I’ve had an interesting week — my grandparent’s are moving into assisted living across the country, and a neighbor adopted their dog… and then promptly decided they couldn’t keep her and abandoned her at a shelter instead. So next week I’ll be driving up 11 hours to go get her.

So, guess as of next week, I’ll have a dog to go along with my kitty!

This week’s news and links:

Have a lovely weekend!

Today’s wedding photographer interview is with r3mg::creative boutique, who also has a profile on our wedding invitation directory as well! I have to admit — their photos are some of my favorite wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Love this interview!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company

r3mg::creative boutique started out with three cousins bored in another family business. Brooke (senior designer), myself (head photographer), and AJ (swinger) all worked for our families retail packaging business, which just from reading that you could gather didn’t test our creative natures. The three of us all grew up with an art background. I started playing piano when I was 7, started painting at 10, writing at 14, and documenting with my camera at 20. There really wasn’t a time in my life where I wasn’t creating, and that’s the point isn’t it? To create something that didn’t exist? To top that awesome feat off, freeze a moment in time for eternity with a camera? I’m a big enough nerd to go all in for that. And here I am.

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Today’s real wedding was sent over to us by PostScript Brooklyn, who did the invitations! Photographed by Jason Lee, here’s what the bride had to say about the invitations and event:

We loved our invitations! We had a bunch of leftover, and at first we thought we would keep just a handful and then throw away the rest – but we couldn’t bear to throw any away, so we’ve just kept them all. ;) We are happy to share some photos of our wedding with you. We had such a wonderful time and all of our guests seemed to really enjoy themselves too. In addition to having beautiful invitations, we were very fortunate to have some other creative and hard-working individuals help us with all the other aspects of our wedding. Attached please find some pictures that, to us, highlight the details that we appreciated about our wedding day. As far as what made our day special… well, aside from being able to marry each other, we just really appreciated all the love from our family and friends, throughout not just our relationship but over our entire lives. It was such a wonderful privilege to be able to celebrate and share our special day with so many people that love us and that we love. It was a blast!

Love these beautiful photos, and what nice looking invitations! See the rest of the photos after the jump…

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Today’s wedding stationer interview is with Vanessa of Manhattan-based Blacker and Kooby! Thanks for sharing with us today.

How did you get started doing wedding invitations?

As a child, I always loved Arts and Crafts. As an adult, I was a financial services marketer for Chase Manhattan Bank, who painted and sketched on the side. My family business, Blacker and Kooby, was going through some changes, and I decided to work with my father.

The minute I joined the business, I knew what I was born to do.  Essentially I like making things look better. I love color, texture and type. I love engraving and letterpress.  I love the romance of fine paper and setting the tone for an event with a beautiful invitation. It is quite psychological matching a bride and groom with their invitations, and I enjoy the process.

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Photo by Hendrickson Photography Weddings

Uggh! Another wedding invite that will require travel!

That’s the reaction most people have when they receive an invite for a wedding that will require travel.

After all, a wedding can cost out of town guests between $500 to $1000 per person when you factor in the airfare, hotel, car rental, activities, food, and lost time at work (some of us work weekends, you know).

In this article, we will go over five very simple, yet effective ways to help your out of town wedding guests save money on travel. And doing these five things will not take up a lot of your time (which you have none of anyway) or money.

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Today, our featured invitation is this gorgeous rustic floral design, another design perfect to bring us into Autumn! Designed by Smitten on Paper, a Los Angele’s-based stationery studio. See what Terri had to say about the set below!

Petite Jardin is one of our absolute favorite designs. It’s a perfect combination of vintage whimsy with a touch of rustic flair, just perfect for a late summer wedding.

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WeddingLovely.com, our online wedding planner and wedding website app, got a couple more features this weekend!

Color picker — now update our wedding website templates with your wedding colors

Our wedding website templates may have nice colors on their own, but they’re not your colors. Now you can choose to change the two primary colors on a design, so you can truly personalize each wedding website for your own personal wedding!

RSVP — guests can now RSVP for your wedding directly from your wedding website

Another oft-requested feature, now you can have guests RSVP for your wedding directly from your wedding website! All you need to do is set an RSVP passphrase (so, if your wedding website isn’t locked, random people can’t RSVP!), send to your guests via email or in your invitations, and guests can enter it on your wedding website and reach the form above to RSVP!

On your end, you’ll get a list of all respondents, the ability to email all your RSVPed guests at once, edit existing RSVPs, and download the entire list as a CSV.

Coming soon: Turn off or on certain pages (so if you don’t want to use RSVPing, you can turn it off) — check back in a few days!

Planning your wedding? Sign up for a 14-day free trial of WeddingLovely.com here!

Today’s wedding planner/coordinator interview is with San Healdsburg, California-based So Eventful. Take it away, Marisa!

Photo by Andrew VanGundy

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

My name is Marisa Manna Ferrell…the “Ferrell” part is a new addition to my name! I am proud to say that I recently got married! It was fun to be on the other side of things this time. My mother always told me, “Marisa, no man wants to marry a party girl”. But I found the one did! My family & best friends call me “Ris”. A bottle of bubbly & fresh oysters makes me a very happy girl! I have a real thirst for life and have a laid-back attitude.

So Eventful is a professional, full service company that does everything from weddings, social events and everything in between. As a professional wedding and event coordinator, I have a great sense of fashion, color and design. So Eventful is known for creating an event that is the perfect complement to our clients own style and desires. You’ll enjoy creating with So Eventful as you collaborate on colors, styles, fabrics, tastes, sounds, ambience and more. Whether you want dramatic beauty or just elegant simplicity, So Eventful weaves the various elements together to create a work of art that says “you” on your special day. Being a young, successful event planner has many perks for her clients.

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