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Today’s inspiring guest post comes to us from Wed Our Way, based in Naxxar, Malta! Enjoy:

Deciding on what kind of theme your big day should have might be one of the most crucial parts of wedding planning, and even more so when it’s a destination wedding. In my years of experience as a destination wedding planner, I’ve found that while this is a more laid-back type of event for couples, they feel pressured to create an experience for their guests that’s like no other, given the effort guests put forth to make the trip. If you’re one who’s determined to make your big day as unique as possible, take a look at these 5 lovely themes that are perfect for destination weddings and find one that inspires you.

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1. Stardust

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Even if your chosen wedding destination isn’t under the Northern Lights in Norway or Finland, you can still celebrate this momentous occasion under the stars. With the right lighting and glittery materials, you can create a Stardust theme for a nighttime wedding – no matter if your ceremony and reception is indoors or outdoors. Your guests will truly feel the love and the magic with this theme.

  • Motif: white with metallics (gold, silver, bronze, rose gold) and shades of blue
  • Venue: function hall, garden, tent or pavilion
  • Decor: stars everywhere are a must; draped ceilings with fairy lights and falling stars; minimal flowers with candles, glitter, confetti, and stars for the table decor; installations also adorned with gold, silver, and fairy lights
  • Attire: think of a dramatic silhouette embellished with beads, crystals, gems, and sequins, plus a simple headdress or head band with stars and diamonds

2. Retro Tropical

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When you think of a Hawaiian and Havana-themed wedding combined, a Retro Tropical destination wedding is what you’ll achieve. It’s the perfect blend of nature, colorful elements, and a retro vibe.
Just imagine going to your wedding venue in a classic Volkswagen or Chevy, walking down an aisle lined with lovely tropical leaves and flowers, and having fun with your friends, family, and other guests in your reception that’s filled with floral patterns, bright colors, tropical plants, and vintage decor.
It’s a great way to make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed while celebrating with you on your wedding day.Photo Credit: Elliot Nichol

  • Motif: white with bright and happy colors like yellow, green, blue, orange, teal, etc.
  • Venue: seaside, garden, pavilion, beach, villa
  • Decor: installations and backdrops adorned with colorful stripes, floral patterns, and plants; floral table runners, napkins, and tableware; tropical leaves, plants, and flowers all over; barrels, umbrellas, old clocks, wood pallets, and mason jars are just some of the additional items you can use for this theme
  • Attire: A-line skirts, chiffon maxi dresses, high-low dresses for the women and relaxed trousers, suspenders, and Chinese-collared long sleeves for the men

3. Hessian

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Hessian is also known as burlap. When combined with lace, it’s a more popular theme for weddings of many kinds. It gives the rustic theme a little more character, as you can use burlap for your wedding invitations, souvenirs, table decor, installations, the cake, and even your bouquet. If doing DIY projects is your thing, then this Hessian theme is definitely for you. Your friends and relatives will notice how you’ve used your creativity and personality in every detail of your wedding. Plus, this one is perfect if you want to treat your guests to a more relaxed dress code. Less stress to get glammed up will show them you appreciate them traveling all the way to your destination wedding location.

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  • Motif: white, cream, pearl white, nude, beige
  • Venue: (indoor and outdoor) gazebo, pavilion, villa, garden, hotel, private estate, farmhouse
  • Decor: all flowers in white and shades of cream and nude; trees and plants adorned by fairy lights; aisle and certain walkways lined with tealight candles and burlap; tables decorated with lace and burlap along with some flowers and candles; ceilings draped with white linen and lace with fairy lights
  • Attire: bridal gown is fully laced to complement figure and highlight assets; bridesmaids can wear knee-length or high-low dresses; men can wear cream or nude coats

4. Victorian Glam

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Do you imagine yourself arriving at your wedding venue in a horse-drawn carriage? Consider a Victorian Glam theme if you want your destination wedding to be nothing but classy, romantic, and sophisticated. Think medieval, royalty, fairy tale, and glamour, all rolled into one. You can make it historical or a bit modern, depending on you and your partner’s tastes. A few Victorian must-haves to consider are things like lace, fine floral China and teacups, pearls, corsets, silk, and candles. And to top the ambiance, imagine your music coming from violinists, harpists, or a string quartet.

Photo Credit: Alexey Leonov

  • Motif: cream, white and black, gold, silver, with touches of midnight blue, rose gold, pink, and copper
  • Venue: 19th century castle, Victorian style function hall, old farmhouse or estate, botanical garden, historical site
  • Decor: A castle tea room or ballroom is the perfect inspiration to decorate your venue. There are antique furnishings, chandeliers, more candles, pearls and lace, persian carpets, floral and damask patterns, and white flowers.
  • Attire: A corseted ball gown with lace and pearls for the bride and a cream and white ensemble for the groom. Guests will come in glamorous dresses and coats as the event will be strictly formal.

5. Minimalist Bohemian Classic

Photo Credit: Rene Rossignaud

A Minimalist Bohemian theme is perfect for those who dig the boho vibe, but worry about making it stuffy or tacky. Minimalist Bohemian has the relaxed and personal feel of a bohemian theme, but it’s a tad more neat, simple, and elegant. One client of ours called this the “positive thinking” theme for her wedding. Think of having white as your canvas, then choose some pops of color to incorporate into it. This is a great way to make your special day simple. yet oh-so romantic.

Photo Credit: Elliot Nichol

  • Motif: white, cream with touches of pink, peach, nude, rose gold
  • Venue: function hall, gazebo, garden, old farmhouse, private estate
  • Decor: white flowers with twigs and leaves; white candles in gold candle holders, tea lights and fairy lights; clear or tiffany chairs; white tables adorned with candles, leaves, and gold or copper silverware; less installations and floor decor; plain drapery and linen
  • Attire: more plain white linen with less lace and beadwork – replace lace with plain colored ribbon; sleek silhouettes for your gown, like serpentina or A-line bottoms, spaghetti straps and sweetheart strapless tops; classic black and white coat and tie for men

So there you have it. Get started on planning your dream destination wedding today and pull some inspiration from these 5 lovely themes.
Just keep in mind that no matter how simple or over-the-top your chosen wedding theme is, what’s important is that it’s an event that’s enjoyable for your guests and one that you’ll treasure and cherish for the rest of your lives.

Martina Selvagi is the founder of Wed Our Way, a destination wedding planning team serving Malta, Croatia and France. To learn more about Wed Our Way, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head striaght to their website.