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So often couples are told what to DO when planning a wedding but not so often told what to avoid. Of course, we all want to know what to do to succeed, especially when planning our wedding day. But just as important are the pitfalls and mistakes that are only made and realized after the fact, when it’s too late. I want to provide some simple suggestions that can help you navigate your way to a wonderful wedding day.

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1. Short Engagement

The first thing to avoid when planning your wedding is setting your wedding date too close to the engagement. Give yourself 12-18 months to plan your day. Having the extra time will allow you to make solid choices and even change your mind. Do not wait set your date and not give yourself time to get things done in stress-free manner.

2. Huge Bridal Party

Next, you don’t have to have everyone in your bridal party. Your instinct is to not hurt anyone’s feelings so you have 25 bridesmaids. This is not necessary unless you are 110% sure that every person is the most important person in your life. If you communicate very clearly to family and friends from the very beginning, they will understand why you are limiting your bridal party

3. Ignore the Wedding Day Timeline

Next, don’t ignore your timeline. Your wedding day has a finite amount of time to accomplish quite a lot. The timeline is absolutely essential in making sure that you can fulfill your wedding day obligations while still enjoying the day. And be sure to listen to all of your wedding vendors. We have a ton of wedding experience to share with you. Our only goal is to make sure that your day goes perfectly.

4. Worry

My last and most important thing to avoid when planning your wedding…avoid worrying too much! Look, worrying about all of the details and having a perfect wedding day is completely normal. If you didn’t worry and stress a little that would mean that you didn’t care. Stress is a good and normal part of the wedding planning process.  But don’t OVER stress. It’s very easy to do. Just relax the best that you can. Leave everything to all of your competent wedding vendors and enjoy your day. Then you can avoid having regrets, and have a day to remember.

Larry Spencer is president of Spencer Photography Inc. in Cleveland Ohio. He has been a professional photographer for over 18 years focusing his work primarily on weddings. He currently resides with his wife, Marie and son, Elliot, in the Cleveland area.

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