We’re super excited about today’s interview, it’s our very first calligrapher to take the stage on the WeddingLovely blog. Lynda is the talent behind WeddingInviteLove’s Write Away For You.Thank you Lynda and she gave us a fabulous first interview.
Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

1. Tell us about your company and how you got started.

My company is a hand-inscribed calligraphy service that focuses primarily on envelope addressing, table and place cards, table numbers and small signs for weddings and events.  I can also help with addressing etiquette questions.   I serve nationwide.

I received a calligraphy starter kit as a gift when I was a child, and later took a calligraphy class at a community college in Boston, Massachusetts.  There were 20 students in the class on the first day, however, only 3 on the last day of class. Learning calligraphy is all about repetitive practice, which isn’t for everyone.  I’ve had many jobs thru the years, adding calligraphy in with them as a part time business in 1986. In 2006 I dove in full time as my creative, efficient, organized and detail oriented nature kept calling me to do this, it just seemed a good fit as these are characteristics vital to this profession.

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Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

2. Other than invitations, envelopes and place cards, what else have you hand lettered?

I have hand lettered monograms, certificates, menus, and tags. I have also hand lettered on rocks. A customer that was a landscaping contractor had an event and chose to use rocks in place of table cards, they were placed on a patch of grass at the reception hall. I also have written on Christmas ornaments, wood, glass, metal and shoe bottoms. My writing has also been seen in lights reflected on a dance floor!

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

3. What is your favorite paper color and ink combination?

I love pearlized paper with black ink. The black looks like velvet on it, very striking. Black is always a classic, classy choice that goes with anything. But I do have to add that colored ink really does add to the beauty of lettering. Sometimes a shade lighter or darker can complement nicely, it doesn’t always have to match any other part of the invitation exactly.

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

4. What makes you different from other calligraphers?

Some calligraphers are part time or hobbyists. Write Away For You is my full time business. I am able to give my undivided attention to each job.

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

5. How much time should a couple reserve for calligraphy?

They should mail their invitations out 6-8 weeks before the event date, therefore I like to begin 3 months before the event to give ample time to get the job done and shipped back for them to stuff, seal and mail.

6. What tips or advice can you give to couples who are considering hiring a calligrapher?

Please do consider a calligrapher. What makes hiring a calligrapher a worthwhile investment is that it takes over a time consuming project in your event planning while tastefully completing the invitation suite. Seeing beautiful writing on an envelope in the mailbox captures attention, creating excitement and setting the tone for your day.

You want to hire a calligrapher that has a lot of samples to show they’re capable of working on your fine stationery pieces. It’s good to have different writing styles to choose from so that you can express your personality. I like to keep pricing simple so I can focus more on the job at hand.  Some calligraphers have a lot of extra charges, know your budget and find one that can work with yours.

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

7. What styles of calligraphy do you offer?

Right now there are 20 different styles on my website. No style can be mastered over night, but if  there’s a style not on my list that someone is looking for and I’m given a sample of the whole alphabet, I can come close, which is how my style list keeps growing.  I also have a writing style that I created myself called Cadence, it is exclusive to Write Away For You.

8. What is your favorite font?

I’d have to say Cavalier, I like that it’s very legible. It has just the right amount of fancy for me, with a slight contemporary edge, which is how I see my style.

Write Away For You WeddingInviteLove

10. Tell us about your favorite job so far.

The one I’m working on now which is a collaboration with another artist who makes butterfly table cards, menu cards and table number signs. Each butterfly is adorned with Swarovski crystals.

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