When it comes to buying the right thank you gift for the men in the wedding party, there are quite a few gifts that come to mind as “traditional” or “classic” – maybe even “standard”. And of course, depending on who you talk to, these gifts are either still perfect for the job or they’re useless gifts that are bound for a dusty junk drawer, never to be used. They’re perfect for your guys or maybe they are just unimaginative.

So who’s got it right? Who has the sense of a solid groomsmen gift in modern day living and who just isn’t with it? We’ll present the case for both sides of the argument below and let you decide for yourselves.

The Flask



Flasks look sleek, shiny and present well. For the boozehound among his pals, you’re on the right track. It actually will probably come in handy in the short space between ceremony and reception when your groomsmen will be getting rowdy and restless, all but screaming for a beer. Flasks can almost always be personalized too, so the gift can be a little more special for each recipient who is a part of your day.


Seriously, this might be the least imaginative wedding party gift ever. Yes, the groomsmen will likely be drinking heavily (but had better still behave). And of course, your groomsmen will be happy that you acknowledge their role in your day, whatever the gift. On the other hand, you could dig a little deeper than a ‘stock’ gift, couldn’t you?

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The Cufflinks



Cufflinks can add a little flair to your groomsmen’s attire and might even make for a fun photo op. For the businessman in your wedding party, cufflinks can add class and charisma to a well-tailored suit.


Will they ever have the occasion to use them except during the wedding? Most men will wear cufflinks all of twice in their lives – at prom and at weddings. It’s not particularly useful either unless you’re a fan of French cuffs – even a tie tack would be more practical.

The Beer Mug



The beer mug is as practical as it gets – a glass will get used sooner or later, even if it’s not the favorite in the rotation. And whether or not they admit it, most men have a soft spot for oversized anything, and huge beer mugs are no exception. Like the flask, engravings are easy to come by for the personal touch.


You just gave him a cup. Do I really need to go deeper into this? You can dress it up all you want – it’s still a drinking vessel.

The Money Clip



Men don’t typically buy wallets for themselves, so it’s a thoughtful gift in that sense. It’s also utilitarian as long as you choose a decent one. Perhaps most importantly, it cuts down on overstuffed wallets by eliminating all the little compartments and pockets. With a little bankroll, they’ll feel like Richie Rich.


If I wouldn’t buy myself a wallet, why would I want one from someone else? And where did all the storage space go?

The Pocket Watch



Pocket watches have long been a commemorative gift and are just plain classy. It’s also a little outside the box since many contemporary men prefer wrist watches. You may find your groomsmen channeling Sherlock Holmes, and that’s a good thing, dear Watson.


This is not very practical, unless you live in the Victorian era. It doesn’t fit in well with the modern way of dress unless you’re an accomplished hipster, and even then it might be pushing it. His phone already tells time and he can read books on it. Can he read books on his pocket watch?

The Pocket Knife



There are few men who wouldn’t be jazzed by a pocket knife to prove how handy they can be in a pinch. A lot of pocket knives also come with cool extra tools along with them, so you can really go that extra mile with a single gift. The outdoor groomsmen will particularly appreciate it.


If he’s like a lot of men, he’s already got his own faithful, everyday pocket knife chosen – he doesn’t need another one. It also should come as no surprise that it’s easy to spend a lot of money on a good pocket knife, so there must be a better way.

So what’s your take on groomsmen gifts? It’s probably true that there’s a place for every gift on this list, but which ones do you love and which make you crazy?

This post was written by the folks at MyGroomsmenGifts.com. They promise, whatever your feelings on the above gifts, they can help find the perfect thank you for your groomsmen.

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