10 Steps to the Perfect Sparkler Exit (2)

Today’s guest post comes to us from Ed Krisiak of Steel City Photography! Enjoy:

You have spent endless hours agonizing about how your grand entrance will look, but have you thought about your exit? Sparklers are inexpensive and will make some fantastic images for your wedding album. It’s also a fun way for your guests to participate in your grand exit. I have never witnessed a frown on a guest during a sparkler exit. There is nothing like bringing back childhood memories from your Fourth of July past.

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10 Steps to the Perfect Sparkler Exit (1)

I have created my top ten tips to help your sparkler exit go smoothly.

10 Steps to the Perfect Sparkler Exit (3)

  1. Make sure your venue will allow sparklers. There is nothing worse than planning your sparkler exit and finding out your venue will not allow the use of sparklers outdoors.
  2. Buy the right sparklers. Sparklers with paper on the outside will create a lot of smoke and your images will not turn out as good. The sparkler should burn about two minutes and be smokeless.
  3. Buy them here. (Yes, it is a plug for the company, but these are inexpensive and work well.)
  4. Have someone coordinate the sparkler exit. If you have an event or wedding planner, ask them to assist in the coordination of the sparkler exit. It is important for the guests not to be standing too close together. Your event planner will help you stage your sparklers and sparkler announcement.
  5. The sparklers should be lit in the direction you will be traveling and they have to be lit at the last minute. Matches are not the best method to light a sparkler. A windproof grill lighter will be a better choice. Once the first sparkler is lit, sparkler to sparkler is the fastest way to light the remaining sparklers.
  6. Make an announcement. Make sure there is a prominent display for your sparklers. Your guests will need to know a sparkler exit is planned. Your DJ can make an announcement when you are ready to do the exit. When you do the exit, it does not mean you are leaving or the event is over.
  7. Make sure your location has space to form two parallel lines. Another option is forming a circle. A circle will work but it is a little more difficult for the event planner to coordinate.
  8. Every guest will not need a sparkler. Some guest leave early and some may be taking pictures of your exit.
  9. Do not wait until the end of the night. If you wait too long, you will have fewer participants.
  10. Sparkles are hot! Keep them away from children. You will need a metal pail with water or sand to collect the spent sparklers.

10 Steps to the Perfect Sparkler Exit (4)

BONUS TIP: Of course you will need to talk with your photographer, so they will be prepared to capture your sparkler exit.

Thanks Ed! For more information about Steel City Photography, please visit his website. Do you have any questions or comments for Ed? Add them to the comments below!