Visualities Videography shared one of their special offerings with us and I wanted to share it with you all today. I’ve been to so many weddings that have slideshows, but never have I seen a video quite like this. Enjoy!

Hundreds of childhood photos. A few favorite songs. Throw in a transition or two in between… We’ve all seen ’em.

Those 5-minute long [sometimes longer] PowerPoint presentations on a projector screen at your friend’s wedding reception.

But if you’re looking for something different, we’ve got a nice pretty darn cool alternative! It’s called a “Love Story.” And it comes with a lot of lovin’. These videos are the latest *rave* among our couples and their wedding guests.

Learn more about “Love Stories” and see another video after the jump…

A “Love Story” is an opportunity for you – the couple – to share your story with your wedding guests on film. Not just with those funny, oh-so-cutesy, sometimes embarrassing pictures of your growing-up years…but with VIDEO and SOUND!

You tell your story. We edit it. Everyone enjoys.

It give us the chance to get to know each couple better before the big day, but it also gives wedding guests a sense for the couple’s quirky humor, or their romantic side, or how the newlyweds first met in a fun-loving “he-said”/”she-said” type format. Sure, we can throw in those old photos of the groom dressed up as Superman, or the bride’s high school prom photo. But with a “Love Story,” well go a bit further and make each video unique and memorable.

It’ll be a story everyone is bound to LOVE.

Visit Visualities Videography on WeddingVideoLove or head on over to their site to watch even more of their great work!