Updated: July 2017

The structure of weddings have really stayed the same for decades now, but one of the biggest changes to come along with the internet (woohoo!) was the ability to build a website for your wedding! Wedding websites (also known as wedsites) are great for collecting all the information that you can’t fit in your wedding invitations: registry information, hotels, directions, information about the couple, and now many wedding website builders support RSVPs online — no need to track down everyone’s RSVP by mail.

While you can choose to build your own wedding website from scratch (check out this gorgeous example), generally it’s easy to use a pre-built solution so you can get your wedding website up and running in about a day. Here are our top 5 wedding website generator recommendations, as well as a list of all the ones we’ve considered at the end. Did we miss any? Let us know at [email protected]!

Top five fav sites for creating a website for your wedding:

AppyCouple ($39 – $89 one-time payment)


A really interesting alternative to having a wedding website is having a wedding app! Since most people use smart phones these days, AppyCouple helps you build a custom wedding app with all the information that you would need on your wedding website (and creates web versions as well, of course). Another plus — tons of great looking themes!

Joy (Free)


A brand new wedding website builder just launched! We really like Joy‘s feature list — beyond the fact that it’s free (yay!), Joy comes with a ton of features like an app, RSVPs, photo support, and more.

Riley & Grey ($35/month or $240/year)

Riley & Grey is a gorgeous premium option for luxury weddings. While the most expensive option on this list, Riley & Grey has the most modern and glamorous wedding website templates and come with premium features included, like a custom domain and RSVP support.

Wedding Woo ($49/year or $69/two years)


WeddingWoo is a new addition to our list, after enthusiastic support in our comments (thanks commenters!) While the templates aren’t the most modern that we’ve found, there are plenty of beautiful options with a lot of great features, like Instagram hashtag and RSVP support. WeddingWoo also has one of the most comprehensive customization ability we’ve seen, which is great for making sure your wedding website looking completely unique for your wedding.

Wedding Window (Free – $14.95/mo – $79/yr)

The newest addition to our list, Wedding Window has improved leaps and bounds over the last few years. We love the modern looking templates that are responsive (meaning it works on computers as well as on your mobile phones — a must for your guests!) Wedding Window also has very unique and original site designs.

Bonus: Glö ($19.99 – $34.99/mo, 21 day free trial)

Glö is definitely the most complex and feature rich of all the wedding website creators mentioned hereWith advanced options such as matching online wedding invitations, RSVPs, guest list management, many great looking designs (though beware, premium themes are an additional $20), as well as the option to upload your own design to build your wedding website.


Other wedding website options

There are quite a number of other wedding website generators to choose from other than the above. Other choices:

  • Say I do (Free) — This site includes a lot more features than just a wedding website, with a focus on guest list management and RSVPs.
  • Bliss & Bone ($12/month, 7 day trial) — Gorgeous looking modern templates with RSVP support.
  • Wix (Free) — A full website builder who has added a wedding option — free and seems to be easy to use. Flash options as well.
  • Nearlyweds ($14.99/mo or $99/yr) — Full featured with a lot of design options, though the designs are a little stale.
  • Wedsite ($39/6mo, $49/yr, $69/2yrs, 7 day trial) — No ads, fairly nice designs, with unlimited photos as well as a music playlist option.
  • The RSVP Company ($199-399 one-time fee) — New kid on the block, expensive for the amount of features included.
  • Squarespace ($12/month) — Squarespace has great tools to customize your website but no free option and lacking some wedding features that sites, dedicated to only weddings, would have.
  • WeddingDonkey (Free, $10/mo, $15/mo)
  • ZankYou (Free)
  • WedBuddy ($13/month or $75/year)
  • The Knot (Free)
  • MyWedding (Free)
  • Minted (Free) (P.S Check out this blog WeddingLovely wrote on why Minted wedding websites are so awesome!)
  • WeddingJoJo (Free – $14.99/mo)
  • eWedding (Free – $7/mo)
  • JustRSVP.me (Free – $49.99)
  • Cordially (Free) Personal RSVPs, guest list, collaboration, translation, support, themes + customization.

Want more info and help? Check out this blog post on the best wedding website tips, hacks, and shortcuts!

Are we missing any awesome options? Have you used any of these and have a review? We’d love to hear it and add your thoughts to the post!

Note: Some links are affiliate links, meaning WeddingLovely earns revenue for the links. This had no basis in our top five site decisions — affiliates were only added after our favorites were determined. The revenue from the affiliate links helps support WeddingLovely and keeps this blog running. Thanks for your support!

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  • Lee

    We are having two different wedding receptions on two differnt days. Are there any wedding websites out there that let you create two seperate events with a guest list for each and RSVP’s for both? or do I need to create two totally seperate sites for each?? thanks for your thoughts…

    • Not that I know of, unfortunately. What I would do is have the RSVPs on different Google Docs — they have a really nice forms feature that outputs to a nice spreadsheet!

      • Stefanie

        How would you do this? I have just read this thread, and my invitations already feature the knot as out site. I am really concerned that it is going to be a problem! I am having 2 different receptions as well , and I am trying to figure out the RSVP.

        • Here’s an introduction: http://www.google.com/google-d-s/createforms.html

          Essentially, you can create a form from docs.google.com, and it’ll walk you through the process of designing the form and adding the fields. Then you’ll get a link you can send to friends and family, either through email or in your wedding website! Let me know if you have any more questions. :)

        • Srujana

          Hi Stefanie! What did you do in the end? I am having two receptions, in two different countries, and two different languages. I would ideally like to have one website, where people can choose the language they want to see it in, and where, depending on which guest access it, they have access to only those events to which they were invited, and the ability for me to manage RSVPs for different events. I would also like to have a countdown for the two wedding receptions side by side instead on just one…

    • deep

      try mywedding.com

      • Pam Rodriguez

        We LOVED Wedding Woo! I’ve been recommending it to all my friends:


      • Kristine

        Ooh thank you for mentioning this! My favorite by far :)

    • mrs

      gettingmarried.co.uk … you can custom add as many pages as you want. My cousin had 2 weddings and had a different RSVP for each venue all on the same page. and it’s free.

    • Taryn Westberg

      glosite.com lets you do this! you can create different events (Each with their own RSVPs) and then say which guests should see each event and related RSVPs. You can also have some pages on your site that everyone sees and other pages that are only seen by certain guests (i.e., two different travel and hotel pages) I hope that helps others looking for a similar feature!

    • Srujana

      Hi Lee! What did you do in the end? I too am having two receptions, in two different countries, and two different languages, at two different times! nI would ideally like to have one website, where people can choose the language they want to see it in, and where, depending on which guest access it, they have access to only those events to which they were invited, and the ability for me to separately manage RSVPs for different events. nI would also like to have a countdown for the two wedding receptions side by side instead on just one…nhahah I might be asking for much but maybe I can learn from your experience!

  • Arielle Albert

    What about the knot?

  • Amy Ruocco

    Thank you WeddingLovely for featuring WeddingWindow.com on your list of wedding website providers. I did just want to mention that the $139 price you quoted for WeddingWindow.com is actually for 2 years of hosting and includes premium theme access, a 2-year domain registration and a keepsake download (breaks down to the equivalent of only $5.80/month). Happy 2013 everyone!

    • RMB

      I hated using WeddingWindow.com. I just signed up today for the $139 fee and found it to be a very poor selection of choices, and extremely frustrating to try to upload pics and format my page. Asking for a full refund – users beware!

  • Emma

    Helpful article, thanks! I’ll look into these. What I really want is a tool for creating a bilingual wedsite – do you know if any of the ones on your lists give that option?
    I’m also looking at WordPress.com (which has a few free wedding themes) and Zankyou.com.

    • Do you mean a wedding website that has the buttons (“About/Events/Registry/etc”) in two languages? Unfortunately I don’t — I can only think of wedding websites that support English (unless you kept the buttons in english but had two languages in the body.) Perhaps a custom designed site, or WordPress (where you can alter the main files) would be best for your situation!

    • mrs

      gettingmarried.co.uk … you rename any of the taps to call them what you like. Duplicate them or add custom new ones. As long as you know the languages to type the 2 versions, you on. and its free.

    • AMBphx

      Emma, Zankyou allows the user to change the names of the pages from the master list of ‘Gift Registry,’ etc. Thus, you can title your ‘pages’ in two languages, “Regalos / Gifts,” which is what I am doing. Good luck!

  • Dianne

    Do not recommend the Knot. Free to $19.99, but hard to maneuver and very bad reviews on Yelp. We had so much trouble, we finally gave up and finding another site. Thank you for your input.

    • Thanks for letting us know!

    • Lilian

      The knot is actually user friendly. Maybe it’s not just your type.

  • Clay

    Jux is awesome for this…unfortunately, I just got an email Friday night that they are shutting down in August. My fiance and I are crushed.

  • Stephen Vail

    Do yourself a favor and check out a WP theme by themefuse call “Just Married” Cost was low, and it was very intuitive to design. We had a lot of fun making ours and the you can check it out as an example @ http://www.ICantBelieveShesMarryingHim.com. Had some fun with the url :)

    • Kate

      Stephen! Your site is unparalleled! Would you be interested in having a chat with me to help me locate all the neat “widgets” you used on your various pages? I could use the guidance!

    • Liyana

      Hey Stephen, would you happen to have a discount code? anyone? :)

  • Anne

    Great list!! I’ve put together one as well at http://www.annehanks.com/my-top-picks-for-building-a-wedding-website/

    We have many of the same on our top picks!

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  • Kat

    What about Wedbuddy? I’ve used them before and they are probably one of my favorites, and it’s free! :)

    • weddinglovely

      Thanks for the tip!

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  • John

    The above are all good, but i’d like to have a new and growing trend. video feature. for that I used http://www.joneeanimation.com and it was an amazing experience. the website allowed me to create a personalised wedding site in minutes and add a video.

  • Grace

    My friends used GetHitched.me for their wedding. It worked very well and their site looked fantastic!

    • weddinglovely

      Thanks for letting us know!

  • Fang Lin

    Have any one used Weddingwoo? It has some really beautiful samples, but does it offers good features and is it easy to use?

  • Sunny D

    Word of caution to anyone reading this review. AppyCouple
    wants to take your money and seems to have no intention of making improvements
    to the app/service even though the say they do. I provided several detailed
    suggestions to their team. I was told they would look into it and constantly be
    making improvements. I then discovered more limitations as we continued our
    planning. I asked for a refund and they refused saying it was past the 14 day
    mark, even though we were within the industry standard 30-day mark. I haven’t
    heard back to my repeated emails over the past few weeks. Find another app

    • weddinglovely

      Thanks so much for the review, Sunny!

  • GamecockGirl79

    Do any of the websites have the ability to ask a question within a question? For instance, we’re trying to calculate the amount of alcohol we’ll need, so I want to ask some specific questions in the RSVP section to help us figure that out: (not sure of the exact wording yet, but please bear with me)

    1. Will you be drinking alcohol?

    Answers: No

    If they answer no, they move on to the next question. However, if they answer yes, ideally I’d like a second set of radio buttons to appear where they can then select from answers like “I’d prefer beer”, “I’d prefer wine”, or “I’d prefer spirits”

    Any help or advice would be REALLY appreciated! We’re trying to go completely paperless outside of the invites and finding a website that would let us ask questions like this would be a huge help!!


    • weddinglovely

      For that kind of customization, I’d recommend using Google Forms as an RSVP form, I believe you can customize the questions for what you need!


      • GamecockGirl79

        So if I’m understanding the link you shared with me, I can use a wedding website like the one you listed above, but on the RSVP section just link it to my Google Drive so I can ask my “question within a question”?

        • weddinglovely

          That’s what I would do!

  • Laura Vaughn

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  • Eric Langland

    We used http://weddingplace.us. It was took 5 minutes and the URL’s it generates are way better than the knot. We were up and running in 5 minutes. Lots of features.

  • Anupam Chopra

    Most of clients, don’t have the time to set up Wedding websites themselves. They love me cos I build them a Professional wedding website in only $399

  • Rich Jones

    Riley & Grey looks quite nice, but I don’t know who’s spending $35 per month or $250 a year for a wedsite. Also, custom designs start at a whopping $3k.

  • wedding lehenga choli

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  • krystal

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  • Zara Whitaker

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  • vp

    Any sites where it is possible to offer all pages in two languages?

    • Yana

      Does nobody have an answer to this question? I am also looking for a platform which has a two language option.

      • weddinglovely

        Unfortunately we don’t have any good suggestions at this time. :( Please let us know if you find any that you love!

        • Luz

          twowed.com might be a good option to review. I have yet to fully use it. Still shopping around for a website

          • epandozi

            Check out weddesignlove.com for multi-language wedsites.

          • weddinglovely

            Are you using the Squarespace website platform?

          • epandozi

            Yes we use Squarespace. We’ll also feature HTML sites soon.

    • Luz

      twowed.com I just found out about it. I need three languages in my website – Portuguese, Polish and English :) and we are having two different receptions in two different countries. nI admit the templates are not my favorite, but his option is a seller to me.

      • Claire Varner

        Wow. I’m thinking http://www.myweddingstory.co might work. The storyline tool is really easy to use. You could get creative and have all three languages on each of the blocks or you could create three storylines with the same information, but in your languages.

    • Taryn Westberg

      we have numerous Glu00f6bies who have created dual language sites and email invitations. Here’s an example from our blog: http://glosite.com/blog/2010/11/realglobies/alejandra-and-horacios-mexican-argentinian-at-home-celebration/ – feel free to email us if you have specific questions about setting a dual-language site up!

    • epandozi

      Check out WedDesignLove.com for beautiful multi-language wedsites.

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  • Maddierose

    I nominate Wix.com its not a wedding website, but its very easy to use.

    Features I most definitely wanted:
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    – no ads
    – it to look really pretty. (the two areas of emphasis of our wedding was very high quality booze, and aesthetics – ex bar tender, and a theatre designer)
    – customised rsvp
    – be password protected (ex bar tender is now a teacher, and we didn’t want his students finding it – this turned out to be a good move, as apparently a few students did try to find it when another teacher let something slip) + non searchable
    – auto response email to the person on rsvp


    To buy our domain: $9.95 – this is bit of a vanity cost. Its really not necessary, but I didn’t want wix.com in the address. I bought it from crazy domains, although I am sure you can find it cheaper, esp if you do .info or .net. I also fell for the add-on “protection” things, which realistically you don’t need if it’s a non searchable site, which ours was always going to be. Also you can do this purchase direct through wix, but its cheaper to buy externally and there is instructions on the wix site about how to apply it to your website.

    Wix combo package: $10.95 month x 4 months, to use our domain on Wix, get rid of ads and a few other features. Again for vanity and aesthetics. Not absolutely required, as the hosting and website software is free

    123ContactMe premium plan: $4.95 month x 2 months (while our RSVPS were open).
    This was the most important feature to me, as it gave an auto response on rsvp

    I know there are other wedding websites out there that might be cheaper, or free, but I was happy to pay a bit to get exactly the look and functions I was after. (Poor fiancée made one using a the knot style wedding website that could do all I wanted for free, but it had such clichéd clip art of doves and hearts I couldn’t bear to use it.)
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    We used Appy Couple as it has been highly rated in sites such as this – however, we have been very disappointed. The designs were a plus but the site doesn’t show in search results (a huge problem for a wedding site), and the customer service has been terrible. The response is that we should contact Google to index it, which is wrong on a number of levels. nnAdditionally, the requirement for guests to sign in to access any interactive features is required (can’t be turned off) and the RSVP feature isn’t flexible. nnWould not recommend paying for your site through Appy Couple if you want your guests to be able to search for it.

    • Appy Couple

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    Has anyone used Wedding paper dive free website?

  • Jason Little

    Help me with this nightmare! So, we can’t afford a photographer and paper invitations among all of the other insanely pricy things everyone else appears to be able to afford (how?!? We have good jobs but are trying to get rings for under $150 to even come close to twice our original budget) and I was trying to find a website/app combination that will manage our RSVPs, preferably inviting people via text, email and possibly Facebook; that will allow guests to effortlessly upload the photos they take; and that’s really it. It just seems like these sites are so focused on how pretty they can be and not how functional and easy to use for everyone from teens to grandparents. And what happened to WeddingParty?? They appear to be the ONE that could do all of this, even providing a live stream of the photos as they’re uploaded on a projector or tv… but all evidence (Facebook/app store reviews) points to them just ceasing to exist in October 2015, but leaving their app and website up, so that people like me can waste a couple hours thinking we’d found the perfect combo, so now I’m starting all over and don’t like anything I’m finding… and I swear if I see one more site in pastels… -silent screaming- Why does anyone put themselves through this???

    • weddinglovely

      I’m sorry to hear how much trouble you’re having! :( nnIf you’re on a suuuuper small budget, how about using Google Forms to collect RSVPs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXulNoVmmxY u2014 it’s free and then you can send the link out via text and email.nnAnd as for adding photos to one place, another free option would be to use Flickr, which lets you upload full-sized photos and you could create a group everyone could upload to.nnOf course, please check out the above sites, but just wanted to give you a super budget option too! I totally understand, I actually eloped. :) n-Tracy, founder of WeddingLovely

      • Jason Little

        I guess I don’t know what super small is. We thought we could put something together for $4,000, and my finance’s parents then chipped in so we could have an $8,000 budget. We tried getting a wedding planner only to discover many of them START at $4,000 just for their services. What kind of world do we live in that people can throw away tens of thousands on three measly hours of their life?! Anyway… we can spend a couple hundred on a website, but I can’t find one that can do what WeddingParty did. I got Mark and some family so excited only to discover it’s just an empty website. There has got to be another company that does the same thing but every site I look at is just pretty pastels and more pretty pastels with so much dedicated to telling ‘your story’ but little functionality that will do anything for the wedding itself. I’d do the flicker thing, but despite having been a web project manager I struggled to figure out how to use it myself, which means there’s no way my 70 year-old parents could do it. I just need to set my sights lower. I’m going to be a sleep-deprived nervous wreck in a $150 suit from a discount store and likely will prefer no photos are taken of me anyway, though it would be nice to have something to show for the debt and sacrifices we’re making so that Mark can have his wedding. Why does anyone want this? And how can people afford it? I’m nearly 40 and have a great job but I can’t spend $2,000 on someone to take pictures for an hour. Two friends are even wedding photographers, and with their deep ‘friend’ discounts, one is $1,000 and the other is $4,000. FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?! I don’t understand and just want this awful thing over with. Sorry for the venting but this is just so overwhelming, we’re less than 4 months from the wedding, can’t agree on anything from colors to clothing, and we’ve yet to tell anyone but our parents and a couple friends even when the date is… and until we can figure out colors and an invitation website, our hopeful guests will be making other plans if they’ve not already. The upside is that at $40/person, that will certainly save some money so that we’re only hundreds over budget instead of thousands. This is just a living hell and is ruining my spring and on the way to making this the worst summer of my life all to create a frickin three hour event. GAAAAHHH! Sorry again…

        • weddinglovely

          No worries, let it out! nnWith Wedding Party, seems like you can still use their website? https://www.weddingpartyapp.com/ (I only took a brief look, let me know if I’m wrong)

          • Jason Little

            The App Store reviews essentially say the app and site are dead. You can only get so far with them and many features no longer work. And the company hasn’t responded to anyone since October. So strange… I wonder what happened that they all went poof!?

          • weddinglovely

            Ah that’s frustrating. I can tell you that running a company is really expensive and actually pretty hard in the weddings space (SO MUCH COMPETITION) but that really sucks that they went poof. I couldn’t imagine doing that!

        • Taryn Westberg

          I hear your frustrations! We were overwhelmed when planning our wedding (thinking why oh why can’t this be SO MUCH EASIER!!!), which is where the whole idea of glosite.com came from. If you’re looking for a site that can handle your website, RSVP tracking, address collection, and email invitations – I think we can help! We have lots of non-frilly designs, or you can upload your own design if you don’t find anything you like among out templates. Give it a whirl, and feel free to email us with any questions. We don’t have photo collection built into Glo, but I’ve heard good things about shared albums on Facebook.

          • Jason Little

            Thank you – The photo part is too important, and our technically challenged family isn’t on Facebook. So we really need it to be all-in-one (can u tell I’m a former web project manager with a huge eye on usability? lol). So far wedivite is the leader, but we still need to test it more. I will still check out your site just in case we might be able to create a seamless experience for guests using a site and a photo collection app that to them appears to be all-in-one.

      • Jason Little

        YOU ELOPED?!?! But you run a wedding website?!?! No personal judgement… just the irony. I would give anything to convince him to elope at this point.

        • weddinglovely

          Hahaha there is a long story involved but yes, I eloped in Las Vegas (Little White Wedding Chapel!) a couple years ago!

      • Jason Little

        I’ve spent to many days on this one thing and there is so much else we’ve not even started on… I just need to give up on a service that apparently no longer exists. What is the simplest, most basic, easy to use site for uploading the cell numbers and email addresses of our guests and tracking their responses, and giving them a link to our nearly empty Amazon wedding registry?

    • Jolene

      I used WeddingWire to make a free website for my wedding in 2014 and loved it. I used the custom background image theme so I was able to make it whatever I wanted (ended up just using an engagement picture). They also have an accompanying app called WedSocial which lets guests upload pictures and it’s connected to your account. I didn’t use this for my wedding, but it could be an option! Good luck :)

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      Thanks for the lovely comment. We’ll be happy to share more like this in the future! :)

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      Yay, thanks for the lovely compliment!

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    I’m sure you could work with a local printer or an online solution like moo.com to create cards where you can add custom text. :) Hope that helps!

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      We’re so glad to hear that you loved this post! Best of luck!

  • Great post! it is very apparent how technology has greatly impact our activities, now even weddings. These wedding website builders makes the inviting part easier and more convenient than ever. Have you tried one these website builders?

  • weddinglovely

    Thank you so much! Glad you liked it. :)

  • Clare Monahan

    Hey hey! Clare here from Joy. We are very excited to have been included on Wedding Lovely’s list. We are new to the market and bringing new features out very quickly. nnWe would love for you to give us a whirl, and let us know what you think. If there is anything that would make your wedding planning easier, let us know! We love brainstorming new ways to make your life easier :)

    • weddinglovely

      Yay, thanks for the comment!

    • Meghan

      Would love to have a photo shown for each hotel. Also to add additional links for the hotel and a space to show room types and pricing blocked off

      • Clare Monahan

        Hi Meghan, thank you so much for the feedback, it sounds like a great design idea (and very useful for your guests’ planning). nnI’ll speak with one of our designers to see how we can accommodate hotel photos and room types while keeping your wedding site looking lovely!

    • Ashwika Ashwinikumar

      Hi Clare, I love your website. However, I will be happy to use if you guys can make a guest management RSVP page where only certain guests can access certain events. That would make JOY the ideal site

      • Clare Monahan

        Hi Ashwika, nnWe are actually overhauling our guest management as we speak, which includes the feature you recommended :) Be on the lookout for major improvements within the month!

    • Srujana

      Hey Clare, I am scouting for a wedsite provider. What I need is a bit complicated – I am having two wedding receptions in two countries, and my fiance’s family speak (and read) Hebrew whereas mine speak English. So what I am looking for is:n1. A bilingual wedsite – either where all the buttons and text are in both languages simultaneously, or where I can give the guests the option initially to enter the site in Hebrew or in Englishn2. A system whereby I can moderate who sees what on the wediste – some guests will be invited to some events and others to others – so I would like to modify what people are able to access on the wedsite, and have different RSVP management systems where I can track RSVPs for different events.n3. I would like to have two countdowns – one for each wedding – next to each other…nWould Joy be able to provide such functionalities? Thanks, I look forward to your answer!

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  • Caroline Head

    I had a great experience with Joy this evening. I used the chat feature to talk with Michael and he was so helpful…making live changes on my site and teaching me along the way. My website is customized just the way I like it…and for free! I really recommend Joy….it looks sharp and truly designed.

    • weddinglovely

      Glad to hear about your awesome experience with Joy. Thanks for your wonderful comment here! :)

    • Clare Monahan

      Thanks Caroline, we love having you on Joy! Let us know if there is anything we can help you with :)

  • Srujana

    Hey everyone, I am scouting for a wedsite provider. What I need is a bit complicated – I am having two wedding receptions in two countries, and my fiance’s family speak (and read) Hebrew whereas mine speak English. So what I am looking for is:nn1. A bilingual wedsite – either where all the buttons and text are in both languages simultaneously, or where I can give the guests the option initially to enter the site in Hebrew or in Englishnn2. A system whereby I can moderate who sees what on the wediste – some guests will be invited to one wedding and others to the other, and some to both! – so I would like to modify what people are able to access on the wedsite, and I want to have different RSVP management systems where I can track RSVPs separately to the two weddings.nn3. I would like to have two countdowns – one for each wedding – next to each other…nnAnyone have any idea what website provider would give me this sort of functionality? Thanks very much :)

  • weddinglovely

    Thanks for the wonderful comment. We’re so happy to hear this. :)

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      Super thank you! Glad to hear that you find this useful! :)

  • Bobby

    Joy is the way to go. Really easy to use, great features, and it looks amazing. Plus, it’s free! The full site, the mobile site and the app work great and the customer service is on point. There were a few minor things that I was disappointed with but turns out either there was a way to fix it right there or they already had it fixed in an update and were just waiting for iTunes to approve it. They just launched this year so they’re only going to get better and already it’s a really impressive site. Everything you’ll need in a wedding website. You won’t be disappointed!

    • weddinglovely

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful comments here! Our readers find them really helpful, and we’re glad that you had a wonderful experience with Joy. :)

  • kaljit

    has anyone actually used appycouple the reviews are outrageously bad on the appstore in apple?

  • William Carlyan


  • Christina Moore

    Hello I’m looking for a wedding wesite that is mobile friendly?

  • Albert Pope

    Appy Couple ruined my marriage. What a bad experience. It’s designed around the idea that you bombard your guests with tons of emails, and you can’t control the “From – email address” in the emails you send out. They all get sent from Appy Couple, which gets caught in everyone’s junk mail. I had to use a combination of AppyCouple and paperless post just to get by.

  • Great Blog !nthank you for sharing this post.

    • weddinglovely

      Thanks for the lovely comment. You’re welcome. :)

  • Matt n Wendy

    We just got finished with wrapping up our fall wedding and went through a company called Green Light Booking for our wedding dance band. They recommended SuccorSites to build our wedding website and they used a WordPress site that worked out great, especially when linking it from weddingwire. I think it ran about $1,000 for the website altogether.

  • ssstorm

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    • Thank you! It was hand-illustrated for us by Meant To Be Calligraphy. :)

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