Now that we’re all officially setting into the new year (last week didn’t count if you were like me and scrambling to get back into the scheme of things after the holidays), I’ve been taking a fond look back over how much the WeddingLovely Blog grew over the last twelve months. We’ve had some showstopping articles posted over the last year — here’s our top five articles from 2012 in terms of traffic!

Top Five Wedding Website Builders

I reviewed many, many wedding website solutions and posted my favorites. The winner?, though I have to admit I’m partial to our (now-launched) wedding website solution at now! ;)

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How to Thrive as a Solo Non-Technical Founder

I reviewed how I worked for over a year solo, building WeddingLovely and its related properties, and my thoughts for why it was a success!

Why We Release a Print Product, and How We Do It

I reviewed the WeddingLovely Lookbook and why I build it (from scratch!) every year. A 200+ page magazine is no easy feat by one person!

Founder Stories: The Ups and Downs of Startup Life

This was a very personal post by me, talking about the rough parts of the year (mainly going from three people to two, and now WeddingLovely is just one again). It’s tough owning a business — you want to do what you love, but there are always bills and responsibilities too.

The WeddingLovely Lookbook, Fall 2012

Finally, our announcement post for the Fall WeddingLovely Lookbook — our largest Lookbook yet (with over 1,400 vendors, it’ll be the last Lookbook with that format, things will be a’changing for next Spring!)

Stay tuned for more roundups of our top posts throughout the week!