This gorgeous vineyard wedding, brought to us by Talha Gursoy of The Wedding Mode (Herndon, VA) exudes heartfelt joy and understated elegance! Here’s Talha to tell us more:

On May 20th, 2017, family and friends, fathers and mothers, bride and groom descended upon the lush and verdant greens of Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville, Virginia for the wedding of Kendall and Pedro. Though the skies were a tad too overcast for everyone’s liking, the smiles more than overcame the gray, illuminating a picture-perfect wedding on a scenic rustic backdrop.

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Joyful tears were shed even before the wedding began as Kendall and Pedro made their preparations. Kendall and her mother got the royal treatment from their aestheticians while Pedro enlisted his team of groomsmen to straighten out his bow-tie. Everyone on both sides of the aisle seemed to grow misty-eyed after reading the new married couple’s vows, from Kendall’s mom to Pedro’s dad, to the bride and groom themselves. Those tears persisted until their first reunion on a meandering gravel path between rows of budding grape bushes.

teary-eyed groom reading a love note before the wedding

By then, the couple was just happy to be back together, and eager to get married. Kendall, in her long, slim-fitting, flowing lace dress, and Pedro in his black tuxedo embellished with a white boutonniere, were strikingly elegant even against such a breathtaking background. The procession happened so quickly that the moment seemed to sneak up on the couple, culminating in a kiss whose passion bodes well for the future of their lives spent together.

Impassioned, inspired, and charmingly irreverent speeches from members of both families followed, bringing levity and even more heartfelt tears out of the gallery and out of the bride and groom themselves. A solo guitar performance stirred the hearts of those gathered, and then it was time to mingle. Wine was in high circulation among the wedding parties and their guests, and Talha from The Wedding Mode was along for the ride, memorializing each moment in crystal clarity for the benefit of those who might not be able to the following morning.

Friends took selfies with friends, groomsmen took selfies with bridegrooms, in-laws took selfies with in-laws, and, eventually, strangers took selfies with perfect strangers, marking the evening as a total success. As night descended, events moved indoors. A lively playlist kept the crowd dancing, with a few notable personalities busting out moves that have not been seen before or since. All fell silent to watch the bride dance with her father, and the moment reminded all present of the firmness of the foundation of family.

At this point, the reception turned into both a dance party and a college reunion. Pedro and Kendall paid tribute to James Madison University, where they met, posing behind a gilded purple flag to honor their alma mater. Toasts were proposed, hugs were exchanged, and who knows what else passed that night under the starry skies of Purcellville, Virginia. Husband and wife made their exuberant escape through a row of sparklers held high by family, friends, and loved ones. And with that, two lives were forged into one, and a lifetime of happiness awaits.

Congratulations Kendall & Pedro and thank you Talha for sharing! For more information about The Wedding Mode, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.

Photographer: Talha Gursoy of The Wedding Mode
Venue: Breaux Winery
Flowers: Rick’s Flowers
Guitarist: Ben Sherman
Cake Designer: Amphora Bakery
Hair Stylist: Radiance Salon
Officiant: Jason Lody