5 Fantastic Seattle Venues For Your Wedding (3)

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Day Photography

Today’s guest post comes to us from Sophie, a UK resident who personally reviewed these wedding venues when she was searching for an all American venue. Her Big Day went down without a hitch and was very special. Sophie has now been married for 2 years and still going strong!

They say that arranging your own wedding is one of the most stressful things you can do (alongside moving house) in your life and I have to say I agree. I loved every second of my wedding day but on the lead up the big day I had definite tendencies to sway towards being Bridezilla, something I always vowed I wouldn’t do.

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One of the biggest stresses for me was finding a wedding venue! I saw loads of wedding venues that I really loved, but when you like so many different venues how are you supposed to know which one is perfect for you? I knew I wanted an all American day, with enough room for my guests to be able to have a good time and not feel cramped. I wanted a lovely setting for my wedding photos and somewhere nice for my loved ones to enjoy their dinner.

I ended up narrowing my list down to 5 different venues that I really liked, so I thought I would share them in case anyone else is having as much difficulty as I did deciding.

Sodo Park

5 Fantastic Seattle Venues For Your Wedding (1)

Photo Credit: Sodo Park

One of the things I liked most about Sodo Park in Seattle was the setting and venue decor. I really wanted somewhere that looked unique and distinctive, which Sodo Park offered. The decor was a blend of modern elegance and historical charm which I fell in love with straight away. They had loads of options for wedding decor, lighting and how to cater to my guests which was also something that was important to me.

Sodo Park offer the whole package which I also liked – they offered to help with the event planning, sorting out guests, meal plans, wedding reception music and even photography – they have links and connections to help you arrange the whole day, which I really liked.

Details of the venue

Seats 325 seated and 450 standing for the reception
Can provide own caterers to do the catering for you
On-site bridal loft
Car valet available for guests
Stage available for floral or decor arrangements

Prices really do vary here, it ranged from $,4500 all the way up to $10,000+ it depends on how many addons you have and if you take the exclusive services such as on-site catering and valet. That said, this really is an amazing venue and should not go unseen, it really is worth the look!

The Foundry

5 Fantastic Seattle Venues For Your Wedding (4)

Photo Credit: The Foundry

The Foundry is the sister venue of Sodo Park and they complement each other perfectly. This venue has a number of wedding package plans which means you can seat up to 200 guests or have a cocktail style event for up to 500. Much like Sodo Park they have access to a whole range of services that can help your day run smoothly and this was something I found extremely helpful.

They have catering and bar service offered by Herban Feast, who I have heard great things about! They also have a full house sound system and service equipment which means that however many guests you have attending your big day, you can feel reassured that they will be well catered for.

Details of the venue

Caters for 200 seated and 500 standing
Again, exclusive catering is available
Floral decoration and other arrangements available by on-site design studio
Bridal room
Ample parking for guests

The price list can be seen here, it is worth looking through it as there are many different prices and ample options and addons to choose from. This is a fantastic venue for the price, it all starts from as little as $500 up to $7000, this depends on what room you take, you can buy all the rooms and rent the entire Foundry for around $8000 – $14500, again, this depends on the add ons and exclusive offers you choose/if any.

Pan Pacific

The first thing that struck me when I entered the Pan Pacific hotel was the amazing staircase that they had. The staircase goes around in a massive spiral and with glass banisters and marble effect flooring I knew straight away that it would be the perfect setting for some wedding

The event space was lovely, with high ceilings and plenty of glass to keep the room looking bright – they also had an offer of an outdoor terrace area which is a fantastic selling point. They were able to offer us a range of food packages including a sit down meal provided by the Seastar Restaurant.

Details of the venue

Capacity 146
Ideal for the smaller wedding
Catering offered in house
Style is City, Glamorous, Modern
Shuttle and transportation offered in-house
Newly renovated

Seattle Art Museum

5 Fantastic Seattle Venues For Your Wedding (3)

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Day Photography

My quest for a wedding venue with a difference led me to the Seattle Art Museum, which I didn’t even realise did weddings until I started looking into venues for my own big day. As you can imagine the views at the gallery were amazing and I loved the thought of being able to have my wedding photos taken next to some famous art. Of course it would also give my guests somewhere to go and something to look at throughout the day.

The wedding team at Seattle Art Museum were really helpful and they offer a range of wedding packages which should mean that there is something to suit everyone. They very firmly made their place in the top 5 wedding venues I looked at.

Details of the venue

Ideal for a large-ish wedding
Seats 1,000 people
Choice of 7 rooms
Click here to see prices
Ideal for the modern wedding

Olympic Sculpture Park

5 Fantastic Seattle Venues For Your Wedding (2)

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Day Photography

Last but not least on my top 5 wedding venues is the gorgeous Olympic Sculpture Park. As you can imagine this park has some amazing settings and if you want to get married outside then it could be the perfect choice for your wedding. What I liked is that they catered well for outside events with plenty of seating and even onsite catering.

They have a large range of wedding packages which should mean that they have something for everyone. If you are looking for a wedding venue with a bit of a difference then this park could be the perfect choice for you.

Whatever venue you decide to choose, remember that your wedding is a day to be enjoyed so try not to let the stress during the lead up to your big day get too much!

Details of the venue

Very ideal for the modern / artsy wedding
Fees run from $500 – $5,700
Underground parking for 52 cars
Seats up to 300 guests
Audio & Visuals available upon request
Award winning catering available

Thank you Sophie, these are great venues!

Which of these amazing Seattle venues is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!