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Today’s guest post comes to us from Steven Briggs of The Alpha Groom. Steven is a freelance writer and filmmaker living in Boston, MA. He’s written many stories, scripts and essays about the nature of love and how it’s changed in society today. Enjoy!

Writing your wedding vows is the perfect way to tell your fiancé exactly how you feel on your big day. You can be unique and surprising with your words without falling into clichés. After all, every relationship is different and comes with its own story. You can surprise your guests, get creative and break out of the mold by saying something thoughtful and insightful. It’s a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. If you’re up to the challenge, take a look at our wedding vow writing tips for men.

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1. Plan Ahead with Your Fiancé

Before you start to write your wedding vows, talk to your future spouse and make sure that you’re both in the same headspace. You don’t want to start pursuing something if the other person isn’t up to the challenge. It’s also important to make sure that writing your own wedding vows is acceptable for your chosen church, pastor and religion.

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2. Compare Notes

Once you’ve both agreed to write your wedding vows, discuss the length and tone that you each want to use. Do you want them to be funny or romantic, casual or over the top. It’s okay if you each want to head in different directions, but you don’t want to say something that might upset your fiancé on the day of the wedding.

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3. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Now it’s time to start writing. While there’s no guideline that tells you how to write about your relationship with your fiancé, there are a few common areas that you might like to include. Most people will talk about the early stages of the relationship and then slowly work their way to the present or future, like telling a linear story. Think about how the two of you first met or the first time that you realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person. It might sound cheesy, but you can write it in such a way that stays true to your experiences.

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4. Add a Line About the Future

Even though you share tons of stories as a couple, try and talk about the future of your relationships as well. Marriage is about commitment and the promises that you make to one another. Towards the end of your vows, add something about how you want your relationship to look in the future, growing closer together as the years continue. Your fiancé will fall head over heels.

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5. Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve come up with a rough draft of your wedding vows, it’s time to start thinking about the delivery. Try reading them out loud to yourself or to one of your friends. Make sure that the words flow naturally and are easy to understand. Ask for feedback. Let your friend tell you what’s working and what’s not. You don’t want to make a fool out of yourself when the big moment finally arrives. Also, try to hit the right length; it’s best to keep them under two minutes. Lastly, keep reading out loud to yourself and to others until the day of the wedding. The words will start to stick in your head and you might come up with something even better at the last minute.

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