Julia’s Getting Married: Wedding Planning Adventure Begins

It’s been nearly 4 months since Luis and I got engaged.

The time has really flown by, and since Luis was teaching this summer and preparing to finish his dissertation and I have been so heads down building awesome features for WeddingLovely, I have to admit (somewhat embarrassingly) that we haven’t done much wedding planning.

We have decided two things: it will be next summer, 2013, and it will be in California. Details: TBD.

And we did do a fabulous engagement shoot with Josh Gruetzmacher — if you haven’t seen the photos and our behind the scenes of an engagement shoot blog post, I encourage you to check them out!

Engagement photos arrived in the mail from Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

Luis and I were so excited when all the photos from Josh came in the mail! He printed all of them for us so could see how they looked in real life, instead of just on the computer.

However, our lack of planning is slowly contributing to more family inquisitiveness. My parents have started sending me wedding invitations that they have received, and they have written out what they like and/or don’t like about them. My sister text-messaged me last week to ask if I was changing my name (I’m not).

The engagement shoot briefly satisfied my parents that we were making progress, and Luis was happy that his parents could finally have a better photo to put up in their home on the wall with the rest of the family (the previous photo they hung up after we announced we were engaged we were both wearing Pajamas and Luis had horrible bed head and looked like Egon from Ghostbusters.)

Photo from Julia and Luis' Engagement Photo shoot

One of my favorites from the engagement photo shoot. Luis hair looks fabulous and under control :)

But, alas, another month went by with no progress and I recently got a rude awakening that we need to start seriously planning. This happened when: (1) My hairdresser reminded me that her availability for next summer is quickly filling up, and (2) a close friend who got engaged after me already has her venue booked and her save-the-date cards in the mail! Then, (3) a cousin of mine who also lives in California got engaged and my parents emailed me asking us to coordinate so that we wouldn’t get married on the same weekend.

This all made me realize that if we don’t get this process rolling, then all the venues and dates might be gone, and I’ll be coordinating with more and more people in my family as more cousins get engaged (I have many, many cousins).

So, of course, I’ve been using WeddingLovely and our first task was to determine our wedding style. I used the quick links to sort out where we fit in. We’re definitely a “casual” pair but we’ll see if we slowly creep into formal…(casual is more “budget friendly” than formal). I would also describe us as wanting a “Garden Style” wedding. Next up we will start tackling the budget. Speaking of which, have you seen the sample budget breakdown in WeddingLovely? It’s fabulous and very useful! Once we’re done with that we’ll get a venue booked…(baby steps, baby steps).

We’ve decided to spend a few hours every weekend on wedding planning, so I promise more exciting details to come!

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  1. Marit says:

    Yay!!! Happy planning, I know a stationer who’d LOVE to do your paper. :)

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