Hey all you newly-engaged couples out there; today’s lovely guest post from Pixelicious (Montreal, Canada) is for you! Enjoy:

Valentine’s Day is here and this means a large number of lucky couples will get engaged! Although flowers and chocolates never get old, why not consider an engagement session to offer the experience your significant other truly deserves? The wintery backdrop makes the images unique. If you wish to make a statement in front of your family and friends, showcasing your engagement pictures taken in subzero temperature will surely impress. Here are 4 inspiration ideas that will make your Valentine’s Day memorable this year.

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1. Enjoy winter activities that reveal your personalities

Are you a fan of ice fishing or cross-country skiing? Nothing screams your personality louder than seeing yourself doing your favorite activities. The goal is to have some fun, to give yourself a reason to go out. Take special precautions in winter by dressing warmly. Accessories such as hats, scarves, and gloves are essential yet they can be fashionable at the same time!

What if you aren’t particular active during winter? No problem! Everyone enjoys a snowball fight, when was the last time you had the chance to throw one at your partner’s face while capturing it on camera? Consider doing things simply because we can, engagement pictures are all about letting loose.

2. Take advantage of the space and lack of crowds.

The great thing about winter is that those crowded places during summer tend to quiet down significantly. The intimacy is much welcomed, not everyone can start hugging and kissing in front of strangers. There are parks and other tourist locations that don’t allow engagement photography due to the number of visitors involved, but your wish may be granted in winter should you try and ask. There’s something serene when you find yourself away from everyone else, all alone in the arctic landscape.

3. Visit locations that aren’t accessible during summer.

Ever tried walking on water? You can, once the lake is frozen during winter. By all means, always go with a friend or a guide who has experience with the terrain. Safety always comes first.

The large surface of ice reflects sunlight, unlike anything you have seen before, creating jaw-dropping backdrops that you just can’t get during summer. Enduring the cold will be challenging but you will come home with plenty of amazing stories to tell!

4. Embrace the darkness and keep having fun!

The sunset occurs much sooner during winter but that shouldn’t limit your time spent outdoors. Start a campfire and treat yourself a delicious hot chocolate while enjoying twilight. All of a sudden it no longer feels as cold.

Chances are you would be seeking for a photographer to document your wedding day. Engagement sessions allow you to test the photographer’s ability, in addition, to see if both of you are compatible. If the resulting images turn out great, then you would feel that much more confident on your wedding day. There are so many things to worry about but photography isn’t one of them.

There you go, some quick ideas to motivate you in making Valentine’s Day special. It will be worthy of your effort, as the images and memories will last a lifetime.

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