We’ve partnered with 77 Diamonds to showcase this awesome infographic about the ‘7 Cs’ you should know before buying your engagement ring (spoiler – the carat, color, clarity, cut, certification, contour and cost!) Sound like a lot to remember? This infographic will surely help:

Diamond buying guide infographic
An infographic brought to you by 77 Diamonds

Everything you need to know before making your engagement ring purchasing decision. But wait, we’re not done yet! Get her ring size by downloading this handy printable chart.

What do you think? What other tips should you know before buying an engagement ring? Let us know below in the comments!

We were passed this lovely guest post by Joshua Withers, hope it helps you lovely brides and grooms struggling to write your vows! Take it away, Joshua:

I could never wear other people’s underwear. Whether it was borrowing from a friend or buying secondhand underwear from an op-shop, it’s just not my game. Underwear is private, personal, up-close, raw, real clothing. When I stood in front of Britt and our favourite humans to celebrate our marriage, I felt the same way about our vows.

I don’t wear other people’s underwear and I don’t exchange other people’s vows – it’s my marriage after all. When I come to that finite point of marriage, the point where I stop being a boyfriend and start being a husband, that’s a real moment that needs real words.

So I sat down and typed a thousand things that I wanted to say to Britt and eventually came to a place where I had my own personal vows.

If you’d like to create vows that wow, here are some starter tips:

  1. Write vows that are actually true. Don’t make a vow that doesn’t mean something to you.
  2. Write vows in your own language, in words that you would normally use.
  3. Make them as short or as long as they need to be. I love the old saying about the world’s most powerful prayer being “help”. Your vows can be one word if that word is true and real for you. But if it has to be an essay, let it be.
  4. Make your partner feel valued in your vows.
  5. Finally, your vows aren’t for the crowd, they’re for your partner. So if the crowd enjoys them, that’s lovely, but you’re not writing them for the crowd.

I’ve got a lot more to say about the matter, so grab a coffee and watch this Live Google Hangout I did on the subject :)

Thanks Joshua! For more information about Joshua Withers Wedding Celebrant, please visit his WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to his website.

Do you have any questions or comments for Josh? Add them to the comments below!



12 Of The Most Creative Wedding Invitations Ever (1)


Sarah works as a wedding planner in the UK, but also has an avid interest in graphic design. She absolutely loves weddings, and is looking forward to her own wedding (although she’s still looking for Mr. Right).

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a wedding: you’ve got to arrange the location, venue, catering, transportation, and most importantly, the wedding dress (seriously, guys, don’t forget this one!).

It’s quite easy to get carried away with the big things (there’s certainly a lot of them), and often, some of the smaller details simply don’t get the attention they deserve because of this.

Your wedding invitations almost always fall victim to this problem, which is a shame, as there’s some super-creative stuff you can do with them; it just requires a bit of effort.

I’ve seen a tonne of creative wedding invitations in my time (yep, I’m the sad person who spends hours browsing through them on Pinterest!), so I thought I’d round up some of my all-time favourites below for you need a printing company to have them made we recommend fastprint for invitations.

I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did!

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5 Wedding Vow Writing Tips for Men (2)

Photo Credit: Brides

Today’s guest post comes to us from Steven Briggs of The Alpha Groom. Steven is a freelance writer and filmmaker living in Boston, MA. He’s written many stories, scripts and essays about the nature of love and how it’s changed in society today. Enjoy!

Writing your wedding vows is the perfect way to tell your fiancé exactly how you feel on your big day. You can be unique and surprising with your words without falling into clichés. After all, every relationship is different and comes with its own story. You can surprise your guests, get creative and break out of the mold by saying something thoughtful and insightful. It’s a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. If you’re up to the challenge, take a look at our wedding vow writing tips for men.

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Engagement ring


Yellow diamond rings
photo credit: Leibish

With the advent of the internet, shopping has become so much easier — no need to leave your couch to purchase your groceries from Amazon or buy shoes from Zappos.

Here at WeddingLovely, we’re huge fans of the internet and how much easier it has made our lives (which is why we do what we do!) But there has always been one category that seems the most scary to trust a website for, as it’s one of the biggest and longest lasting purchases for your wedding: your wedding rings.

Modern jewelry and diamond websites has improved in quality, trustworthiness, and experience. Thinking of buying your engagement or wedding rings online? We’ve partnered with Leibish & Co. with to provide a few reasons why you should:

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Your Ceremony (5)Photo Credit: Sarah Day Boodhoo Photography

Today’s guest post comes to us from Reverend Jack Cuffari of Ring, Candle, & Knot. Jack is an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister and Marriage Equality activist. Since 2005 he has married dozens of couples of all beliefs and combinations thereof. Jack is active in ministry at the First Congregational Church of Montclair, NJ, Here he offers a few helpful tips to consider before your wedding ceremony:

As someone who marries couples for a living, my perspective is unique, and from what my couples tell me, invaluable. Here are some important things to consider as you plan your wedding ceremony.

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Choosing the Right Photographer for You (1)

Photo Credit: Rich Burkhart

Today’s guest post comes to us from Jillian Smith, the Owner and Principal Wedding & Event Planner of OneTouch Events based in Atlanta, GA. Jillian’s “Keep It Simple Suga” method for assisting her Couples with planning & design is enhanced by an elite partnership with wedding professionals that make the execution of the most elaborate events look easy-peasy. Enjoy!

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Officiant (5)Photo Credit: Moose Studio

This helpful guest post comes to us from wedding photographer Michaela Ammirato of Moose Studio based in Los Angeles, CA. This article comes from Michaela’s first hand experience helping her mom find an officiant for her upcoming wedding.

Choosing the right wedding officiant for you can often get over looked during your wedding planning, but it is an important detail not to forget. The wedding officiant you choose will not only have a huge influence on the tone of the ceremony, but act as a communicator of your style and belief system. So how do you find a wedding officiant that suits both you and your fiancé?

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Which Catering Option is Right For You?

Today’s guest post comes to us from Stephanie of EventSource. Stephanie uses her passion for photography, event design and wedding planning as a writer for EventSource. When she’s not exploring the world of events, she spends her time having adventures with her husband and baby boy.

Every catered wedding has different requirements based on needs, wants and desires. That’s why it’s important for you to first sit down with your spouse to be and families involved to discuss the specifics of your big day before you hire your wedding caterer. Knowing the specifics will not only help your caterer determine the cost to you for their services but will also help you budget for your big day. The best part is that it’s YOUR party. Throw it as you please!

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How to Write a Best Man Speech (1)Photo Credit: Flickr

Today’s helpful guest post about how to write a best man speech comes to us from David Leonhardt. David runs The Happy Guy Marketing, which is a team of ghostwriters who write books, blogs, press releases, screenplays, articles, reports…and of course, wedding speeches! Enjoy:

While the bride and her entourage are busy with dresses and flowers and food and venues, the Best Man is often left wondering what he is supposed to do. He knows he’s supposed to make a speech, but what should he say? No problem. Every year I rescue a few Best Men who need help with their speeches. Best man speeches are among my favorite writing projects, and I have a few tips to help you write yours.

First, make it personal. It should be heartfelt. It should speak to the groom and his bride. You should truly own your Best Man speech. One of the reasons so many nervous Best Men turn to us to ghostwrite their speeches is because they don’t want to just copy a canned speech full of one-liners they find floating around Cyberspace.

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