Ceremony Music: Live musicians, DJ or DIY?Photo Credit: Roger Kirby

Today we have a helpful guest post from wedding musician Willine Thoe. Based in Boston, MA, Willine is the founder of Blissful Sounds, specializing in providing the highest quality of live music in classical settings for weddings and functions. She is also an active performer and can be seen performing in the New England area.

When done properly, music at the wedding ceremony ties all the elements – the venue, the floral arrangement, the decor, the beautiful wedding dress, the amazing people – together. Need a little help deciding how you want to do it? Below is a comparison of the pros and cons of the three main options: hiring live musicians, a DJ, and DIY using ipod or laptop.

Hiring Professional, Live Classical Musicians


  • It’s live music! Having live music adds a unique touch of elegance and romance that pre-recorded music simply cannot achieve.
  • The performance is unique to your wedding. Every musician is an artist – even though they may have played the same music numerous times, each interpretation and performance is different. Good musicians are always inspired by the particular mood, ambiance and the uniqueness of individual weddings, which affects the way the music is performed.
  • Experienced musicians will be able to alter the length and tempo of the selected music, so that it is timed perfectly for each part of the processional.


  • Although the majority of music can be arranged into a classical music setting, some music, such as disco music, simply will not work.
  • The cost is proportional to the number of people hired – if you are looking for a fuller sound, you will need to hire more musicians.

Hiring a Professional DJ


  • Since the music used was pre-recorded, you know exactly how it is going to sound, down to the tempo and arrangement.
  • A DJ can often provide microphones for the officiant that is integrated to the PA systsem, everyone will be able to hear the officiant better.


  • Since pre-recorded music is used, music cannot be adjusted on the spot to adapt to any surprises that might happen on the aisle.
  • Potential, unexpected technical difficulties with the equipment, whether it be equipment failure (though good DJs always have backup!) or other external reasons.



  • Potentially the cheapest option
  • Just like hiring a DJ, who uses pre-recorded music, you know exactly how the music is going to sound because it is pre-recorded.

Cons, in addition to those listed under “Hiring a professional DJ”:

  • Depending on the venue, you may have to rent your own PA equipment, which adds to the cost.
  • You may have to delegate a guest to push the button if no one else can. As a result, the guest does not get to enjoy your wedding in its entirety.
  • You need to acquire the music and sometimes the music or arrangement you have in mind is hard to find!

No matter what you choose, remember to enjoy the process – you are one step closer in making your dream wedding come true!

Thank you Willine! For more information about Blissful Sounds, visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide Profile or head straight to their website.

Will you hire a pro to handle you ceremony music or will you DIY? Let us know in the comments below!