WeddingLovely Lookbook, Fall 2012

We’re so pleased to announce the launch of the Fall 2012 WeddingLovely Lookbook! Today is the one year anniversary of our original Lookbook — featuring only stationers and only a little over 300 listings. Our Spring Lookbook featured a little over 1,000 listings. And today, the WeddingLovely Lookbook features over 1,600 wedding stationers, photographers, planners, venues, and videographers worldwide.

See the Fall WeddingLovely Lookbook here:

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  • 5 of our favorite blog articles on wedding planning and advice written by WeddingLovely vendors.
  • Over 1,600 vendors listed from all over the world — California to Singapore.
  • 252 pages of articles, wedding vendors, and inspiration.
  • Featuring stationers, photographers, planners & coordinators, venues, and videographers (all the vendors currently in the WeddingLovely network — more verticals launching soon!)

Are you featured in this Fall’s Lookbook? Download this badge!

We’re going to have an announcement about the printed versions later this week, stay tuned!

Thanks so much to everyone (vendors, bloggers, friends and family) who have supported us — we hope you enjoy our latest Lookbook!

Edit: We’ve released our print Lookbooks! We’ve split our online Lookbook into four regional versions to both make the cost way lower (since there are less pages) as well as include more of our fabulous US based vendors! See our posts below.

Also, if you’re interested in why we do the Lookbook (we being just me, actually — it’s a one-person project), check out this post: Why our online startup releases a print product, and how we do it.


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17 Responses to WeddingLovely Lookbook, Fall 2012

  1. Sandra M. says:

    Wonderful job on the Lookbook! It looks great.

  2. Thank you so much! I was so excited to see my save the dates on page 10, too! — Courtney @ CreativeStartDesign

    • weddinglovely says:

      You’re welcome! You should thank the author of that post too — that was all him or her. :)

  3. Sara says:

    Congrats ladies! xx

  4. Jamie Valencia Aman says:

    We would love to get a hard copy of the Lookbook. How can we get one?

    • weddinglovely says:

      I’m working on that right now — releasing the full 250pg book is doable on MagCloud, but would cost about $50 (eek). I’m working on a better solution to release it, perhaps in smaller increments (unless you want the full Lookbook still!)

  5. Jenn says:

    The Lookbook is really nice! Awesome job, thanks for including us!

  6. So fabulous!!!!! Love it!

    Printed Version: My suggestion is to break it out by
    state/region. As a vendor, I know I’d be willing to purchase copies to pass out to potential customers. I’m sure others would as well!

    • weddinglovely says:

      Thanks for the comments, Crystal! I think region might work — would you personally want wedding vertical only (north-east vendors, only invitations) or include photogs/planners/etc too?

  7. Camila says:

    Awesome work Tracy! How can a wedding photographer submit their work to hopefully be included in your next Lookbook? :)

  8. Melanie Miriam says:

    Looks great!

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