4 Unique Engagement Ring Trends for Spring 2013 (2)

When it comes to engagement rings, there are a variety of options, styles and colors that can fit any bride-to-be’s wish list. Some women might like something simple and understated, while others might want a one of a kind look that really pops. No matter what you desire, there’s a special ring out there just for you. One thing that’s for sure is that once you’re engaged, you’ll have friends, family and coworkers “oohing and aahing” over the ring, so why not inspire yourself with some truly unique options? Here are 4 unique trends to take into consideration if you’re hoping to get engaged this spring:

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Many brides are turning to the rings of yesteryears to evoke timeless elegance. Depending on the quality and era of its origins, vintage rings can range from moderately priced to highly priced. These rings have a romantic nostalgia to them; one can envision the budding romance of a past loved one and offer one of a kind beauty. Many true vintage rings can be found in rose gold’s or yellow gold’s. Vintage rings can also be done to match modern taste with a brushed white gold or platinum filigree settings, creating the intricate, lacy look of the 19th century. More modern antique rings also tend to include a halo of pave, marquis or channeled stones to create the specialized design.

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Colored Stones or Accent Gems

Rings with colored stones or accent gems have now become a popular way through which brides are expressing their individuality. With the numerous colored stones available, women can find the gem that suits their personality or birthstone. Colored rings reflect class, as colored diamonds tend to be rare and expensive while larger gems, like Emeralds, Rubies or Sapphires can also max out a budget. Supposing that you desire something more subtle, adding colored accents to a diamond ring is also a viable choice.

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Two Toned

A unique look of its own, two toned jewelry has been a major trend when it comes to accentuating a look and playing with accessories. Mixed metals such as white and rose gold, or yellow and rose gold, are an inspiring and one of a kind look for someone who appreciates bullion jewelry, but isn’t looking to go full on colored metal. This is a very sophisticated, classic look that stands out as it’s far from traditional. Consider a band with a unique combination of rose white gold in a twisted or stacked design.

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Floral Detailed

Another distinctive ring to consider is a nature-inspired ring that contains intricate floral detail. These rings are whimsical, romantic and in style with today’s wedding trends that are more nature infused and woodsy. A floral detail is a unique and delicate setting to have on an engagement ring and is definitely something that will stand out, while also staying true to your own personal style.

This guest post was provided by Regina Enriquez, who has a wedding blog over at BrideNation!

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