5 Wedding Boutonniere Ideas (1)

Today’s fun and informative guest post comes to us from Danial of Darkershadesofbrown Photography, based in Scranton, PA! Enjoy:


Weddings are all about the little things! From the table settings, to the vows, all the way down to the invitations, weddings are made of many lovely tokens that make up your special day. In fact, it’s easy to get lost in them, especially if you’re the groom caught up in the whirl wind of a partner’s party! But fear not, this blog finally gives the guys a chance to have some fun with their own little detail, the fabulously dashing boutonniere!

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Boutonnière, which is a French word coined in the early 1700’s, literally means “buttonhole” and calls back to an era when small flowers denoting the mood of a gentleman was nestled in the buttonhole of a man’s suit or tux.  Boutonniere was also a superstitious device meant to ward off ghosts, disease and evil spirits. In the Middle Ages, a knight would take a lady’s flower or scarf and pin it to his heart when entering into battle.  In these modern times, boutonnieres have evolved to be used for special social events such as weddings, proms, or military veteran memorial services. It is meant to match the partner’s corsage, dress or tie together the pantone, or color of a couple’s “theme”.

Today boutonnieres are as individualized as weddings themselves, ranging from DIY to high end exotic succulents, these floral highlights can be a great way to personalize the lapel and expose personality. Show your chivalry and wear your lady’s love or “your heart on  your sleeve” as the phrase goes. Similar to how a Bridesmaid’s dress may vary from the bridesmaids, it is recommended that a groom’s flower vary from his groomsmen. It can vary by being slightly larger, or have added color.

5 Wedding Boutonniere Ideas (2)

Here are some great pieces of inspiration to get you started

If you’re aiming for rustic or Americana wedding, perhaps in a barn or field, then these burlap and wheat inspired pieces are right up your Mason Jar alley! Maybe you’re having a destination wedding set in a beach or hot and sandy seascape, then shell or cactus inspired boutonniere might be a better fit. In many instances, the classical rose and sweet tuft of baby’s breathe always lends a simple yet classic touch to the lapel.

The boutonniere makes a statement. While smaller flowers are recommended (most commonly used are small rose heads or a single carnation) a larger flower certainly would draw attention. Just take caution pinning it to your suit! Don’t be afraid to show some green- it is considered fashionable! So many options- ivy, leaves, herbs, or baby’s breath are common picks. Oh and here’s a tip about pinning- make sure to not pin the flower to the lapel as it will cause the flower to droop. If you do not have a lapel loop behind the top bottonhole, you can secure it with a pin.

There’s even the option of going DIY with your boutonnieres and adding small mementos such as mini photos of family or tokens that are symbolic of your love. Feathers are rather hot these days. Did you consider tying a unique piece of nature with the yellow rose or perhaps tying the orchid with burlap and hemp? There’s a radiant rainbow alternative and old school button option as well if flowers aren’t really your thing. Either way, finding the perfect fit for your boutonniere is a matter of looking at what ties it all together. From simple and classical elegance to neuvo hip rustic elements, it’s a matter of personal style that lets your lapel share the spotlight on the special day!


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