Today’s guest post comes to us from wedding planner Jessica Talbot of the Z Event Company, based in New Orleans, LA. Enjoy!

Weddings — so many rules, so many myths. Although traditional ceremonies and receptions occur everyday, remember, there is no rule that can’t be bent a bit. So here are my top 7 wedding myths ready for a twist:

1. The bride must wear a white

For several years, brides have been choosing wedding gowns in shades other than white. I’ve seen brides wear everything from a gold sequin, black, or even a multi-colored gown. Wearing a white wedding dress didn’t become popular until the 19th century, so technically this isn’t a “new” trend, but it’s a fun one! Who says you have to wear white on your wedding day? It is YOUR big day after all, so do what feels right for you. Blush or antique white may be you color!

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2. Only the bride can wear white

This is one of the myths that cannot be 100% debunked… it’s a grey area. Over the past couple years, it has become more and more popular for bridesmaids to wear white dresses, but this is of course a decision made by the bride. If you are a guest at a wedding and want to wear white, please be considerate of the bride – you don’t want to upstage her on her wedding day. Kindly use your best judgement here.

3. A wedding planner is too expensive

Myth, myth, myth! Did I mention this was a myth? I cannot speak for all wedding planners, but a good wedding planner earns their fee all while making the bride and groom’s every wish come true! Wedding planners work with venues and vendors on a daily basis and usually receive a discount, which planners then mark up to cost which becomes our planner’s fee. Trust me when I say, you’ll want a wedding planner to handle the negotiations, follow ups, deliveries, and overseeing set-up etc. There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding, so let the professionals carry the load for you .

4. The venue has an event manager, so I don’t need to hire a wedding planner

This is the worst myth of them all! I have had brides come back to me after their wedding saying that they wished they had hired a planner. It is HUGE misconception that venue managers can play the role of a wedding planner. They do not work for the bride, they work for the venue and that is their number one priority. Venue managers oversee the set-up of the event space and make sure the food goes out hot and on time, but nowhere in their job description is it written that they will be at the bride’s beck and call. That falls under the wedding planners [rather large] umbrella. As your wedding planner, it is our job to supervise the set-up of the room and décor, coordinate with vendors’ delivery times, stay on top of the timeline, and of course, tend to the bride and her every bridal need and so much more!

5. The wedding party has to be even

There is no law saying that the numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen have to be even. I would be shocked if every couple had the exact number of close friends and family for their respective wedding parties. There is no rhyme or reason to your wedding party, so if you want to have 10 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen or have a “Man” of Honor or Best “Woman”, go for it! The only rule here is to do what feels right for you and your fiancé.

6. Seeing the bride before the ceremony is bad luck

Back when arranged marriages were common, weddings were seen as a business deal between two families. The groom would be locked in a room before the ceremony so that he couldn’t call off the wedding after seeing his betrothed … really! Today, many couples choose to have a “first look” before the ceremony. It’s a beautiful photo opportunity for the couple and gives them a few minutes to be together before the whirlwind of the evening begins.

7. If you went to their wedding, you have to invite them to yours

False. You shouldn’t feel obligated to invite someone to your wedding just because they invited you to theirs. Each wedding is different; maybe yours is a lot smaller, so only your family and closest friends will be invited, or, maybe not. Whatever your reasoning is, it is YOUR wedding. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your guest list. If someone presumes they’re invited, you might gently let them know that due to budget or space limitations, you’ve had to limit the guest list.

All in all, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to have a wedding. It should be a reflection of you and your fiancé, so enjoy this time together. This tale has just begun, and now the two of you simply need to write your own happy ending.

Jessica Talbot, a local New Orleanian, joined the Z Event Company team in the fall of 2013 with a passion for people and events. Assisting with weddings, fundraisers and social events, she has become an integral part of the team and Z Event family. Jessica has strong communication skills, is an excellent multi-tasker, and is very organized. Not only is she detail oriented, but she is passionate about customer service and building relationships with both our clients and vendors. Jessica is a valuable team member and works hard to ensure that all of our clients are a guest at their own party!

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