Hey ladies, have you ever considered not just the dress, but what goes under? Especially if you have a backless or strapless silhouette — you want to make sure you’re supported as well as making sure your lingerie is hidden (at least until the wedding night, wink.)

Check out this infographic from Herroom.com with some great tips to find the best lingerie for your dress!

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Lingerie - Infographic
Find your perfect bridal lingerie at Herroom.

  • Leah

    Great post! It’s terribly difficult to find your perfect wedding lingerie, almost as tough as finding the right dress! My wedding dress was an A-line style and I was originally going to go with a basque, I though this would be the best plus size bridal underwear for my shape; but when I tried it on with my dress it just didn’t work at all! I ended up going with the comfort option – just like you suggest!