Today’s guest post comes to us from Lucy of Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family Photography! Enjoy:

After the initial excitement of the engagement sinks in, couples often realize the long journey ahead in planning a wedding that reflects their values, and their budget. One of the biggest decisions to be made is around photography. Wedding photography is one of the larger expenses to be considered in any wedding plan, but with the flood of dslr cameras, iPads, iPhones and selfie sticks these days, some couples question whether a professional is even needed. As we all know, there are risks with anything in life. What couples must ask themselves when making their decision, is the level of risk they’re willing to take on with each element of the wedding. Yes, many photography tools are available and most of your guests will have some kind of camera, but will they do the job of beautifully and meticulously documenting the most important day of your lives?

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I consider myself a wedding VIP – Very Important Partner and not just another vendor providing a service in exchange for money. Here’s why:

A wedding photographer can help you work out your timeline.

Often when I meet with clients they don’t know where to start in setting the timeline of their day and don’t know what they need or want in terms of photos. I bring a worksheet for us to scribble and work out all the details. First look? Getting ready in 2 different locations? Cocktail hour photos or just family formals? Large families, mixed families that don’t speak to one another, and what about our dog – can she be part of the ceremony? A wedding photographer understands what’s required to photograph all of the key parts of your day, and will ensure there’s enough time to get it all. Like fingerprints, every couple and every wedding is different. Some value documenting the preparations more than late-night dancing, and some opt out of preparation photos but want to capture every funky dance move until the lights go on. A wedding photographer has basically seen it all, done it all, and can give wise counsel to help you plan a day to remember!

They are with you for the whole day.

Florists will deliver flowers, the makeup artist usually leaves after faces are beautiful, and DJ’s arrive in time for the reception. Your photographer is the only person who is there from start to finish, hustling alongside you. They will help guide you through the day with a trusting hand, and advise you should something derail from timelines. There is usually a plan B (or even C!) and they’ll get you through it calmly and with a smile so that you can focus on getting married and enjoying yourself. Most of us also carry emergency packs – safety pins, pain meds, band-aids. Not only that, but most of us know how to pin a boutonniere, and tie a bustle!

They are involved with you long after the wedding is done.

We meet to deliver photos, work with you to create an album, thank you cards and wall art. We could even become your family photographer for all your next steps in life! When you first meet your photographer, it’s essential that you feel you could have this person around for a while.

They can, and often will, become friends with you.

Because the photography happens from start to finish of a wedding, and is the most intimate relationship with a paid vendor that you will have, you’ll get to know each other quite well. They must develop a good relationship with you, your family and bridal party from the get-go, to ensure the best results for photos. It’s important not only to choose your photographer based on style and price, but your ability to hit it off. When you both become invested, the relationship will bear richer fruit.

When you implicitly trust that your photographer will be by your side and provide photos that you will cherish as a legacy, you have found a VIP. It may require a bit of legwork to meet with several professionals and ask the right questions, but the process is well worth the reward!

Lucy is a Montreal-based wedding photographer, whose specialty is eclectic and intimate boutique-style weddings. To learn more about Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family Photography, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to her website.