12 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding, Part 5: "Pinspiration"

Cheryl of Cheryl Ford Photography is joining us again today with Part 5 in her in-depth guest post series. Enjoy!

Welcome Back to Part 5 of my blog series on 12 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding. Over the course of these months I will be sharing with you a series of articles to help you have the most amazing day of their life. In case you missed it, you may want to catch up on the past articles:
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I’ve written these articles to share with you my perspective on what you can do to have your Dream Wedding. A lot of this is just good old common sense and none of it is that much work. But I promise if you incorporate these ideas into the planning of your wedding day, you will reap the rewards of a beautiful, calm and fun wedding day of your dreams! Trust me.


One of the best things in the world right now, in my humble opinion, is Pinterest. It’s awesome. There are so many ideas out there. More ideas, quotes, funny pictures of dogs, outfits, dogs IN outfits, and recipes than any one person needs in there lifetime. And it’s a perfect place to get ideas and inspiration for your wedding. It’s the go-to place for brides to get inspired and keep track of their dream wedding ideas. I mean girls who aren’t even getting married have dream wedding Pinterest boards. It’s like it was made for weddings. I personally have tons of Pinterest boards on my profile for wedding ideas – from wedding cakes to flowers, wedding planning tips, wedding color palettes and everything in between. It’s kind of like a one-stop-shop for wedding inspiration.

There are also wedding magazines everywhere and awesome blog wedding web sites like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and Style Unveiled – to just name a very few. They feature real weddings and styled inpiration wedding photo shoots with tons and tons AND TONS of ideas.

These are all amazing places to get inspiration for your wedding. But (isn’t there always a but?) I would suggest making it just that – inspiration. The question I think brides (and grooms) should ask themselves is do we want our wedding to be a carbon copy of someone else’s wedding or do we want our wedding to be uniquely us.

I also believe there is a deeper reason to get inspiration from somewhere but then create something that is uniquely you – and that is EXPECTATIONS. Expectations play a huge role in having a Dream Wedding. If you see a beautiful wedding and try to copy everything about it exactly, let me tell you something, it won’t be exactly like that other wedding. And you run the risk of being disappointed. But by having your own unique vision for your wedding that is simply inspired by great ideas, then it’s your own vision, it’s your special design, something you have created from your heart and will be special to you.

One of the things we photographers are seeing is brides and/or grooms seeing photos on Pinterest (mostly on Pinterest just because of the sheer volume of photos there) and wanting us to recreate them. There are a couple problems with that mindset. The first is that great photos are a combination of location, lighting, time of day, geography, the photographer, their equipment, knowledge of their equipment, experience, and the couple themselves. You won’t have the same set of variables on your wedding day as in a photo you see on Pinterest. And again, you set yourself up with expectations. I think it’s absolutely fine to see photos you like and a good photographer will ask you what you like about them. Is is the lighting, is it the location, is it the pose and they can work with that to create something unique for you that still gives you what you want.

Here are some tips on finding inspiration and how to turn that into your own vision.

  • When you find something you like, look at it critically. Figure out what it is that you like about it. If you are looking at flowers, ask yourself is it the color, the type of flower, mix of flowers or the shape of the arrangements. Figure out specifically why you like them and write that down.
  • If you are pinning ideas on Pinterest, take a 30,000 feet look at what you’ve pinned. What are the common elements in your pins. Is it a romantic, vintage, or modern feel. Is it a great color combination, are the colors complimentary, neutral, muted or soft. Is it natural, bright, elegant, DIY. Write these ideas down
  • Don’t pin every single thing you see. You will never be able to decide what you want. If you have over-pinned, weed some of the pins out to narrow down your inspiration direction.
  • Once you have your inspiration notes, use that to create your wedding vision. It’s sort of like writing a paper – you take notes from reliable sources and use those notes to make your own original writing. But this time it’s fun!

Thank you Cheryl! For more information about Cheryl Ford Photography, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide Profile or head straight to her website. Today’s post was originally published on Cheryl’s blog.

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