeddingLovely vendor yet? Basic accounts are free, and upgraded accounts are $270/year. Check out all the details here!

Hope you enjoy!


Note: this discount for Exposure was negotiated by yours truly, and was not sponsored by Exposure. :)

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Just Launched: Dashboards and Vendor Analytics!

Page Analytics for WeddingLovely Vendors

If you’re a vendor in WeddingLovely’s Vendor Network, we’ve just launched profile analytics for our upgraded members!

This was challenging because a vendor’s profile and search results doesn’t show up on just one site — it can show up on one of our dedicated directories, our general WeddingLovely Vendor Guide, as well as inside our wedding planning guide.

Vendor Dashboards on the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide

The new profile analytics graph can be found on the new vendor dashboard, which we’ve launched to make it easy for vendors to update their profile, add vendor recommendations, and more.

This feature is available to all our wedding vendors on our professional paid account, which costs a fraction of other vendor directories — $270/year or $25/month.

If you’re not a part of our vendor network, you can sign up for free here! If you’re a member, simply sign into your Vendor Guide account and you can upgrade from your new dashboard.

Any feedback, questions, or comments? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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WeddingLovely Blog Advertising Sale!

2014 Advertising Sale

New year, new prices! Due to our blog readership and social media follower increases, we’re raising the price of our blog advertising — but for a limited time only, we’ll offer ads and sponsored posts at our 2013 prices.

See our new media kit here, which contains our new prices. Sale prices are:

  • $240 for a sponsored post (now $300, you can provide the post or we’ll write one with your approval.)
  • $10/month small sidebar ad (now $15/month.)
  • $20/month medium sidebar ad (now $30/month.)
  • $50/month large sidebar ad (now $75/month.)

Interested in advertising on the WeddingLovely Blog? Contact us within 30 days to get the sale prices at [email protected]!

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New WeddingLovely Vendor Guide Feature: Vendor Pricing!

Pricing added to the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide

Engaged couples all know that finding vendors can be a tricky process (hey, that’s why we’re in the business!) We just launched a new feature to make a part of the process simpler — service vendors can now add approximate prices to their WeddingLovely vendor profiles.

For engaged couples, this means getting more up-front information about a vendor before taking the time to reach out. Emailing back and forth to find out that a vendor is higher than your price range can be a huge pain. Now you can know a vendor is approximately in your price range before getting a specific quote.

For service vendors (like photographers, planners, officiants, and others), adding your approximate prices will make sure that you’re spending the time with couples that match your price range. Vendors can receive more targeted leads, and spend less time explaining prices by having a baseline price upfront.

This is an optional feature for our service vendors, since we know that some would prefer to keep our current system of $, $$, and $$$. But for those that want to add their basic pricing, we have two options to add — base prices and add-on prices.

Build a quote on the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide

Base prices are like a package that couples can choose only one when configuring an approximate quote. Vendors can also add multiple add-on prices (for extras like adding extra shooting hours to a wedding), which couples can choose multiple on the configure quote page. Couples can then submit the approximate quote to the vendor and then get the actual price for their situation.

We’re working on a calendaring feature for vendors so prices can update per season — look for it in early to mid-2014. For vendors who have products (dresses, invitations, favors, etc), we’ll be launching a pricing system for you too soon!

Hope you enjoy our new feature!


-Tracy, founder

Big Announcement: The WeddingLovely Vendor Guide!

The WeddingLovely Vendor Guide

I’m so pleased to announce WeddingLovely’s latest launch — the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide, a comprehensive all-in-one wedding vendor directory listing all of our vendors from our specialized directories, and opening up support for every vendor type!

We love our specialized directories (like our first, WeddingInviteLove, and our most recent, WeddingMusicLove) but after launching eight separate specialized directories (whew!) it was time to launch our general all-in-one directory. Our specialized sites are still near and dear to our heart, but now we can support every wedding vendor, no matter what vertical!

Check out the WeddingLovely Vendor Guide here:

For vendors, all listings from our specialized directories are automatically reflected in the new site — no need to do anything else! Interested in joining our vendor network? Join here! (Basic accounts are free, and use VENDORGUIDELAUNCH as a coupon for 20% off for an upgraded account, which is normally $270 — coupon ends 12/31!)

I’m excited about growing the WeddingLovely network of vendors, and continuing to help engaged couples to find the perfect vendors near them. Please let me know what you think in the comments!


-Tracy, founder

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WeddingVenueLove now list venues from Estate Events!

estateEmma Estate on WeddingVenueLove

It’s fairly easy to find big hotels and properties that are venue weddings due to the size of their marketing budgets — but what if you wanted to book a private estate? Estate Events takes the pain out by working directly with the property owners and listing these amazing estates and private villas directly on their website — and now, on WeddingVenueLove, our wedding venue directory, as well!

Big thanks to Estate Events for the partnership — I’m so pleased to list such beautiful venues!

Head over to now to see all the beautiful new venues now.

Posted in Site Announcements by Tracy · Leave a comment, our wedding musician and DJ directory, has launched!

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 12.39.13 PM

The last in the recent launch trifecta, our wedding musician and DJ directory, is now live!

Just like the rest of our wedding vendor directories, WeddingMusicLove is dedicated to just one vendor category — musicians and DJs. Profiles are free (and will always be!) and we’re looking forward to listing the best wedding musician and DJs worldwide.

If you’re a wedding musician or DJ, we’d love to have you join us! Send in your application to join here.

I’d love your feedback! What do you think of the new site? What should we do next? ;)

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WeddingLovely now has 2000 vendors in our Vendor Network!


Wow, what a surprise to wake up to today! WeddingLovely now has 2,000 vendors in our vendor network — WeddingInviteLove, WeddingPlannerLove, WeddingPhotoLove, WeddingVenueLove, WeddingVideoLove, WeddingCakeLove, and WeddingFlowerLove (Phew!)

I’m so excited for the rest of the year and all the plans I have to grow the WeddingLovely Vendor Network even larger. Hint: I’m working on something so I don’t have to list out all the individual directories anymore! ;)

Thanks to everyone who has supported WeddingLovely!


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WeddingFlowerLove now includes The Chapel Designers!

Chapel Designers

Brides and grooms visiting can now see instantly who is a part of the premier florist designer group for wedding and events, The Chapel Designers, lead by Holly Chapple! More about the group from Holly’s website:

The Chapel Designers group is another miracle in Holly’s life and one of her favorite “babies.” As Holly was one of the first in her field to utilize social media as a part of her marketing strategy, she had the opportunity to develop close relationships with floral designers worldwide. These designers began to regularly seek out her advice, guidance and moral support. Based on Holly’s ability to deal with a really big family, nurturing and supporting these designers was a natural love for her. It was very clear to Holly that a network of like-minded floral industry professionals needed to be started earning her the name “Flower Mamma.”

Annually, The Chapel Designers gather in NYC to tour the flower markets, have creative & business workshops, and most importantly to collaborate and share new inspiration with each other. These relationships have become invaluable to each of the Chapel Designers as both strong industry relationships and close friendships have been born. Throughout the year the group stays connected through a forum that is built to support one another and the group has also committed to a new standard of excellence when it comes to expanding our horizons, and setting industry standards in wedding and event design.

Seeing the Chapel Designers badge on a florists profile is an instant badge of approval for that florist — you know you’re going to get amazing quality and workmanship.

Are you a florist and interested in joining Chapel Designers? Apply here!

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Announcement:, our wedding florist directory, has launched!


WeddingLovely’s wedding florist directory,, is now open to the public! WeddingFlowerLove is the newest addition to our directory collection of stationers, planners, photographers, videographers, venues, and (recently launched) wedding bakeries.

Do you know of an amazing florist that you’d recommend? Send them over to — I personally review all applications and would love to work with the best florists!

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