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Today’s awesome guest post comes to us from freelance writer and wedding enthusiast Stacey Smith! Enjoy:

Classic, rustic, boho, minimalist, industrial, alternative, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to wedding themes, picking out the most authentic, personal, and meaningful one from the plethora of options can seem almost impossible. Not only do you want to pick an overarching style, but you’ll need to look into colors, decorations, fonts, and all the little details to perfect your wedding theme.

We don’t want to make this seem like a daunting task though. In fact, picking out a wedding style can be a fun and inspiring exercise in creativity. You get to daydream, look at tons of eye candy, and work with vendors to create a celebration that is truly unique to you and your fiance. So where to start? Here are some things to consider when choosing a wedding theme.

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1. The Venue

Your venue will play a big part in the decision of your wedding theme. Whether you pick out the venue before the theme or vice versa, you need to use your chosen space as a guide.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose your venue before you start daydreaming about styles. What kind of establishment is it? A chic rooftop? A ballroom? A country garden? Knowing the ins and outs of your venue will help you decide what kind of style will work best. For example, a rustic wedding works well in a barn, open field, or garden. For an elegant minimalist wedding, you might choose a rooftop, museum, or loft.

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Look around your venue space for theme ideas. Chances are, you already have something in mind, but how does the venue play into it? What decor is already there? What is the landscape like? The lighting? The colors? Basically, what does your venue have to offer and how can you use those features in your theme?

2. Design Inspiration

It’s natural to look to the wedding world for theme inspiration, but challenge yourself to go outside of the box and take a peek at styles created in other disciplines.

Think about your favorite movie sets, interior designs, time periods, artwork, places, and locations. Do you notice a pattern/theme that runs throughout? What colors come up the most? Are your favorite designs more luxe or minimalist?

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Start a folder of favorites and fill it with ideas and photos. Once you have a good collection going, eliminate things that don’t fit the bigger picture. What things fit together? Will the style you’re creating support the venue and formality of your wedding? Try to eliminate until you have a cohesive style, but don’t throw away your other ideas. You can possibly use them for a bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, etc.

3. Theme Deconstruction

Deconstructing your theme is really about getting into the details. Start with the essence of the theme, then dive deeper. Otherwise, you’ll end up presenting your vendors with a vague idea that they can interpret in different ways.

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Be as specific as possible. If you want a rustic theme, choose what kind of rustic. For instance, country barn rustic will look and feel much different from woodland rustic. Similarly, for a vintage theme, decide on a time period to help you find decor, flowers, and colors that will express the era to a tee.

Don’t think you have to be obvious with your chosen theme though. You can allude to the style without going overboard. If you want a style that says “spring in Paris,” you don’t have to clutter tables with Eiffel Towers and vintage perfume bottles. You can create the ambiance in a more structured way by creating an archway of cherry blossoms, hanging ethereal fabric from the ceiling, and topping tables with candles.

4. Authenticity

The best way to ensure your wedding theme is original but authentic is to research, especially if you’re considering something historical, geographical, or cultural. You wouldn’t want to decorate your reception space with art deco pieces if you’ve chosen a Victorian-era theme.

Again, it’s all about getting into the details. You can even create authenticity by giving your guests personalized favors that reflect your theme.

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Mason jars are perfect for rustic barn weddings and gable boxes filled with trinkets and treats from your chosen era/location will delight guests.

5. Your Budget

Unless you’re a celebrity, you’re probably working within a budget. No matter how large or small it might be, you’ll want to keep on top of it and make sure your theme doesn’t break the bank.

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Sure, a ceiling to floor flower wall at your summer Victorian garden-themed wedding may be ideal, but if you don’t have the cash for such an extravagance, you’ll need to come up with similar, more affordable ideas. Consider hosting your wedding in an actual garden, for instance, to take advantage of the flowers already provided. Want a beach wedding, but can’t pop for plane tickets to Bali? Incorporate tropical elements into your wedding theme instead.

At the end of the day (or the wedding planning) your theme should reflect who you and your partner are as a couple. That means taking these considerations into mind, using them as a guide, but ultimately going with your instinct and staying true to yourself. Most of all, don’t worry too much or bog yourself down with all the options you’ll come across. Keep it simple, sweetie, and have fun!

Stacey Smith is a freelance writer who, after planning her own wedding last year, loves to share tips and ideas for creating the perfect day. She specializes in new and unique wedding ideas with a flair for the DIY.


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