Viva Glam Tablescape (6)

Viva Glam Tablescape (6)

This unabashedly glamorous tablescape come to us from Renée Hollingshead Photography based in Baltimore, MD! Here’s more about the inspiration behind the shoot and the talented team that pulled it all together:

When wedding planner, Hana Pugh, came up with the concept for this inspiration shoot, she had a vision of a swanky dinner party hosted by a chic couple. The dinner would take place immediately after their evening wedding ceremony. She loves the combination of glitzy sequins and lush feathers, but she knew that a stylish couple would want a design that sets them apart from the standard feathered centerpieces.

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Stylish and Quirky Las Vegas Wedding (26)

Stylish and Quirky Las Vegas Wedding (1)

Today’s real wedding, brought to us by wedding stationer Michael Coxen of Paper and Home is the perfect blend quirkiness and refinement! Here’s more about the wedding from Rissa of Scheme Events:

It never ceases to amaze me how each and every Springs Preserve wedding has its own style, point of view and makes the venue shine in a completely new way! Sara & Keaton hosted their friends and family on a beautiful May evening at Springs Preserve and gave it their own spin. The day was filled with memorable moments, from their best friend officiating one of the most impressive wedding ceremonies we’ve witnessed, to having Sara’s brother send a video toast from thousands of miles away. To know Sara and Keaton in a day-to-day setting is only to know a portion of who they really are. Get to know them on a dance floor and the party really gets started!

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Summer Colorado Mountain Wedding (5)

Summer Colorado Mountain Wedding (12)

This stunning mountain wedding comes to us from Christina Kiffney Photography based in Boulder, Colorado! Here’s Christina to tell us more:

Darren and Devin met during college at Colorado State and dated for 6 years before getting married. They got engaged while sitting on the balcony of the gorgeous Brodmoor hotel. Self-described as easy going homebodies, they wanted to create a wedding atmosphere that was cozy, comfortable, and celebratory of their beautiful home state, Colorado. They couldn’t have been happier with the simple and joyous day they had, and they continued their non-traditional celebration with a honeymoon to England and Ireland.

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Meet a Wedding Photographer in Indianapolis, IN: Traci and Troy (2)

Meet a Wedding Photographer in Indianapolis, IN: Traci and Troy (1)

Today’s wedding photographer interview is with the dynamic sister and brother duo Traci and Troy based in Indianapolis, IN. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

Troy and I are a sibling photography team based in a small Indiana town. For twelve years we lived in different states. We met our spouses, started families, and pursued other careers. We shared a love for photography and always questioned “what if?” “What if” we lived in the same town? “What if” we joined forces? Our “what ifs” became a reality in 2012 when Troy joined Traci’s business. I operate as the principal photographer on the wedding day. I’m a big multi-tasker—posing, talking, keeping track of the wedding schedule etc. Troy is our secret weapon. He’s steady, easy going, and goes with the flow. He likes to get in his creative zone and constantly searches for a different perspective. We’re different people with different strengths, but working together is something we’ve done all our lives. We love what we do!

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Colorful Springtime Engagement Styled Shoot (3)

Colorful Springtime Engagement Styled Shoot (3)Photo credit: Edward Lai Photography

Am I the only one who did not know that April was National Couple Appreciation Month? I’ve honestly never heard of this observation before! Shame on me… since I do kind of work in the wedding industry. Hah! According to Examiner, it was founded by Blissful Escapes “to encourage couples to do something special to re-enforce and celebrate their relationship.”

Totally missed that one… but hey, let’s check out a few of our lovely couples and the amazing vendors that support them in our best in weddings, April edition. :)

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Interview Highlights

Meet a Wedding Photographer in Atlanta, GA: Katie Snyder Photography (10)

Meet a Wedding Photographer in Atlanta, GA: Katie Snyder Photography

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are looking to hire a photographer to cover their big day?

Hands down – ask to see an entire wedding they’ve shot. It’s sooooo easy to make a nice website with decent photos these days. Make sure they have shot several weddings – without doing that, there are going to be lots of moments they won’t be prepared for. Make sure they have experience in the same lighting situations that you are planning. Make sure they have professional gear and professional backup gear. And make sure their second photographer is experienced as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. This is an investment in your first official family heirloom – it’s important! :)

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Meet a Wedding Photographer in Toronto, ON: Kelvin Young Photography (10)

Meet a Wedding Photographer in Toronto, ON: Kelvin Young Photography

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding photographers just getting started?

The biggest advice I give and the number one thing I look for when hiring and expanding my team is learn and strive to take every photo with accurate exposure. With the rise of digital photography and the ease of use of the latest post processing software, many newer photographers tend to have a mentality of shoot now, fix later. RAW files allow a huge magnitude of flexibility for recovering blown highlights, bringing back detail in the shadows and more, but nothing beats simply nailing the correct exposure in camera. Not only does it yield the best image quality possible, it also saves you a ton of time in post production trying to fix things.

I aim for always exposing within 1/3rd of a stop, allowing me to breeze through post production with minimal time spent trying different sliders to fix an image that is poorly exposed. I believe technical skills should be the first thing a new photographer should master before working on creativity and posing. A photographer can be the most creative photographer and know the best angles for every situation, but if their photos are technically subpar, then it will reflect in their work. Don’t be lazy and get it right in camera, even if it takes a bit longer during your photo shoot. You’ll save more time in post production!

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Meet a Wedding Photographer in Madison, GA: Brandy Angel Photography (7)

Meet a Wedding Photographer in Madison, GA: Brandy Angel Photography

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

I have always loved photography. I mean LOVED it. When I was 10 years old, I would dress up my nieces and nephews (who were closer in age to me than my siblings), throw up a backdrop and take pictures. There was nothing more fun than playing photographer. I can fondly recall every camera I have ever received and can sit and look over photographs for hours on end. My dream was to grow up and be a national geographic photographer.

I ended up being a surgical technologist for 10 years and loved every minute of it. Helping people in their time of need was a wonderful thing for me. However, when I had my daughters I stayed home and rekindled my deep love for photography. I bought my first digital camera and with my friends, taught myself how to use it. From that, Brandy Angel Photography has evolved. Not only have I been able to capture incredible moments for brides and grooms but also continue to help people in their time of need with my own non profit origination, Be the Change, Brandy Angel Foundation. I could not be more blessed and happier with where I am today.

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Feature Highlights

Black and White Striped Gift Box Wedding Invitation by Tangé Design (Costa Mesa, CA)

Black and White Striped Gift Box Wedding Invitation by Tangé Design (Costa Mesa, CA)

With an upcoming wedding in New Jersey, the bride-to-be Melissa came to us with the idea of having a box style wedding invitation that resembled a gift. To convey her color theme of black and white, we chose a bold vertical stripe design. When guests open the fluffy silk peony topped box, they unfold a dramatic long accordion fold invitation, with type set in modern sans serif type and romantic script. Details of shimmer ivory paper, couple’s nameplate highlighted with a tiny rhinestone, and delicate dotted thick black ribbon tie the invitation together into a really elegant and lovely package.

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Superhero Themed Wedding Video by Best Men Films (Gold Coast, Australia)

Superhero Themed Wedding Video by Best Men Films (Gold Coast, Australia)

When we first met Amy & Matt, we were surprised about their affinity for gaming, and that this was going to be a theme for the event. It’s not often that you get so excited to shoot a wedding over a year before its date, but as we are gamers at heart too, this one was going to be special. A young couple with a plan to have their wedding the way they wanted it, not the uniformed nuptials we are used to seeing. Batman accessories adorned the styling of this wedding. Batman shoes, batman cufflinks, batman bouquet, batman belt, batman everything. They had their own unique take on a classic wedding that gave us free reign to get creative.

We sat down together in the edit and thought “how can we make this different to any other wedding video we’ve seen?”. To suit the theme, we came to the conclusion that a 90’s video game opener was the only solution! Creating the introduction to this video was a time consuming, but extremely fun production. First we used Photoshop to create the elements in pixelated form, then we transfered this over to After Effects to do the animations. The church is an actual image of the venue where they had their ceremony, even the characters are designed with what they were wearing on the day. It turned out to be a nostalgic start to a beautiful wedding video, thanks to an amazing young couple, deeply in love.

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Nautical Wedding Invitation Suite by Laura Macchia (Montpelier, VT)

Nautical Wedding Invitation Suite by Laura Macchia (Montpelier, VT)

Nolie and Greg were married on Martha’s Vineyard and the​y wanted the seaside reflected in their wedding invitations. We started with a​ custom​ illustration of the Edgartown lighthouse as the focal point and​ then incorporated some iconic nautical motifs into the other pieces. The double-sided weekend events postcard was a fun addition, as it features a monogrammed map of the Vineyard. ​I also helped the couple with their day-of stationery, which included a beautiful ceremony program, featuring a custom illustration of the historic Federated Church. ​The classic navy and white color palette, 220lb double-thick cotton paper and bold design elements, give this suite both a touch of modern charm and traditional New England elegance. The suite was letterpress printed by May Day Studio.

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Wedding Inspiration Highlights

We’ve been fortunate to have so many amazing real wedding, engagement and styled shoot submissions this month. It’s honestly been impossible to narrow it down to our top three, so we’re giving you our top five. Enjoy!

Retro Style County Fair Wedding Fun

Retro Style County Fair Wedding Fun by Laura Segall Photography (Chandler, AZ)

I had been looking forward to Rhonda and Dereck’s wedding for over a year, ever since Rhonda told me about her ambitious wedding ideas. The planning and coordination for this day had been in the works for well over two years. Rhonda and Dereck were married on the last day of the Arizona State Fair in early November. The day, the unique details and the overall style and aesthetic were everything I had imagined and hoped for and more. The day was filled to the brim with color and joyful emotion.

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An Intimate Hawaiian Destination Wedding (11)

An Intimate Hawaiian Destination Wedding by Elusive Visions Photography (Honolulu, HI)

I can honestly say that I have loved each and every wedding that I have had the pleasure of photographing. I consider myself extremely lucky to be working in paradise doing what I love, but once in a while I shoot a wedding that sets a whole new standard for me. It might be that I just fell in love with the couple during their session, it might be the location, but I think the most important factor which contributes to a successful shoot is a couple that isn’t afraid to go out of their way, to do something different, something that reflects them!

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Rocky Mountain Wedding With Handmade Details (7)

Rocky Mountain Wedding with Handmande Details by Third Eye Photography (Crested Butte, CO)

Soaring through the air, Bernida looked down and saw WILL YOU MARRY ME? written on the ground. Nearby, where she would land, Adam knelt on one knee waiting for her answer. Avid hikers, boaters, bikers and nature-lovers, Bernida and Adam knew they wanted a mountain wedding to start their life-long journey together. Living in Denver, they often escaped to the beautiful mountain town of Crested Butte to enjoy the outdoors. Bernida and Adam got married on Crested Butte Mountain overlooking the Paradise Divide Mountain Range.

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Boho Steampunk Styled Shoot

Boho Steampunk Styled Shoot by Reverend Tan (Northern California)

Our vendor team married bohemian with steampunk themes with twin sister brides and matching bridesmaids at a rustic ranch! Sophisticated, ethereal, Victorian, romantic and homespun, all in one. Utilizing the venue’s crane, grain storage tin, intimate cantina, and secret little nooks, our two brides and bridesmaids explored the ranch! A lovely horse from next door came to visit us for the day.

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Goth-Glam Styled Shoot (6)

Goth Glam Styled Shoot by After The Engagement (San Diego, CA)

We wanted to illustrate a more offbeat wedding design with this shoot, something a little darker and more goth-glam. For example, the arch was draped in black vs the traditional white chiffon. My most favorite detail was the double-sided cake, which I dreamed would show one half of the room one cake, and the other half of the room an entirely different cake. It was also super fun to take some couples’ portraits in the pool after the “wedding”.

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Congratulations and thank YOU for being a part of the WeddingLovely community!
-Jani and the WeddingLovely team

Josh and Jerad's Posh Winter Wedding (5)

Josh and Jerad's Posh Winter Wedding (6)

This elegant and cozy winter wedding comes to us from Alliey of Sash & Bow based in Chicago, IL. Enjoy!

Josh and Jerad had been dating for 9 years. In the fall of 2014 they decided that January 8, 2015 was going to be their wedding day as that was their anniversary! Quick planning was in order to pull off a wedding within 2 months, however, with all their closest friends and themselves as wedding professionals it was doable :-) The couple wanted to create something amazing that they haven’t been able to do at other weddings – they own buds n bloom design studio. They decided on having a small, intimate winter scene with a lot of candle light, warmth, bling and blooms! The result was breathtaking – guests were indulged in amazing food, picturesque decor and flowers and the love of two amazing men.

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Engagement ring


Yellow diamond rings
photo credit: Leibish

With the advent of the internet, shopping has become so much easier — no need to leave your couch to purchase your groceries from Amazon or buy shoes from Zappos.

Here at WeddingLovely, we’re huge fans of the internet and how much easier it has made our lives (which is why we do what we do!) But there has always been one category that seems the most scary to trust a website for, as it’s one of the biggest and longest lasting purchases for your wedding: your wedding rings.

Modern jewelry and diamond websites has improved in quality, trustworthiness, and experience. Thinking of buying your engagement or wedding rings online? We’ve partnered with Leibish & Co. with to provide a few reasons why you should:

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Vibrant Summer Wedding in Alberta, Canada (18)

Vibrant Summer Wedding in Alberta, Canada (24)

This delightful and colorful wedding comes to us from Janine Deanna Photography, based in Alberta, Canada! Here’s Cassi, the lovely bride, to tell us more:

Cody and I both grew up in Carbon, AB. He was a few years older than me, so I didn’t really know him, but I knew of him. I decided I didn’t like him very much one Halloween when he smashed a pumpkin my sister had carved on to my parent’s car and my Dad chased him down the street. I was even less impressed when several years later I showed up to my Driver’s Ed class in Three Hills and saw Cody sitting in my class. While he had lost his license due to a stunting incident, I assumed at the time that he had a DUI, and in my teenage snobbery, turned up my nose at him. My Dad offered to give him a ride to class as he was driving there without a license at the time. It was during these drives that I got to know Cody a little bit, enough so that I was comfortable saying “hi” to him if I saw him on the street. Many years later, we became Facebook friends and he sent me a few messages.

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Your Ceremony (5)Photo Credit: Sarah Day Boodhoo Photography

Today’s guest post comes to us from Reverend Jack Cuffari of Ring, Candle, & Knot. Jack is an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister and Marriage Equality activist. Since 2005 he has married dozens of couples of all beliefs and combinations thereof. Jack is active in ministry at the First Congregational Church of Montclair, NJ, Here he offers a few helpful tips to consider before your wedding ceremony:

As someone who marries couples for a living, my perspective is unique, and from what my couples tell me, invaluable. Here are some important things to consider as you plan your wedding ceremony.

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My Venue Already Has a Coordinator…Do I Still Need a Day-of Coordinator? (5)

My Venue Already Has a Coordinator…Do I Still Need a Day-of Coordinator? (4)Photo Credit: BridgetQ Photography

Today’s guest post comes to us from Sarah Basch of Without A Hitch, a Boston based Day-of Coordinator. Enjoy!

At Without a Hitch Boston we are often asked, “do I still need the help of a day-of coordinator if my venue already has its own coordinator?” Many venues have a coordinator included in their services- this person is employed by the venue to manage the events it hosts.  Having a venue coordinator is a great advantage but it is not the same as a day-of coordinator. A day-of coordinator is someone you trust with all tasks, big and small on your big day.

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