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Today’s guest post is from Marie Kubin, founder and CEO of Rent My Wedding, the leading U.S. provider of do-it-yourself wedding rentals. Marie started the company while planning her own wedding, with the goal of helping brides on a budget create a dream wedding for a fraction of the price.

Couples frequently tell us that wedding lighting made more impact and garnered more compliments than any other reception decoration. Thanks to new technology, wedding lighting is easy for anyone to setup – no experience required! Here is an overview of four popular do-it-yourself wedding lighting techniques that will help you create a beautiful wedding reception without breaking the bank. We’re also including the rental pricing from Rent My Wedding to give you a ballpark idea on how much to budget for wedding lighting.

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1) Rent Uplighting for a WOW Effect

Uplighting adds splashes of colorful light to the walls of your venue. This is a great way to set the mood or transform a room. “Uplights” are small lighting units that are placed on the floor to shine up the walls.

You can rent uplighting and save money with a do-it-yourself setup. Uplighting is very user-friendly, allowing anyone to set them up in a matter of minutes – no experience required. Just plug in the uplights and set them on the floor up against the wall. Each uplight covers the wall with color from floor to ceiling. Choose just about any shade of any color for the uplighting with the push of a button. Uplights can be linked together with power cords using a single outlet. Or, use wireless uplighting, which is powered by batteries instead of power cords.

Our clients are always amazed at just how quick and easy it is to setup uplighting. In our experience, uplighting is also one of the most “bang for your buck” wedding décor items. Not only does it transform the venue, but also it sets the mood. For example, coral uplighting creates a romantic ambiance, blue uplighting sets the mood for an epic dance party, and purple uplighting provides an elegant atmosphere!

Cost: The typical cost to rent uplighting for a 100-guest ballroom is $100 – $200. The cost depends on the look you would like to achieve. For subtle accent lighting, I recommend using 6 uplights. This includes one uplight behind the cake table, three uplights behind the head table, and two uplights near the dance floor. Otherwise, for a more dramatic look, place uplights around the entire venue, spacing them 5 – 10 feet apart.


4 Ways That Rented Lighting Can Wow Your Guests and Save You Money (2)

2) Add a Personalized Touch with Gobo Monogram Lighting

Gobo monogram lighting (pronounced “go-bow”) puts your names or monogram in lights. This is a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your wedding. Gobo packages typically include a custom design, gobo disc, and projector. When the gobo package arrives, the projector is pre-loaded with your custom design. All you need to do is plug it in, set it on a table, and point it at a wall. It really is easy for anyone to do in a matter of minutes!

Cost: $99 for a complete gobo rental package.


4 Ways That Rented Lighting Can Wow Your Guests and Save You Money (3)

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3) Add Ambiance by Dining and Dancing Under the Stars

A blisslight creates a realistic looking night sky effect. Thousands of slowly moving, twinkling stars will appear, along with an optional blue cloud effect. The blisslight can be projected onto any surface, and is usually used for ceilings or walls. For setup, just plug in the blisslight, set it on a cocktail table, and point it at any surface. This is truly an amazing lighting effect!

Cost: $149 to create a starry night sky using a blisslight rental.


4 Ways That Rented Lighting Can Wow Your Guests and Save You Money (4)

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4) Highlight Special Details with Cake Spotlights

Show off your wedding cake or floral arrangements using cake spotlights! These are small, battery-operated white lights that highlight your wedding cake or centerpieces. This is a great way to make the special details of your reception stand out, and it also enhances wedding photos. There are many options for setting up the cake spotlights. The lights have a magnetic base that can attach to any metal surface, such as a curtain rod or air wall track. The lights also have a clip that attaches to drop ceilings or lighting stands. Or, simply place the spotlight on a table and point towards the wedding cake.

Cost: $35 or less to highlight your wedding cake or centerpiece.

These four wedding lighting ideas are my top picks to create a luxe look for less. Did I mention that couples actually find that renting wedding lighting is the easiest and most stress-free part of their wedding planning? This is because wedding lighting rentals can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Plus, setup is quick and easy in a matter of minutes. The best part is that your guests will never guess just how little you spent on such an amazing reception!

Thanks Marie! For more information about Rent My Wedding, please visit their website.

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