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Today’s guest post comes from Janessa White of Simply Eloped, based in New Orleans, LA. Enjoy!

Technology is evolving at an incredibly fast rate and it’s difficult to think of any aspect of life that isn’t affected by it. As a wedding professional, I’m constantly seeing and hearing about interesting ways that couples can use technology on their big day. Out of all the different ways technology is being folded into weddings, some my favorite uses involve preserving and sharing wedding day memories. In today’s post, we’ll go over a few ways couples can use new technology to document their wedding with flair.

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360° Video

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Virtual reality and 360° video are certainly hot topics in the tech world right now. If you’re not familiar with 360° video, it is technology that records all 360 degrees of an experience. As opposed to a traditional video which records one camera angle at a time, 360° video records what is happening in front, behind, and on either side of the camera. Then, viewers can put on a headset, or watch from a service like YouTube 360, and see the scene from any angle of their choosing.

Being able to see the full spectrum of a wedding is an immersive, powerful experience. Place a 360° camera in the front row and you’ll be able to view your wedding just like you were a guest, being able to look forward to see the officiant and behind you to experience the expressions on the faces of your loved ones. If you want to relive your wedding and feel like you’re there once again, this is the closest you can get. 360° video is a powerful way to catch wedding memories and a quick Google search will reveal a number of companies popping up that can capture your wedding with this new technology.


Sadly, it’s so common for friends and family to be unable to attend weddings due to health or financial issues. Not only do these people miss the beauty of your ceremony, they can also feel left out. Livestreaming a ceremony can be an easy way to share your wedding with these loved ones and help them feel included. This technology will allow your ceremony to be captured and shared online in realtime. So if somebody close to you can’t make it, they’ll still be able to watch all of your wedding’s events as they happen.

There are a number of livestreaming apps and services out there, ranging from Google Hangout, which is a good solution if you’d like to share your wedding with a small group of people, to Facebook Live or Periscope, should you want to share the experience more people. Out of all of these options, Facebook Live is my favorite, as it’s incredibly easy to use. So many people already have Facebook, so friends/family don’t need to learn how to use a new service in order to view.

Drones and Beyond

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At this point in time, there are fewer limits than ever to the perspectives you can use to capture a wedding. Technology like GoPro cameras and drones allow couples to get angles that were previously very difficult.
Throwing a GoPro on your ring-bearer or your officiant will allow you to watch the ceremony from their unique perspective. Or, consider hiring a drone videography company to capture your wedding from a bird’s eye view. Or, see your wedding from the perspective of your guests. You can encourage them to take and share photos by having social media printer at the ceremony – this will print all the photos that are tagged with your wedding’s hashtag.

As these technologies evolve, we can get more and more creative with how we use them. At this point, there’s no shortage of interesting ways to capture your big day.

Janessa White is a wedding concierge at Simply Eloped, where she helps couples in New York City and New Orleans tie the knot. To learn more about Simply Eloped, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website. Do you have any questions or comments for Janessa? Add them to the comments below!