Today’s lovely guest post comes to us from Sandra Faleris of Krikawa, a  Tucson, AZ based Wedding Jeweler. Enjoy!

When it comes to choosing an engagement or wedding ring, it’s time to get up to speed. Old engagement and wedding rings standards can be tossed out the window and replaced with what’s hot for 2018. Take a peek and discover what works for you and your partner. We love the casual approach to jewelry that has taken over in recent years. That doesn’t mean cheap! Read on and you’ll see what we mean.

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Mixed Metals

Mixing metals used to be considered garish. Matchy matchy was the rage and earrings, rings and necklaces were presented and sold in sets. Those days are over, thank goodness. If you love yellow gold, but your heirloom wedding ring is white gold, be bold and embrace both. Think Hollywood’s young elite, like Whitney Port, Miley Cyrus and Mila Kunas, as they have embraced the mixed metal fashion. Or walk on the wild side and buy mixed metals bands, which are now easy to find.

Mismatched Sets

Engagement and wedding rings no longer have to come as a matched set! The latest trend is to wear an engagement ring that can be worn alone or coupled with the wedding band. It’s more important to match your personal preferences. You can always echo an element from one ring in the other. For example, imagine a rose gold princess cut diamond engagement ring paired with a yellow gold wedding band sporting one small diamond. Your mate’s band might be a white gold replica. No rules!

Small is Beautiful

Bigger is always not always better. It is not about size, unless you are someone who wants to show their wealth to the world. If you have a choice between a smaller stone that’s flawless to the naked eye and a larger one that has a visible inclusion, always go with the smaller one. Even if your partner doesn’t notice the spot or crack right now, it will show as soon as the stone gets dirty. Your jeweler can help you out with this.

Buy What You Can Afford

Buying by price is a short-term strategy. Old rule of thumb was to spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring. No more. Weddings are costly enough without feeling pressured to spend more than what’s comfortable. Figure out your budget before shopping and review a variety of styles in advance so you aren’t starting from scratch. The most experienced jewelers will be able to hone in on the most ideal options once they see your personal preferences in style and budget. It helps if you bring in photos from magazines. Custom designs are often the best option. You could even have your jeweler hybrid two different designs!

Now you know what’s trending. No more rules! Sky is the limit when selecting your engagement or wedding ring. Be original. Be bold. Stay true to your tastes and have the confidence to know you’ll be pleased forever.

Former writer for The Richest and Millionaire Match, Sandra has teamed up with Krikawa to help brides and grooms make their dream rings come true without the typical hassles or frustrations.

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