5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Engagement Video (6)

Today’s awesome guest post comes to us from Laurel Shane, social media manager at VideoTov. Enjoy!

Many years from now, when you’re looking back on everything that’s happened in your life, one of the moments that will stand out the most is when he proposed. This used to be nothing but a fond memory for married women, but now you capture the moment on video and watch it again and again. You don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive videographer: just a good plan, some willing friends, and a talented video editor.

All it takes to create a beautiful engagement movie is the right combination of footage, photos, and favorite songs. Just use the following tricks, and your engagement video will turn out perfect—just like the moment he dropped to his knee.

If you know someone who’s planning a proposal, make sure he reads this first:

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5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Engagement Video (7)

1. Enlist the help of friends or family

You need other people to take the footage because you’ll be in it. Smartphone cameras are perfectly fine, but make sure that your proposal spot has enough light for the footage to show up clearly. At a minimum, have one person taking video and one person taking photos. For best results, get a second person to take video from a different angle so your editor can cut the footage together.

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2. Make sure your video-takers have the fundamentals down

As a professional video editor explains in this handy how-to video, your smartphone footage will look amazing if you following a few simple rules.
1) Shoot horizontally
2) Shoot steady
3) Shoot level
4) Shoot long

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3. Get footage and photos of the whole scene

It’s tempting to focus on nothing but the happy couple, but adding in some b-roll will bring the scene to life. Be sure to get shots of the location, reactions from the crowd, closeups of the ring, etc.

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4. Pick the perfect song (or two)

If you and your fiancée have a song that’s “your song,” this is the perfect moment to use it. If you don’t, choose a song that sets the right mood—romantic, happy, deep in love.

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5. Work with a video editor to make the perfect movie

You don’t have time to deal with learning how to edit video right now—you’ve got a wedding to plan! Just turn your files over to a professional editor who already knows how to make amazing engagement movies. Give some guidelines on how you want the movie to turn out, and your editor will create the engagement movie of your dreams.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have an amazing proposal video to share with friends and family. (Hint: this makes a great engagement announcement!) And you’ll have more than a memory of that moment—you’ll have a way to travel back in time and relive it whenever you want.

Laurel Shane is the social media manager at VideoTov, a video editing company that connects you with a professional video editor to transform your footage and photos into a memorable movie. Learn more at www.videotov.com.