These invitations from Concertina Press are absolutely gorgeous. The colors and the natural beauty of the sea creatures on her stationery make for truly unique wedding stationery. Enjoy!

My Cuttlefish invitation was the second invite I ever designed, right after my nautical compass invitation – I thought it was pretty daring – would other people like it as much as I did? My mom said “ick! who would want a SQUID on their wedding invitations?” (Moms! Gotta love ’em) but I’m happy to report it’s been one of my most popular invitations!

Concertina Press WeddingInviteLove

The illustration is a 16th century Dutch biological illustration. I first became interested in old biological illustrations when I worked at the MBL/WHOI (Marine Biological Lab/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) library for a summer and I got to see all of the gorgeous original drawings from centuries past. It’s really too bad that most illustration nowadays is done with photography, because I loved looking through the old scientific journals with their detailed drawings. Because they’re so old, they’re now in the public domain, so I scan the old plates and use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create my invitations (You can see an example of an original plate here).

Concertina Press WeddingInviteLove

 I live in an oceanside community in Cape Cod, so there are plenty of beach weddings, but not a lot of variation when it comes to style of invitation (at least in my opinion) so I wanted to humbly contribute my own brand of nautical wedding invitations for the seaside bride who is a little more unconventional. Sure enough it seems as though a good portion of my wedding customers are marine biologists!

Concertina Press WeddingInviteLove

You can read more about Concertina Press and see more of her invites on Wedding Invite Love, or visit her Facebook page, Blog or Vintage Nautical Wedding Pinterest Board!


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