Thank you to Candice & Alison Luxury Weddings for today’s guest post! These ladies did a great job summing up what you should expect from your planner!

Candice and Alison WeddingPlannerLove

A good planner should be on top of all the little details the go into making every wedding special. There are many elements that require scheduling, delivery, placement and so on, therefore your planner should strategize on how best to implement everything as seamlessly as possible.

Candice and Alison WeddingPlannerLove

They should be aware of the bride and grooms schedule and keep them posted on necessary updates for example, when the limo has arrived, when guests start to arrive for cocktail hour etc. They should be present but behind the scenes for the duration of the wedding, quietly providing guests with necessary cues throughout the night.

Candice and Alison WeddingPlannerLove

They should also ensure key suppliers such as photographers, band members, caterers etc. are fulfilling the terms of their agreement and not otherwise distracted. Lastly a good planner should ensure the space is left the same way it was found.

Candice Alison WeddingPlannerLove

They should follow up with the couple after the wedding to provide them with anything that was left behind as well as to thank them and reminisce about all of the wonderful memories that were created.

Candice Alison WeddingPlannerLove

Thank you ladies for a short, yet to-the-point guest post! Visit Candice & Alison on WeddingPlannerLove.

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  • Short and sweet – nicely communicated!

  • Marit

    Thanks Steve! Indeed, a great guest post!

  • Eventacular Texas

    Thanks for the great thoughts on wedding planners duties. On the day of the wedding, the wedding planners main job is to make sure that the bride and groom are very happy! This is done by seamlessly making sure that all is taken care of prior to th guests’ arrival and then make sure that everything flows beautifully. This job is a lot of fun but sometimes stressful, you just can’t show that at all.

  • You are so right, you always have to put on a happy face to make sure EVERYONE is happy. Especially the bride and groom. Thanks for sharing. :)