Today’s guest post comes to us from Jessica Talbot of Z Event Company, based in New Orleans, LA! Enjoy:

Is there a difference between an independent wedding planner and an on-site venue coordinator? I’ve been asked this question time and again by brides, grooms and even by the many professionals who provide services and goods for weddings. And the answer is simply, “No, a wedding planner and an on-site venue coordinator are not the same at all!”

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Venue Coordinator’s Responsibilities

The venue coordinators are there for the venue – that is whom they work for and whom they represent. I love working with venue coordinators, and they have been very helpful to ME as a wedding planner, but they will only handle so much come the day of your wedding. Venue coordinators don’t create the minute-by-minute timeline of your wedding day, they don’t design or decorate the event space, and they especially won’t be catering to your every wedding need. Their primary focus is executing the set up of tables and chairs for your wedding and reception (no décor elements), making sure the food is going out hot and on time, and breaking down at the end of the event. It is not uncommon for the venue coordinator to leave after meals are served and/or the cake is cut, because essentially their job is done. They no longer have to coordinate food service and their staff is more than capable of breaking down after the reception ends. The venue coordinator’s responsibilities end here.

Wedding Planner’s Responsibilities

Just as the venue coordinator is there for the venue, the wedding planner is there for the bride and groom, and their every need. From the initial stages of planning to the day after your wedding, and ensuring that all loose ends are tied, we are there every step of the way checking in on you and your fiancé. Think of us as your “go to” even when dealing with the venue coordinator. It is the wedding planners who negotiate contracts, create your floor plan, schedule rental and vendor deliveries and confirm with all vendors and parties involved in your big day. We serve as a mediator not only between vendors but also between your families and friends. Working in this industry for over 20 years, we’ve seen our fare share of situations that can become quite stressful for engaged couples and their families. . A savvy coordinator will use their expertise to navigate around these bumpy spots so your walk down the aisle will be a smooth one. And remember, they are also the first line of defense in case anyone attempts to hijack your wedding! For us wedding planners, the goal is simple: make the wedding planning process enjoyable, stress-free and memorable!

In several words, the wedding planner will be devoted to you and your wedding, and that is something a venue coordinator simply cannot provide. As wedding planners, we typically book one wedding per weekend so that our bride and groom can be our one and only focus. A venue coordinator often has multiple weddings and events on the same day, or even at the same time. So, if you are a bride or groom that craves the peace of mind of knowing that someone is coordinating all of your wedding details and dreams, then a wedding planner is the right fit for you!

Jessica Talbot, a local New Orleanian, joined the Z Event Company team in the fall of 2013 with a passion for people and events. Assisting with weddings, fundraisers and social events, she has become an integral part of the team and Z Event family. Jessica has strong communication skills, is an excellent multi-tasker, and is very organized. Not only is she detail oriented, but she is passionate about customer service and building relationships with both our clients and vendors. Jessica is a valuable team member and works hard to ensure that all of our clients are a guest at their own party! For more information about Z Event Company, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.