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Today’s lovely guest post comes to us from fashion insider Araceli Vizcaino-S of Azazie, based in Mountain View, CA. Enjoy!

A million decisions – is it just me, or does it sometimes feel like planning a wedding involves a million decisions? Take bridesmaid gowns – they come in practically every shape, size, and color and you have to make a choice that will make every one in your party happy. No problem, right?

You have to start somewhere, and when dressing your bridesmaids, it’s a good idea to start with basic length. Lucky for you, we’re sharing our secrets to make our decisions much easier!

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1. Brush Up On the Options

Dresses can be floor-length, tea-length, or cocktail length. Floor-length is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a traditional look and super-feminine. When you think tea length, think 50’s chic, reaching somewhere between the knee and the ankle. Finally, cocktail length dresses are shorter, like something you’d wear to a swanky dinner party or a night out with your girls.

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2. Measure the Formality

If you’re wedding ceremony is happening in a conservative setting like a church or other house of worship, you may by necessity have to choose floor-length dresses. The hour of a wedding also determines formality – having a black-tie, evening wedding? Long, dramatic gowns or cocktail-length dresses are most appropriate.

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Then again, for some settings, any length is fair game. I personally love a beach wedding with long, flowy dresses as much as a garden wedding with that retro tea-length look. If formality isn’t dictated by a strictly conservative or formal atmosphere, you have every right to choose what makes your, and your bridesmaids’ hearts pitter patter.

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3. Watch the Weather

Please say no to bridesmaid-cicles! So, maybe you’ve always dreamed of a line of adorable young women in cute, wear-me-again short cocktail dresses standing by your side. It’s the perfect vision in spring or summer, but may cause major discomfort in colder months. Consider the weather conditions at your venues and plan accordingly.

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4. Go Traditional or Throw Out the Rule Book – It’s YOUR Wedding

The traditional rule of thumb for bridesmaid gowns is to choose one length for all. The advantages are uniform-looking wedding photos and a whole lot of control over your maids’ style. A variation of this option is to choose a color, fabric, and length, but let your bridesmaids each choose the style they like best.

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Look at all of the best blogs, however, or do a quick Pinterest search, and you’re going to find that plenty of brides choose just the color, then let their bridesmaids find the dress of their dreams in that hue. Most of the time your friends are going to know their personal style better than anyone else, and are best able to choose for themselves something that will look amazing. No need to force every body into the exact same mold. Let your bridesmaids sport what flatters them most and fits them best.

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Whichever way you are leaning, any decision is made easier when you break it down into the most important factors. Know your options, measure the formality, make comfort a top priority, and get the girls involved. You’ll be one step closer to your perfect wedding day.

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Araceli Vizcaino-S is the Community Manager for Azazie, an online bridal boutique that specializes in a made-to-measure dress experience. At Azazie, dresses are designed in-house and wedding parties are provided with custom fitting for over 200 styles and 57 colors of bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, mother-of-the-bride dresses, as well as a wide selection of bridal accessories.

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