This diverse collection of elegant and on-trend wedding websites comes to us from Riley & Grey. Such beautiful work! Here’s Marissa, founder of Riley & Grey, to tell us more:

I think what we’re most excited about with the new collection is that we captured some really popular and traditional wedding themes, but in a new way. For example, we get tons of requests for vineyard themes. That’s a tricky one, because there are only so many ways you can draw a wine bottle and grapes.

I like the gourmet still-life approach we took because it’s also something you can’t really do on paper, so it’s perfect for your website. And it really brings in the foodie element that most vineyard weddings have too. Another example is the bohemian theme. I’m really proud of the way our team managed to take something like tie dye, which can get really cheese-y, really fast and elevate it so that it could even work for a black-tie boho wedding. Beach is another theme where the umbrella and sand toy imagery that comes to mind first isn’t really what people want for their wedding. I think the subtle waves in our Surf design get people excited for a beach destination without overwhelming the wedding’s brand.

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Fancy yourself a foodie? Here’s an artful, anti-foodstagram answer to your refined visual tastes. We’ve skipped the filter and brought you this decadent design that pairs especially well with a vineyard venue.

If King Midas took a Rorschach test this is what he’d see. Gold always adds a luxe touch, but beauty abounds in chaos, and these gorgeous gilded splotches cause just enough decadent disorder. Fancy can be fun too.

Vibrant tropical florals minus all the bugs and humidity. Painted in punchy, vivacious hues this scenic still-life makes the perfect pre-wedding postcard for rainforest nuptials abroad or a local greenhouse reception.

Yep, we could stare at this for hours too. You don’t have to preach free love and good vibes to appreciate the positive energy that this tone-down tie-dye radiates. More importantly, it’s just really pretty.

The natural simplicity of piled, sundried palms lends this design its earthy equatorial vibe. A great compliment to a global getaway.

Seashells, anchors, sailboats – beachy, nautical design can be so much more. Or rather less. “Surf” is for the more minimal beach-bound celebration that mirrors the understated impact of the shore.

Just when you thought marble couldn’t get any better, Rolling Stone adds rare color combos like charcoal & teal into the mix. These saturated swirls give the notoriously polished stone a bit of an edge.

Nothing adds a global accent like a handmade, geometric textile. A woodblock print of a stylized leaf stamped in natural earthy tones makes for a striking souvenir. No extra suitcase space needed.

Chances are you’ve seen this classic checked pattern before, just not quite like this. This O.G. power print makes the most inviting statement to set off your sun-soaked soirée.

The best design inspiration draws from impactful, experience-forming interiors. And nothing makes quite the statement like a bold, geometric tile. Now only to find a venue that measures up…

You can practically whiff these in-your-face florals. The unbridled blooms of this design set a much more vibrant tone for an event than your average arrangement.

Brush — Riley & Grey

Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge petal pushers, but sometimes lush spring/summer foliage hits a more unique note for a fresh air fête. Colorful, overhanging ferns and a dreamy script certainly set this apart from the rest of the boho-botanical pack

Charleston — Riley & Grey

Inspired by an age when art deco and decadence ruled the scene. Live brass band and fringe-shaking flappers.

Gorgeous, thanks Marissa! For more information about Riley & Grey, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.

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