Something about these invitations makes me want to run out to my backyard and draw my own design with colorful chalk! The accent of a feather on a chalk design is truly unique. Thank you Crafty Pie for sharing these wonderful invitations!

Featured Invitations: Chalkboard and Feathers WeddingInviteLove

I’d like to show you my Rustic Chalkboard Feather wedding invitation suite. It’s one of my more unique designs as well as one of my most popular!

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Today’s guest post comes to us from inspiration board extraordinaire Sara of Burnett’s Boards. She was so kind to put together this post and share some boards that she’s put together. We look forward to many more posts from Sara, stay tuned!

A great place to start when planning your wedding is with an inspiration board. What is an inspiration board? Well, its basically one image, with several images within it, that wraps your dream wedding up into one neat little package.

Why is having one important? It’s something to show your wedding planner to give him or her a direction to go (he or she will probably ask you to create one anyway!).

What can you do with it? You can pin it onto a Pinterest board and add from there. Add things that enhance it, add things it might be missing, add pictures of your wedding dress and venue, and you’ll end up with a perfect visual of your wedding that all of your vendors can work from.

Yep, I know. There are a lot of inspiration boards out there to choose from… so which one is for you? It’s the one that stops you cold in your tracks, that you stare at for a little too long, that intrigues you and makes you dream a little. That’s the one.

Lets take a look at a couple of popular inspiration boards and the types of brides that love them.

Bride #1

She’s elegant, sophisticated, educated, and loves a little touch of old world glamour.

Burnett's Boards All That Glitters

Photo credits: cake, reception, Arabic gold lettered invites, ring, No.5, vintage Dior dress, gold stars, love blocks, mosque

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This wedding video from Mr. and Mrs. Productions had me singing my way through it! I love the music they chose, which is great – because it’ll likely be in my head all day today. This is such an elegant wedding, from the red roses to the tuxes to all the amazing details – what a night! And just WAIT until you see the awesomeness that went down on their dance floor, I’ve never seen anything like it. Enjoy lovelies!


The Berkeley from Chris Jack on Vimeo.

Happy Monday! Today’s interview is with Julie from Invision Events. The pictures in this interview are so colorful and bright as well as simple and elegant. All the great qualities that this wedding planner possess! Thank you for taking the time out to share some great views of wedding planning today.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am from Mobile, Ala. originally. My husband and I both graduated from Auburn University and we decided to stay in Auburn. I founded Invision Events while living here and it has branched out into a regional business serving Atlanta, Columbus, Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile. I have a degree in Public Relations and would like to think that it has served me well :).

Invision Events is a full service wedding planning firm. I tell clients that we can handle as little or as much as you’d like. Every wedding is different and every client is different. When designing a wedding, I like to keep a “less is more” outlook to things. I love my clients to be the focus of the day and I want people to have a great time. I love flowers and linen and printing, but I like to make sure that the reason of the event is kept in focus.

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Wow, this week has been a total whirlwind for our entire team. The launch of the new has filled our inboxes, it’s all very exciting! We hope that you are sharing it with all your engaged friends. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see happen with it too, we love feedback! Have a fabulous weekend.

Team WeddingLovely

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Other great finds…

Today’s interview comes to us from Kerri Photography. I found myself nodding my head and agreeing with most all of her answers to our questions – I could totally relate to Kerri’s feeling about putting her wedding dress on for the first time. If only I could do it all again (with the same guy of course!). Thanks Kerri!

Kerri Photography WeddingPhotoLove

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

Being born and raised a small town girl, I appreciate the simplicities of life. Things like giggles from a child. Fresh air and beautiful countryside. I believe my upbringing and values directly correspond to my business model: working with my clients in a laid back & genuine approach, providing them with images that are nothing but authentic, professional, and true to their character.

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Today’s interview is with Milk and Ice Cream, not cookies! I just love her personal style to each invitation. Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Amy!

Get to Know a Wedding Stationer: Milk and Ice Cream WeddingInviteLove

1. How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

I have always loved stationery and cards. I would spend hours at the card store trying to pick the perfect card only problem is I could never find what I was looking for, that’s why I started designing my own cards. My cousin was getting married a few years back, and I wanted to design her wedding invitation set as their wedding gift. She graciously accepted and the rest is history.

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