Today’s guest post comes to us from Christina Kiffney, based in Boulder, CO. Christina is a professional wedding photographer who weaves together emotion and artistry for your wedding photography. The love between the two of you and the love that surrounds you are the focus of her work, which she approaches with an artist’s eye to create photos in a painterly style. Enjoy!

Photography is the most important part of your wedding day investment. Okay, I may be somewhat biased since I am a wedding photographer. But I do believe with all my heart in the longevity and meaning behind your wedding photos. They are there to be savored and enjoyed at every anniversary. They are there during tough times of illness and loss of loved ones. They are there in your quiet moments when you’re older as you reflect back on a life well lived. They are there for children and grandchildren to learn about and celebrate who you were in your youth. They are there as a testament to the love between you and the love that surrounds you. So how do you get the best possible wedding photos that you will cherish forever? Obviously hire an amazing professional wedding photographer who fits your style. But what can YOU do?

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1. Be in love

Your love for each other is what will make your wedding photos bring tears to your eyes for years to come. Allow yourselves to feel those butterflies in your stomach, have google eyes at seeing each other for the first time, and fall into each others arms as often as possible all day long.

2. Be grateful for true friendships

They’ve been with you through tears and triumphs, laughter and adventures, stumbles and falls, and they’re here with you new on the best day of your life.

3. Be proud of your family

Yes they have embarrassed you at times, and sometimes they don’t listen, but they do it all from a place of love. They just want you to be happy. And they will be the first ones bawling their eyes out in their front row seats at seeing you truly happy and truly in love.

4. Be in the moment

You’re surrounded by all the people you most love in the world, in a beautiful place, marrying the love of your life. Soak in every moment.

5. Be yourself

Laugh at the wrong moment, trip walking down the aisle, cry through the entire vows it doesn’t matter. Your fun personality, your quirkiness, your ability to laugh and be real are why all these people love you so much. Let yourself be genuinely you (okay, maybe a drop dead gorgeous version of genuinely you, but still you). And celebrate who you are right here, right now in this incredible moment in your lives. I guarantee that after all of the detail decision-making and vendor checklists are long forgotten, what you’ll want to remember most is the genuine love, the genuine people, and the genuine emotion of the most beautiful day of your life.

Great advice, thank you Christina! For more information about Christina Kiffney Photography, please visit her WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to her website.

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