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Today we’ll be taking you on a virtual tour of Wolf Oak Acres and Katrina Blanchard, the venue’s proprietor, will be our tour guide! Enjoy:

Tell us a bit about your venue:

We are one of only a few Barn/Rustic facilities in NY State that boasts all of the extra amenities – from complete climate control, handicap accessibilities (including bathrooms and elevator), kitchen, bridal and groom changing rooms, mobile bars, 170′ wrap around balcony, cobblestone fireplace,cable, wifi, a nearly 200 acre estate, on-site shuttle bus and utv, and tons more. Our property is one of the most unique you’ll find. We are set in the middle of a valley , but have wooded mountains looming over us. We have ponds, streams, gorges, meadows, woods, waterfalls, a covered bridge and unbelievable landscape features that are incomparable for your dream pictures. We make our facility as accessible, and flexible as possible, offering you every possibility we can to allow customization of your day.

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What makes your business unique?

The landscape is truly unlike any offerings out there… We custom designed and built everything here ourselves based upon the land, the layouts, conservation and historical preservation. Our 188 acres of property was once home to multiple Indian long house villages over the last several hundred years, and has much rich history for our area. But aside from the land and the buildings, this effort has been a true journey for our family. We have built everything literally from the ground up! It has been a true labor of love, with all of our very own blood, sweat and tears poured into it’s creation. We are the very integral epicenter of this business, and treat our guests as our own family. I personally offer to help every couple coming through behind the scenes help and advice, to ensure they have the support they need and look for during all of the planning. We make ourselves available at any time to assist and make everyone comfortable and relaxed on their amazing journey.

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Do you target any particular niche?

We cater to those who want a do it yourself venue – not the stereotypical cookie cutter banquet hall…Here we allow the flexibility to have the full day for your event – making it much more relaxed, enjoyable, and all about the friends and family being here to celebrate a couple coming together. We offer a truly unique location, that will never look or feel the same for any event, no matter how many are ever held here – as every one is custom.

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What’s your favorite part of the job?

Seeing the couples totally in love, and getting lost in it! At the end of the day – the only thing that matters is that they are in love, together, and they have their most cherished people surrounding them. To hear how we helped make their dreams come true is just a heart melting moment for us!

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How do you help couples customize their weddings?

While we are supposed to be a Do It Yourself Venue – We personally offer our help and support during their entire process of planning. From offering tons of advice on budgets, vendor selection, organization, and more, we help make sure the couples are finding everything they want, need and never thought of, to ensure things go smooth.

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Do you have any funny stories about a past wedding or event?

A few sad, scary or downright different – but nothing that stands out as funny…they have all been overflowing with joy and happiness, and sometimes a little crazy chaos mixed in – but have all been beautiful!

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What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Never assume anything! This is from all points of view! The couples should never just assume someone else is taking care of everything for them. The families should never assume it’s been taken care of. The vendors should never assume that everyone else will always do their jobs or take care of all of the details… As professionals – whether it’s in our contracts or not – we always strive to be sure if we are seeing something overlooked or going awry behind the scenes – to just be sure it’s taken care of. The last thing anyone wants are hiccups during the day and then finger pointing! You’re always better off just going out of your way at all times. It’s always too easy for others to assume something has been covered by another person – and too often it was a detail overlooked!

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Any tips for brides on the hunt for a venue?

Millions! But to keep it as simple as I can: ASK QUESTIONS!

There are many differences between banquet halls and do it yourself venues. So you need to compare apples to apples. Know what you are looking for, and what you are comfortable with. If you want everything handed to you with a little bow, and you just show up – you are probably better off with the banquet hall. If you want to partake in the entire experience and customize all of it – look towards the DIY facilities. But any route you go – find out details and really compare offerings!

So many facilities may look better priced – but if you decide you want the cheaper to save money, 99% of the time you spend more because they don’t include the amenities. Once you put in all of the rentals and extras you need to be comfortable – you’ve spent twice as much as the venue that looked higher priced but included them all….So go in wisely with your list of questions and always call references to get a true feel for the behind the scenes atmosphere, and make sure you’re comfortable with the coordinators/managers or staff before you commit.


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