5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Hairstylist or Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

Today’s helpful guest post comes to us from Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Nyoka Gregory, owner of Nyoka Gregory Beauty! Enjoy:

It’s “Bridal” season…or is it? As a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist I feel like every season is bridal season.  Brides don’t just get married in June or July they get married all year long.  However it does seem like “tragedy” season as it seems as though I’m coming across more and more brides with horror stories when it comes to bridal beauty.  I’ve heard about how they’ve had several bridal consultations and/or trials and couldn’t seem to find the right match until they met with me.  While that is a compliment it also saddens me.  If a bride truly knows what she wants then it should be fairly easy to be matched with the perfect glam squad.  Try these tips before you jump the broom!

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1. Referrals

Most of us beauty industry professionals get our business from people that loved our work and let the whole world know.  Check out the vendors who serviced your friend or family members in the past.  Who knows, If they were good enough for them then they may be good enough for you. Ask about the experiences they had and if there are some positive reviews then go for it!

2. Websites

When I moved to Maryland back in 2009 my first bride told me that she probably wouldn’t have booked her wedding with me if I didn’t have a website.  She wanted to see my work…my “professional” work.  Make sure your beauty vendor has a professional website.  This way you can get an idea of what kind of work she/he does.

3.  Budget

This is THE most important thing.  Most of the time we as bridal beauty vendors get the short end of the stick when it comes to weddings.  You’ve spent all of your money on the venue, the food, the dress and even the cakes so when it comes down to hair and makeup you feel like it’s not as important as the other things.  I disagree.  While those things are important, hair and makeup are just as important considering that you will be in 90% of the photos that you’ll take that day AND people will be looking and talking about how you looked for years to come.  You want to make sure you look your best…like you hired a professional and not your niece who is just graduated from “hair school”.  Prices are going to be based on experience, professionalism, travel and the level of “glam” you want so plan your budget around it.

4.  Professionalism

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard that other MUA’s {Make Up Artists} were late to a consultation, didn’t show up or my favorite…late to the wedding.  Sometimes I’m hired to do both hair and makeup for weddings or sometimes I’m hired to do just one service.  I have seen it with my own eyes when the other beauty professional is late and the bride is in a panic (secretly looking at me out the corner of her eye because she knows I can save the day if needed).  If you feel like your beauty vendor is not up to the standard you’d like them to be then don’t settle.  Don’t hire the unprofessional just because she was cheaper.  You may suffer in the long run.

5.  Know Your Wants & Needs

You’ve been planning your wedding since you were a kid and we all know that so when it comes to your look make sure to translate that into black and white.  What I mean is bring pictures and written ideas of what you want to your consultation/trial.  It gives the artist a chance to see into your vision so it can be executed the way you want and need it to be done. Ask questions…don’t assume.  This will leave you less stressed on your wedding day allowing you and the artist to be at ease. Hope this helps…Happy Planning!


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