Visualities Videography put together today’s post for us. We’re excited to share it, as it’s our first guest post about wedding videography. As a bride who opted not to get a wedding video, I have to admit…it’s my biggest regret, so I feel it’s my duty to share this with you.

I’m a wedding videographer. A storyteller at my core. And my job is pretty dang important. Why? I’m capturing special moments, video, sound, bloopers for you to remember forever. I’m not trying to sell you on hiring me to be your videographer. But this post does contain some ramblings about why I think know a professional videographer is so important for your special day.

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I’ve talked with couples who have chosen to opt-out of having a professional videographer document their wedding day. Their primary reason: Too much Moo-lah. Well, and Uncle John has an iPhone and he can record the vows on it… for free (by the way, good luck with that).

More about why you should hire a videographer after the jump…

Folks, when it boils down to it, what pricetag can you put on a video like this:

Emotion. Sound. Movement. HD quality capturing moments that can’t be repeated ever again!

Weddings are drastically different than a fun, birthday party on a home video camera. They’re different than a cute kid dancing to Justin Bieber on your iPhone. They usually happen once. And lets face it, Uncle John isn’t a professional wedding videographer. He doesn’t have experience white-balancing, sound-checking, and trouble-shooting the way a professional does.

Hire a professional, ladies and gents. It’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.

Visualities Videography WeddingVideoLove


My husband and I got married four years ago. It was a beautiful day. So perfect in every way. Red roses everywhere. Perfect August weather in Northeast Iowa. But I have to confess: We didn’t have a videographer.

Our BIGGEST regret.

I would love to relive the feelings I had before walking down the aisle. I would love to listen to our vows and hear exactly how they sounded in the moment. I would love to know what hubbs whispered to me while the congregation was singing. I would love to hear how loud the applause was as we happily left the church into our limo.

Bottom line: I would love to have a video with those special moments that I’ll never get to experience again.


If you’re investing in a wedding, consider investing in documenting the day with a professional videographer.

I’m not asking all of you to email me about couples you know who are getting married. Heck, I might not be their style.

The point of this is to encourage all couples, including your friends and family, to consider [or reconsider] budgeting for a professional videographer.

Let Uncle John and the rest of the fam have fun celebrating. And leave the video to the pros, peeps!

It’s a worthwhile investment.

One I wish I had made.

Visualities Videography WeddingVideoLove

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