Today’s real wedding was sent over and photographed by Robert London Photography, and we LOVE how unique and different it is! Kudos to the couple for breaking outside the norms and doing something so kickass (love the red dress!)

Robert writes,

Here are some images of this “unique” couple. This has been a great advantage of working out of NYC, I get to work on every kind of wedding possible from this alternative wedding in the East Village with this non-traditional couple to a Muslim wedding and destination weddings at the National Cathedral and Mexico beach weddings.

From Kimberly’s Facebook page: ‘”Discovered” Washington Square Park when I was fourteen like generations of others, then later further east. Junkie at sixteen, rehab at eighteen. At nineteen I was a pro-domme, which is where the concept of my first novel, Sex, Blood and Rock’n’Roll, germinated.’

See the rest of the beautiful images after the cut!

Other vendors: