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Your wedding invitation renders the first peek into your wedding day, so the invitations should shine considerably. People often dismiss the aspect of the invitation before planning for their wedding theme and style because it is usually sent way before the wedding itself. A blend of thematic elements, the right names, venue and style for the actual day and the invite itself, can give an idea to guests about how much you care about the occasion, while also making sure that you care about guests. Not sure where to begin your invitation card planning? Here is everything you need to take care of for wedding invitation card:

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1. Include Host Names along with the Couple

While every invitation card will include you and your fiancé names, one should get something more to the table. Include the names of the hosts – parents or partners. Lots of families do not fit into the traditional mould where the parents are married. List the hosts by their full name and a appropriate prefix.

2. Date and Time of the Wedding

After the names, the date and time of the planned wedding should be entered in the invite. Don’t make guests search in the invite, the time and date of the wedding! Be sure to include the year too since most weddings are planned months ahead. Be sure to include the time of the day in am and pm to be clear to the guests.

3. Mention the Venue in Detail

Whether you are having a backyard wedding or a destination wedding in a brilliant natural setting, your guests should know the perfect venue and the day of wedding. Do mention  the details of your venue such as city, state and zip code.

4. Type of Attire and Theme

You may let your guests know about the theme of the wedding and the formal attire for the wedding. Attach a general detail card. Mention the right attire if some Cocktail Attire or Garden Party Attire would be adhered to by all guests.

 5. Send a Way to Reply

Couples should include reply cards that are pre-addressed, stamped envelope for guests to let them inform if they are attending the wedding. If you have an online invite, have an option to select if they can make it. You can even share an email address or website so that you can issue the last date before a reply can be sent.

6. Enter Detailed Reception Details

The invitation usually focuses on the wedding ceremony. The reception could be held in a different venue without crowding the invitation itself. If the wedding venue and reception is the same venue, add a line stating that “dinner and dancing will follow” at the end of the main invitation.

7. Lay out the Menu Options

Some guests would be keen to have an invitation card that specifies the type of buffet or menu that you would have planned for that day. The mention of the cuisine options at least, would help them know if their preferred cuisine is included. For example, those who do not eat meat, would want vegetarian options for lunch or dinner. A note about the same would dispel all inhibitions in this regard.

8. Know Your Colors

Think about wedding colors and motifs for your wedding invitations so that they are used everywhere for a cohesive look. While white card stock with black or gold fonts are used for formal wedding invitations, you can use colorful fonts, paper stock, and contrasting envelopes too. The readability of the invite should be kept in mind though.

9. Play With the Shape and Size

Experiment with playful or modern vibes along with circular and square invitations. Don’t forget to consider some other shape than the standard envelope size.

10. Make sure the Writing is Legible

Along with colors and patterns, don’t forget the font and the density of printing on light and dark backgrounds. Yellow and pastels are not great for invites since they are hardly visible. Work different font colors and design without using an overly scripted typeface.

11. Choose Words Wisely

Word your invitation carefully and get the names right, the time of ceremony and venue correctly. Include the hosts in the invite without fail and be humble in tone and send the invite as a request to attend the ceremony.

12. Don’t Crowd All Elements

List only key points on the wedding invitation and do not try to squeeze in sentimental words that crowd the space and are harder to read. Have uncluttered design and text for a fine finish.

Consider the costs and the effort behind the invite and craft a slick and impressive one, that adheres to the spirit of the wedding theme as well as your attire. The elegance of design will make it classy for inviting guests to the wedding.

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