Another week gone by…and another week that I failed to do holiday shopping. Whoops. Perhaps I will get that moving this weekend. Or maybe I’ll stay in and bake some cookies. Decisions, decisions!

Seabamirum on Flickr

Lots went on this week – if you missed out, have no fear because I’m about to recap it all for you!

Links and news from the week:

Newest vendors on WeddingInviteLove

WeddingPlannerLove added these great vendors this week:

In other news:

Join Wiley Valentine for a Pop Up Shop in their studio on Saturday, December 10 from 9am -1pm. There, you can Snag some of limited edition paper delights, exclusive discounts and other special offers. And while you’re there, enjoy some tasty libations and treats! Their shop is located at: 17891 Sky Park Circle, Suite B, Irvine, California 92614

Have a great weekend everyone!

Image by Seabamirum via Flickr

Today’s bird themed wedding from 39 East Photography is so romantic and is filled with details– wait until you see the couple’s card holder! The couple held their ceremony under ancient oak trees at the The Beltane Ranch, a beautiful working ranch in Glen Allen California, and danced away the evening on an outdoor dance floor. What’s not to love about this wedding?


Photographer:  39 East Photography

Here at WeddingInviteLove, we get really excited when we see invitations that are not the typical card + envelope combo. Don’t get us wrong, we love all the creativity that our vendors (we have over 300 to choose from! yay!)  share with brides – but it’s so fun to see stationery that dares to be different. This week, we’ve gathered a selection of these invitations for you…let’s call em’ rebels!  Enjoy, I know we did.


Akimbo Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLoveAkimbo


Invitation Creations Designer WeddingInviteLoveInvitation Creations, LLC


Royal Steamline Designer WeddingInviteLoveRoyal Steamline


Uniquely Inviting Designer WeddingInviteLoveUniquely Inviting


Invitation Twist Designer WeddingInviteLoveInvitation Twist


Hoot Invitations Designer WeddingInviteLoveHoot Invitations


Oslo Press Designer WeddingInviteLoveOslo Press


Rotated Designs Designer WeddingInviteLoveRotated Designs


Ice Cream Social Designer WeddingInviteLoveIce Cream Social


ChicLeVogue Luxury Couture Invitations WeddingInviteLoveChicLeVogue Luxury Couture Invitations


These invitations are just one way of being different. You don’t have to stop there, weddings give you many opportunities to break the mold.  As a matter of fact, we gathered up some really unique guestbook ideas on Pinterest for you. Go look, you’re sure to be inspired!

We are stoked to bring you this giveaway from My Love Wedding Ring.  The grand prize is a pair of matching platinum diamond rings (valued at a whopping $5,600!) for bride and groom, how awesome is that? I mean really, what better of a way to ring in the New Year? Okay…I’ll stop. So here’s the details:

My Love Wedding Ring

Submission Period (Between now and 12/8/2011)

Submit what Secret Love Messages you will engrave on the inside of you and your loved one’s wedding rings. You need to submit 2 messages for 2 rings. The message for each ring cannot over 30 characters, including spaces. You can find some ideas below:

  • My Ring: Love Your Forever | Her Ring: Until the End of Time
  • My Ring: Your World | Her Ring: Rule by Me
  • My Ring: You are My Sun | Her Ring: You are My Stars
  • My Ring: We Rock Together | His Ring: Mike and Emma
  • My Ring: My Hero | His Ring: My Glorious Wife
  • My Ring: Two Souls, One Heart | Her Ring: Now and Forever
  • My Ring: Dreams Come True | Her Ring: Diamonds Talk

Voting Period (12/9 to 12/18/2011)

All submissions are open for public voting. Perfect time to invite your friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors to vote for your entry!

Three Finalists (12/19 to 12/21/2011)

3 finalists, who get the most votes, will automatically enter the final winner review. One winner will be selected among these 3 finalists for the Grand Prize!

Winner Announced (12/22/2011)

One lucky winner will take home this perfect pair Diamond Wedding Rings in Platinum for himself/herself and the loved one for Free. Stunning Holiday Gift!

Run, don’t walk to My Love Wedding Ring and enter their contest. The giveaway ends this Thursday, December 8th.

Today’s guest post is from Nan, author of EatBreatheBlog, a healthy lifestyle and parenting blog. She is sharing some great advice with us on planning your wedding online. Thanks so much, Nan!

Planning Your Wedding Online

Remembering how we functioned before doing everything before the Internet is like remembering what your living room looked like two remodels ago: impossible.

That being said, using the web as a resource for daily life is second nature for us. But, even the most internet savvy people still can’t believe that planning a wedding online is totally possible. Maybe it’s the age-old tradition or the sacredness of the big day, but some people are hesitant to take to the web for all things wedding.

Exquisite Affairs on WeddingPlannerLoveExquisite Affairs Productions

If you’re planning an upcoming wedding, but you’re resistant to turn to the internet, don’t be. There are many great resources waiting to make your wedding planning faster, easier and more efficient. WeddingPlannerLove is a great place to start your search!

Shopping for the Ring

Buying a ring online may not be everyone’s first choice. But, think of it this way: instead of browsing a jewelry store with and being hounded by a commission driven sales person to buy more diamond than you can afford, hop online and take a look at your own leisure.

Promise Tangeman via Flickr

Whether you’re shopping for engagement rings or wedding bands, buying online means you do so at your own pace and with a wider selection. You also don’t run the risk of walking into a store where you can’t afford even the tiniest of diamonds.

Venues and Vendors

From venues for the wedding to cakes, florists and photographers, online is the easiest way to peruse a huge selection of possibilities without making any commitments just yet. Even if you’re using local vendors, you can still access their information and services online, possibly without ever having to step foot in an actual store. With the stress surrounding wedding planning, having this information at your fingertips is priceless.

Cynthia Ross Affairs WeddingPlannerLoveCynthia Ross Affairs

Our wedding venue directory, WeddingVenueLove, will be launching soon and will be a wonderful resource to help you find the perfect venue for your location and budget.

Guest List and Invitations

Internet resources like Google Docs allow you to create spreadsheets for budgets, guests, and of menu options that you can access from anywhere and share with anyone. Google Docs is free, easy to use and incredibly efficient.

Bloom Art Design Designer WeddingInviteLoveBloom Art & Design

You can find hundreds of invitation designers on WeddingInviteLove to help you set the stage for your big day. Many of the vendors work nationwide (or even worldwide!), so make sure to contact any designer that interests you!


And, the best part of online wedding planning: the honeymoon. Sites like Kayak offer a comparison tool, so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal. Once you’ve gotten the logistics out of the way, you can kick back with your laptop and a glass of bubbly to plan your dream vacation.

Image by Christina Spicuzza via flickr

Happy planning! We hope that you find WeddingLovely’s vendor directories to be a resource as you plan your big day. We’re very excited, to say the least, about what is in the works for next year. We think you’re going to love it almost as much as we do!

Ring image by Promise Tangeman via flickr

Tropical beach image by Christina Spicuzza via flickr

wedding invitation designer vendor directory

We’re testing out a new homepage design! The goal is to reduce clutter, make decision-making a bit easier, and to make it simpler to browse. We’re also exposing some of the amazing articles that appeared on the blog (thanks again to our amazing guest posters!)

What do you think? Anything we should improve? Did we introduce any bugs? Let us know!

We’ll be slowly integrating the new design to the new directories, so keep an eye out for changes on WeddingPlannerLove and WeddingPhotoLove.

(Also, congrats to Hip Ink, our first featured designer using the new design!)

Today’s interview comes from WeddingPhotoLove’s very own, Aaron Riddle Photography. It’s no joke, that he does beautiful work (I’m also sure he’s heard that one before). We were able to catch up with Aaron and have him tell us more about himself and his business behind the camera.


Aaron Riddle Wedding Photographer WeddingInviteLove

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I am a professional photographer residing in Winchester, Virginia. I specialize in wedding photography, portrait photography and special event photography needs. My style as a wedding photographer is unobtrusive, friendly photojournalism. I capture the moments of your day as they naturally unfold.

How did you get into wedding photography?

With a background in art, drawing and design, I fell in love with photographing weddings, events and people while serving as photographer for one of the largest community colleges in Virginia. One day a co-worker requested that I take photos at his wedding. I had never thought about myself as a wedding photographer, but decided to give it a try…and absolutely fell in love with it. Things took off from there and I started my business, Aaron Riddle Photography, shortly after.


Aaron Riddle Wedding Photographer WeddingPhotoLove

What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

This is a hard question because I love every aspect of the wedding day…from the excitement of the bride getting ready to the dancing and partying going down during the reception. But if I had to pick only one, it would be the moment after the bride and groom kiss for the first time and the ceremony is over. It is usually during that instant that all the nervousness of the day washes away and the bride and groom are elated, happy and so excited about finally being married to one another.

What is the most awkward moment you’ve experienced while on the job?

Haha…very good question. I’ve seen quite a few awkward and humorous moments happen to others during my many weddings, but if it had to be narrowed down to a moment I experienced, it would be the one time I was photographing a wedding this fall. I was taking some photographs of the pumpkin decorations on the tables, and a guest asked “What are you taking a picture of?” I said “Oh, just that camel……PUMPKIN!” To this day I do not know why I said camel, but every time I tell that story it gets a laugh :)


Aaron Riddle Photography WeddingPhotoLove

What’s the best thing you ever ate at a wedding?

I’ve eaten at weddings catered by many great chefs and food services, including Wolfgang Puck, but one time I photographed a wedding for a couple who held there ceremony and reception on a local farm. They had it catered by a local southern BBQ company…”Mr. B’s BBQ”. It was the most mouth-watering BBQ I ever had, so that is the top of my list.

What is your favorite venue and why?

Since I live in the Shenandoah Valley, nearly all of the venues have gorgeous settings full of mountains, forests and trees so many breath-taking views. The one venue that pops into my head is CrossKeys Vineyards near Harrisonburg, Virginia. I have only photographed one wedding there, but everything about that day was perfect. The venue had so many views of the surrounding mountain ranges and vineyards, that I could have spend all day taking photographs there. Photos of this wedding can be seen here.


Aaron Riddle Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Nikon or Canon?

Canon….the only reason being that I started photographing with Canon cameras, have loved the results, so I have stuck with the brand.

What is your dream location to shoot a wedding?

I would say Myrtle Beach, SC. I have been going there once a year for a beach vacation with my family since I was a little boy (I now take my wife and kids there annually), so it would be a lot of fun to photograph a wedding there :)

If you could shoot any celebrity wedding (past, present or future), who would be the lucky couple?

My choice would be one of the British Royal Family weddings. They are world-wide events that are part of history, so it would be nice to be a part of it.

Aaron Riddle Photography WeddingPhotoLove

Thank you for your time, Aaron!  Check out Aaron Riddle Photography on WeddingPhotoLove or go to his site for even more!

Wow. It’s already December! Were you able to snag some stationery deals, thanks to our WeddingInviteLove vendors that shared Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? If not, you’ve got a few weeks left. But the real question is, have you put up your holiday decor?

I’m a bit behind, myself… but by the looks of that photo, they’ve got enough decorations to cover my contribution!

Now, here’s what went on at WeddingLovely this week:

The amazing vendors just keep on coming! Here are the newest designers on WeddingInviteLove:

WeddingPhotoLove captured these vendors:

And the newest members of WeddingPlannerLove’s directory:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Image by Jumpyjodes via Flickr

Because last week was all about the turkey, let’s make this week about the peacock! Great designs using feathers flock together in this week’s roundup. We had a lot of fun with this one and are excited to share these designs from talented WeddingInviteLove vendors:


The White Aisle Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLove

The White Aisle


Girl Metro Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLove

Girl Metro, Inc.


Puddle Jumpin Cards Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLove

Puddle Jumpin’ Cards


Hip Ink Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLove

Hip Ink


Bride Design Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLove

Bride Design


XClusiv Cards! Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLove

XClusiv! Cards


Grey Dog Designs

Grey Dog Designs


Staccato Stationery Designer WeddingInviteLove



Peacock feathers are so beautiful, and the color palettes they provide are a dream to work with. We collected lots of wedding day inspiration revolving around the peacock for you on Pinterest. Go ahead and take a look!