Today’s wedding DJ interview is with Crichton of The Perfect Wedding DJs based in Honolulu, HI! Enjoy:

Tell us about yourself and how you started.

My name is Crichton Uale and I am from Honolulu, Hawaii.  My brother, Travis, and I are The Perfect Wedding DJs.  We provide DJ and MC services as well as live music. I got started in 2001 when two friends and I decided to teach ourselves how to DJ.  We bought some equipment together, started taking gigs and shortly thereafter, I brought my brother on board.

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What do you love about being a DJ?

I love seeing people enjoy themselves.  Entertaining others is a passion of mine so I really get a buzz out of helping people to have a good time. I’m also crazy about music.  I love being in charge of what music gets played.

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What makes you different from other DJs?

Besides being a DJ, I am an MC, a musician, a singer, a rapper, an actor, a comedian, a quad linguist, a motivational speaker, and a people person.  I use elements from all of these areas to be a well-rounded and versatile DJ.

Every client, every couple, every wedding and event are all unique and special.  In order to personalize and meet the needs of all the different kinds of events and clients, I need to be able to observe, recognize, improvise and then employ distinct and specific tactics, adjust my timing, use the right music libraries, keep pace, vary my approaches, and so forth.

What’s the most unique wedding you’ve ever DJ’d for?

We were flown to San Diego for a destination DJ wedding of a Polynesian groom and Mexican bride.  There were guests from all over the nation as well as from many different countries.  Not only did we have to play a very wide array of cultural songs but I needed to MC in English, Samoan and Spanish.

Photo Credit: Jaque Lynn Photography

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of my job has been the marketing and advertising side of business.  I came in knowing nothing about it and have learned a lot of things the hard way.  Thankfully I found a few different companies and experts that have me feeling like I might be headed in the right direction.

What’s your favorite song? Your least favorite song?

I believe most people are like me in the way that I have many favorite songs.  It really depends on what mood I’m in and what emotions I’m wanting to feel.  Most of my favorite songs are deeper cuts that I almost never get to play as a DJ.  A few that come to mind are:

“So Special” by Dru Hill
“I Don’t Wanna Waste” by Ben L’Oncle Soul
“Anotha BBQ” by People Under The Stairs
“Double Trouble” by The Roots ft Mos Def
“I’m The One” by Finn The Groovah
“Be Your Man” by Na Drua

I don’t know what my least favorite song is but it would probably be a song that completely stole its melody and overall essence from a previous hit record, and now boasts sub par musicality.  I guess that would cover most of J-Lo’s discography.

Photo Credit: Jaque Lynn Photography

Do you have any advice for wedding DJs just starting out?

For any wedding DJ just starting out, my best advice is: Learn your client’s wedding vision and do everything you can to make it a reality.  When I first started out I thought every gig was my chance to shine.  I quickly learned that, at a wedding, all guests and vendors are there to honor the happy couple.  No one cares how well you can scratch or how profound your knowledge of obscure songs and artists are, your job is to use your talents to make the couple’s wedding dreams come true.

Photo Credit: Jaque Lynn Photography

What are some things couples should look for when looking for a DJ?

A couple should look for a DJ who embodies the kind of event they are looking for.  If you are wanting a fun, non-traditional, backyard-party-type of wedding, you’ll want your first impression of a DJ to be a fun, non-traditional kind of guy or girl when you first meet up with him/her. However, if you are looking to throw an elegant, classy, traditional wedding, then expect to meet with a DJ who is dressed nicely and carries himself/herself well.

Also, make sure your DJ is a good communicator.  Emails, texts or calls should be responded to promptly. Failure to do so could be a major red flag. More than anything, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want your wedding to be, and that your DJ, and all other vendors, buy into your vision.  If the DJ is trying to make you fit his/her mold, bail immediately.

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